The Student

I’ve only been teaching at this school for three months and already I love it the students are great and my god they are hot as hell. I feel terrible thinking these thoughts I’m a teacher for god sake I shouldn’t be having these thoughts about my students, but there is one in particular and my god she is gorgeous.

She is in next my class, and I can’t wait to see her she certainly makes my day, but I can’t let on how much I want her.

The bell rings and they start filling in, and I’m disappointed that I can’t see Kate anywhere. I let out a sigh and stand up in front of the class.

I start my lecture and five minutes in and suddenly the door bursts open and in stumbled a very red faced Kate. She is all flustered and slightly red-faced and out of breath. I look over at her, and she starts blushing a deep crimson “Sorry sir. I got delayed in my last class.” she says to me.

I know she is lying to me, and I can see how rumpled her skin tight shirt is that is unbuttoned so low that I can see her magnificent breasts straining to burst out of it to reveal her sexy bright red bra that fully visible through the tight white shirt. Her skirt is so short that it barely covers her gloriously round arse. I have an idea what she has been doing, and it turns me on slightly “Sit down you are disrupting my lecture, I’ll deal with you after class.” I say to her in a very stern voice.

She runs off to her seat in the front row of the class.

I continue my lecture, but I keep glancing over at Kate, and she is still looking very flustered, and I can see that she keeps rubbing her thighs together under the desk and is glancing at me when she thinks I’m not looking. I have to sit down behind the desk because the sight of her doing this is making me hard.

The class comes to an end, and everyone starts to pack up their stuff. They all head for the door and just as she is about to leave the room I shout “Miss Jordan, where do you think you are going?”

She stops dead in her tracks, and I can see her whole body stiffen then sag in defeat, she thought she had gotten away with it there.

“Sit back down I need to have a chat with you.”

She walks over and sits down at her desk, and I get up and walk over and shut the door and lock it. I know this will take some time, and I don’t want to be disturbed.

“What has been going on with you lately Miss Jordan? You used to be my best student and now you are not paying attention in my class, you are coming in late, and you are wearing these inappropriately short skirts.”

She just sits there staring at me not knowing what to say. Eventually, she pipes up with “I’ve just been under a lot of pressure with the exams coming up I’m sorry I won’t be late again.”

“Now you see that I would believe if it wasn’t for other things I’ve noticed from your behaviour.”

She looks at me in horror “What?”

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed you sitting there rubbing your thighs together all through my class.” I walk up to her and get close and ask “What has gotten you so horny? What thoughts are running through that filthy little mind of yours?”

She sits there in silence for a few seconds and then says “N-n-nothing!”

I hit my hand down on the desk in front of her, and she jumps. “I don’t accept lying in my classroom Miss Jordan. So what has gotten you so worked up?”

“You.” she says very quietly it’s almost a whisper.

“What was that I couldn’t hear you Miss Jordan, and you will look at me when I speak to you.”

She looks me in the eye, and I can see her entire body tensing up. She doesn’t say anything for a moment the suddenly she lunges at me and clamps her mouth on mine kissing me deep and hard and full of passion. I have never been kissed this way before, and I start to kiss her back, and she pulls away mortified at what she has just done.

I take a moment to compose myself before I speak again.

“Why were you late for my class? What were you doing?”

Still fully mortified by what she is just done she can’t speak.

“Miss Jordan, What were you doing before my class? You will answer me.”

“I was masturbating in the bathroom over the thought of you.”

“Well finally an honest answer.” I walk up to her and take her by the hand and lead her over to my desk and stand her at the edge of it.

“Lean over the desk and put your hands flat on the desk.” she does as I command and as she bends over the skirt rides up and I can see she is not wearing any underwear. I can see when she bends over that she is already wet.

I walk around the desk and stand in front of her and take my belt off. Her eyes go wide not knowing what I’m going to do.

I grab her hands and wrap the belt around them tying them together and secure her to the desk so that she can’t move.

“now you have been a disruptive influence in my class today Miss Jordan and for that, you need to be punished.” I reach into the drawer and remove and old wooden ruler I walk around behind her and say “this is for being late.” and I spank her arse hard with the ruler. She lets out a groan as it connects. Leaving a red mark. I hit her again and again. Each time she starts moaning more and more it’s not out of pain but out of pleasure. I know that she is worked up now so I drop the ruler and spank her hard again with my bare hand leaving my large hand print on her left cheek.

“Please don’t stop sir.” she groans “I have been waiting for this for so long, please don’t stop.” I don’t need any more encouragement, and I spank her hard again. She lets out a scream of pleasure, and I drop to my knees behind her and bury my face into her glistening wet pussy. She starts to breathe heavily as I start licking her pussy from pot to bottom. She spreads her legs to give me better access, and I bury my face further in and I reach up with both my hands and spanked her hard on both cheeks as I find and start sucking on her Clit.

She starts screaming louder and she cums hard over my face covering me with her juices. She tastes so good that I can’t get enough. I keep going not wanting this to end. I can feel her collapse forward as her orgasm subsided and I stand up letting jeans fall to the floor and take my boxers off as well.

Still tied to the desk, I reach forward and grab her long chestnut ponytail and pull her head back and to face me, and I kiss her hard.

She pants in my mouth saying in a muffled voice as she sucks on my tongue tasting her pussy on me “Take me now.”

I don’t need any more encouragement than this, and she opens her legs further, and my rock hard cock slides right inside of her. She lets out a gasp as I enter her fully. Her head goes back in ecstasy “I’ve wanted this for so long, and it’s better that I ever imagined.” she screams

I start to pump my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. I have never had anyone so tight, and I am overwhelmed she is the best I have ever had.

I put my hand around her neck and pull her closer to me and start to suck on her earlobes as she starts to thrust her arse into my cock taking me deeper and deeper into her hot wet tight pussy.

She begins to flex her muscles around my cock trying to squeeze me, and it works it I can feel the pressure building in my balls, and I’m not going to last much longer.

I growl in her ear “I’m going to Cum.”

“Leave it in. I’m on the pill,” she replied. This sends me into overdrive, and I pin her to the desk as I start to fuck her hard from behind she screams as another orgasm rages through her.  She throws her head back and screams I grab her ponytail and pull her head back as I cum hard into her as I lean down and start kissing her neck.

I can’t control myself anymore, and I collapsed on top of her both of us completely spent. She turns her head and kisses me again. “ That was incredible.” she pants at me

“Well Miss Jordan I’m glad I got through to you, but just so you know you will have detention with me every night until the end of the school year to make up for your behaviour.”

She gives me an evil grin. “Yes sir,” she says then collapse again on the desk exhausted.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016



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  1. Samantha says:

    Wow! Just wow! Is this a true story? Cause it’s damn hot alright. And I like how you were so dominant and I just… I guess I am speechless lol. Besides if any of my teachers had a Scottish accent, I think it would be hard to concentrate in class. Not because I sometimes find it hard to hear it but because it’s a turn on to me. I just love the Scottish accent for some reason lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately it’s not a true story just fantasy out of my head.
      I’ve heard that a lot about the accent glad you liked it 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Samantha says:

        Yeah there is something artistically hot about the Scottish accent. Well even if it’s a fantasy, it’s one hell of a good one and worth writing

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on Scottish Legend's Blog and commented:

    Here is another one that I want to reblog, this is another of my early stories, and this one was just a lot of fun.
    I think a lot of people had fantasies about people at school either it was a teacher or one of the people you were in school with.
    So here’s a little fantasy fulfilment.


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