The Cabin in the Woods

Going away for the weekend was your idea and turns out it was a great one.

We arrived out at the cabin that I had rented for us and started unpacking. I’ve never been much of a fan of nature being a city boy, but I can appreciate the quiet, you, on the other hand, are a complete Hippy and loving the idea of getting back to nature.

When we are finished unpacking you come into the living room and say “Right come on we’re going for a hike in the woods.”

“Oh come on, Cassie. We’ve just got here, and it was a long drive. Can’t we just sit and relax first?”

You fix me with that look that you know I can’t resist then you jump up and straddle me sitting on the couch and start kissing my neck. You start grinding against me making me hard. I grab onto your hips and start feeling your sexy body pulling you closer to me getting ready to take you right here and now. When suddenly you jump up with a wicked grin on your face “Nope we’re going on a hike!”

“Ugh,” I let out a groan of frustration “Fine, let’s go then.”

We reach the top of the hill, and you look so happy that I forgive the torment you put me through earlier. I walk up behind you as you look off into for distance and I wrap my arms around you pulling you close and hugging you from behind. “Come on Cass, My Love, let’s head back it will be dark soon, and it looks like it’s going to rain.”

You pull my arms tighter around you turn your head, kiss me and say in a quiet voice “Thank for this.”

“You need the break, come on let’s head back,” I say turning back.

We get back to the bottom of the hill just as the rain starts, and you get soaked to the skin. Once inside you are shivering, and I send you for a long hot soak in the bath while I make dinner for us and build a fire in the fireplace.

I’m busy plating up dinner, the cabin is filled with the gentle smell of smoke and the warm glow of heat from the fire

You come out from the bedroom dressed only in one of my shirts and nothing else no makeup on and hair tied up into a ponytail I hear you coming saying as I turn around with 2 plates in my hands “I hope you are…” and I stop dead.

“What?” You ask as I stare at you

Standing there in the glow of the firelight you have never looked more beautiful.

“Nothing, you just look so beautiful standing there. That’s all.”

You blush turning your whole body a deep crimson “You’re crazy. What’s for dinner?” We sit and eat planning the next couple of days then when we are done we move over to curl up in front of the fire.

I’ve set up a few blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the fire. We lie down, and you curl up on my chest and let out a long contented sigh enjoying the heat and smell of a real fire as you fall asleep listening to the rain bouncing off the windows and the roof.

I’m laying there playing with your hair and reading my book as you sleep peacefully.

Suddenly there is a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder, and you wake with a start. “It’s ok darlin, it’s ok, and it’s only a bit of thunder.”

“Yeah I’m ok I’m just wasn’t expecting it that’s all. How long have I been asleep?”

“About and hour and a half.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realise how tired I was.” I just look at you in the light of the fire, and you just look so beautiful that I have to kiss you.

“You have been so good to me lately.” You say “it means so much to me.” And you kiss me as the thunder rolls again. “You know what the Thunder does to me” as you look at me in the eye with a glint in yours.

You sit up and straddle me and start to unbutton the shirt you have on letting it fall open and I can see your amazing naked body underneath.

You start rubbing your naked body against me, and I sit up, and you pull my shirt off over my head and press your body against my bare chest. I feel myself getting very hard, and I reach down and start rubbing your naked wet pussy, you gasp as I start to caress your lips and slowly insert one finger into you, and you start moving up and down fucking yourself with my finger as you reach down and start playing with your clit. I insert a second d finger as you fuck yourself with my hand bringing yourself to orgasm and playing with your clit.

The thunder roars again, and you let out a scream, and you cum hard over my hand muscles spasming around my fingers.

You collapse on top of me kissing me hard yet tenderly and say “That was incredible. It’s your turn now.”

I wriggle out of my shorts, and you pull them off me. You look me in the eye and take my rock hard cock in your mouth and start to swirl your tongue around the head of my cock slowly then taking me entirely into the back of your throat swallow around me and start to make noises sending vibrations through my cock. This almost sends me over the edge, and I grab your hair and pull you off me I want your hot wet pussy so badly.  I flip you over onto your back and climb up in between your legs and kiss you softly and tenderly. When I pull back from the passionate kiss I look you in the eye asking for permission, and you just nod you have lost control of your thoughts you just want me to make love to you now.

I lean down and kiss you again lifting you up slightly to wrap my arms around you pressing my body against yours as I slide my cock into your waiting hot wet tight pussy and the lightning flashes again, and there is a roar of thunder as you gasp as my cock buried itself deep into your pussy.

You stretch to accommodate me and start flexing your muscles around my cock, and I think I’m going to blow already.

You wrap your legs tight around my waist pulling me further into you as I continue to kiss you out breath becoming one, and I start to move my hips slowly moving in and out of your pussy. Slow long strokes to begin with almost coming out of you with each one as I start to increase the speed while wrapping my arms tighter around you pulling you closer to me.  You break the kiss and start kissing and sucking on my earlobe as you growl in my ear. This drives me wild, and I start moving even faster I can feel you getting close to the edge as your whole body tenses under me you start screaming my name loudly in my ear as thunder rolls again and the entire room is light up by the lighting. This sends you over the edge, and your orgasm explodes through your entire body. Arching your back and digging your teeth into my shoulder. I can’t control myself anymore, and I cum hard into you as you spasm around me.

We both come down from our orgasm, and I collapse next to you breathing hard. You wrap yourself around me and kiss me and start to shiver from the cold as the fire has died down. I pull a blanket around the two of us, and you fall asleep in my arms, and I’m not far behind you and we sleep together completely satisfied and contented.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016


14 thoughts on “The Cabin in the Woods

  1. Holly crap, I should learn to read such hot stories in the bus. This one the romantic sweet sense in it just makes me crazy in love with this pieces because it’s the type of atmosphere I like between partners. And the sex is as hot as hell!

    I should really stop reading this hotness in the bus haha😄

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  2. Reblogged this on Scottish Legend's Blog and commented:

    I have decided to reblog a few of my older favourite stories, the ones that I wrote a long time ago and get missed by new people to my blog. Out of all of them, this is my favourite story that I have written.
    I think my writing has improved since I wrote this one but I want to share it again.
    Let me know if you like it or if you can see a difference in my writing I’m curious to know


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