One night in Mexico

On a driving tour across Mexico and me and my friends decide to stop off for a couple of nights. The place that we stop is Playa Del Carmen it’s a beautiful beach area, and we book into a hotel and my friends completely crash out for the night.

I’m not tired at all, so I decide to head out along the beachfront to get a drink.I head into a bar down the end, and it is absolutely packed I order a drink and stand there taking a drink to try and cool down it is so hot in here.I look across the room I see you standing at by a table at the door with your friends.

When I see you, I choke on my drink. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. You catch me staring at you and smile. I automatically blush and look away knowing I’ve been busted. After a couple of minutes, I look back, and you are gone.

I’m a little sad at this fact as you have gone. I decide to go out for a smoke to calm my nerves.

When I go out, I feel a sense of relief as the cool breeze flows over me in this stifling heat.

I’m standing there smoking for a while then I stub it out, and I turn to head back to the bar hoping to see if I can see you again when I hear shouting coming from around the corner, and it’s a woman’s voice sounding a bit distressed. I can’t help myself I have to go and see what’s going on.

As I go to see what’s going, I see you again, and you are standing with some loud American shouting at you. “What do you mean no? I’ve bought you 3 drinks you owe me!” As he roughly grabs your arm

“What the hell are you doing you?” You scream at him

Seeing this makes my blood boil, No one and I mean no one does this to a woman when I’m around. I start moving closer around, and you see me coming, and your eyes widen as you don’t know what’s going to happen, and you are terrified I can see it on your face

When I get a little closer to the guy, I yell in a terrifyingly gruff voice filled with anger “HO PRICK! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!”

He jumps at the sound of my voice and snarls “get the fuck outta here this doesn’t concern you!” He turns round and is a bit shocked at my size I stand at least a foot and a half taller than him.

He is still gripping your arm tightly, and you let out a small whimper of pain.

Through gritted teeth I snarl “Let. The. Lady. Go. Now.”

He lets you go and shoves you against the wall and says “Oh we have a tough guy here do we? Why don’t you fuck off before I make you fuck off!”

“Try me!” I say standing my ground.

He charges at me and takes a swing, I block it, and I punch him hard in the nose breaking it and sending him flying to the ground. As he lies on the ground moaning, I walk over to you see that you are shaking badly and say in a gentle voice “Are you ok? Let’s get you out of here.” You nod silently

I help you up and wrap my jacket around your shoulders and steer you back out on the main street.

I ask if you want to go back to the bar to join your friends, and you say in a shaky voice “No it’s ok I think they have already left. Also, I don’t want them to see me like this.”

I take a look and see for the first time the tears running down your face. I pull a tissue from my pocket and give it to you so you can wipe your face. “Ok, I can leave you here if you think you will be alright?”

“No please I’m scared can you walk me back to my hotel, please?”

“Ok, no problem. Where is your hotel.” We walk in silence towards your hotel you are staying at.

We head down the beachfront in silence I can hear you sniffling all the way I glance at you every couple of feet to make sure that you are alright. You catch me looking at you a couple of times, and I blush with embarrassment.

I walk you up to your door, and you turn and look at me. “Thank you. I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t come along.” You say in a quiet voice, and I can hear you fighting back the tears.

I step closer careful not to freak you out or touch you and say in a gentle voice “Hey, hey it’s ok. You’re safe now no one is going to lay a hand on you again. You are safe I promise you that guy isn’t coming back you will be alright.”

At this, you break down and slam into my chest and wrap your arms around me and start sobbing into my chest. I gently wrap my arms around you trying to comfort you and start to rub your back and put one hand on the back of your head as you rest it on my shoulder saying “Shhh, Shhh. It’s ok you’re safe. You’re ok.”

We stay like that for a few more minutes as you try to get yourself back together. I don’t say anything out of fear of setting you off again.

You pull away from me embarrassed saying “I’m so sorry. I’ve ruined your shirt. Ugh, I’m such a mess. I was just so scared. You have been so kind to me and I…I don’t even know your name.”

“My name is Colin.”

“I’m Kate.” You say through a sob.

“Nice to meet you, Kate.”

You step back and compose yourself and turn to open your door. “Thank you again.”

“It’s no problem. I’m just happy I was there to help you.”

I turn to leave when suddenly “Would you like to come in for a drink?” You ask shyly

“No it’s ok you have had a big night, and you should get some rest,”

I say

“Please, I don’t want to be alone.”

