In public

It’s a beautiful warm sunny day, and you have decided that we should go out for the day.

We get in the car, and I drive us down to the coast so that we can spend the day at the beach.

While we drive, you are singing along with the radio, and all I can think is how much I want you. You are wearing that dress that you know I love.

When we get to the beach, you run off to paddle your feet in the water.

I’m happy just to watch you play around in the water so I sit on the bench overlooking the shore watching you just enjoying yourself.

You run up to me smiling with a twinkle in your eye that I can’t quite catch.

You grab the front of my shirt pulling me towards you and kissing me hard you the whisper in my ear “I want you now!”

I look around seeing all the people around us and say “Are you crazy?”

“Yes for you. I’m so horny I can’t wait! I need you now!” As you lift the dress just enough so that I can see you have nothing on underneath, and you are already wet

You reach down and unzip my shorts reaching in and pulling out my already hard cock. You give it a couple of squeezes then turn around and lift the back of your dress and lower yourself straight onto my cock enveloping completely in your hot tight pussy.

I gasp as this is the most insane thing I have ever done and I almost cum right there.

I put my hands on your hips holding you in place so that you don’t start moving and send me over the edge straight away.

You tighten your muscles around me, and I groan. I can’t see your face, but I know that grin you have on right now.

You pull your legs back and wrap your ankles around the back of mine spreading you legs as well as holding you steady on my lap.

You start to rock back and forth being subtle but you are so turned on that your breathing has begun getting heavier.

I know your orgasm is building I can feel you trying to go faster but you can’t because there are too many people about.

I grip onto your hips and start to lift you up slightly and slam into you making you start to convulse, and your orgasm flows, and you have to bite your lip to keep from screaming. You spasm all around my cock sending me over the edge, and I cum hard in you.

We sit there for a couple of minutes catching our breath as I shrink down and out of you. You stand up grabbing my hand saying “Let go home I’m not finished with you yet, and I want to be loud!”

I just nod in disbelief at what we just did and follow you to the car.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016



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