“Only if you’re ok, with that?”

You nod and take my hand and take me into your room. I look at you standing there in my oversized jacket, and you look so much more beautiful than you did in the bar.

You pour us both a drink and sit down at the end of the bed and indicate for me to sit next to you.

We sit there in an uncomfortable silence for a couple of minutes, and I say that I should go.

“No please stay for a bit longer at least until my friends get back I don’t want to be alone.”

“Ok, I’ll stay if you want me to.”

“I do.” You reply and have a look in your eye that I’m not sure I’m picking up on correctly.

“Make yourself comfortable I’m going to clean up.” You walk over to the bathroom and close the door behind you.

I sit there for a few minutes as I hear the shower running I look around the room and see a few different outfits scattered about the floor you must have been here for a few days. I get up and start pacing I think about leaving and head for the door, but I realise that I can’t just abandon you when you have been through so much. I go and stand by the window looking out into the car park when I hear the bathroom door open.

I turn to see you, and you are standing there wearing nothing but a sapphire blue silk négligée your long hair is wet cascading down your back. I’m stunned, and you start to seductively walk towards me and purr “You have been so good and kind to me tonight, and I want to thank you properly.”

“I, I, I…” Is all I can say before you kiss me softly and passionately

I give in and wrap my arms around you and kiss you back deeply as I pick you up and carry you to the bed.

As I lay you down and kiss you reach down as you start to unbuckle my belt.

“No, no I can’t do this,” I say pulling away. “I can’t take advantage of you like.”

“You’re not taking advantage.” You assure me “I’ve wanted since I caught you staring at me in the bar!” And you grab my head pull me down and start kissing me again.

“No I’m sorry Kate, you have been through so much tonight I can’t do it,” I say as I get up off of the bed.

you don’t respond you just walk around in front of me and put your hand on my chest, push me back down onto the bed and climb up on top of me straddling me. you lean down and start to kiss my neck and whisper in my ear “I want you now!”

I give up resisting and let myself give into you. I start to run my hands up your body under your négligée and feel you quiver under my touch. You arch your back and let out a moan of pleasure.

You reach down and unhook my belt and pull my jeans and boxers straight off me and my cock springs straight up and you smile at me with a wicked grin and a look of approval in your eyes and climb back on top of me grinding your hot body against me.

I unhook the strap in the upper part of your négligée and start to kiss your neck and down your shoulders until I get to your magnificent breasts and take the nipple of the left one in my mouth and it starts to harden immediately. I run my hand up the inside of your leg until I reach your pussy. You are so wet it’s unbelievable. I slide a finger straight into your pussy and start to build up a rhythm you start to moan, and I start to rub your clit with my thumb, and you start to have an orgasm straight away at the first touch. While your cum hard I flip you over onto your back and start to kiss all the way down your body until I get my head in between your legs.I can see how wet you are I start licking around the outside of your pussy driving you wild, you grab my hair and start to push my face further into your pussy. I take your clit in my mouth and start to suck on it as hard as I can

while I insert two fingers into your pussy and begin to caress your g spot as I’m also running the top of my tongue over your clit. You scream again and almost crush my head in between your gorgeous thighs.

When the orgasm subsides you drag me up to you and kiss me hard on the mouth, and you stand up and step over me and push me down on the bed. You kiss your way down my chest and to my rock hard cock and take it in your mouth and start to give me the best blowjob I have ever had in my life. You swirl your tongue around the head and then take my full length into the back of your throat and start to swallow around me. I tell you to stop, or I’m going to cum right here and now.

You pull away running your long tongue all they way up the length of my shaft look me in the eye and say “Not yet. I want you inside of me!”

You climb on top of me and straddle my hips and grab my cock in your hand and guide it straight into your hot wet tight pussy.

As I feel you envelop me it almost more than I can stand, and I almost cum straight away.

You can see this in my eyes and sit there for a minute before you start to move your hips slowly at first allowing me to get used to the feel of you and you lean forward and start kissing me again as I take your breasts in my hands and start to roll your nipples between my fingers.

This drives you wild, and you start to buck your hips wildly as I thrust up into you fucking you hard as you bounce up and down on my cock. I feel you start to contract around me as you start to cum again, and you scream into my mouth and bite my lip as you drag your nails across my chest. This drives me wild, and I thrust up into you with as much force as I can praying I’m not hurting you. You squeeze tightly around me, and I can’t take it anymore, and I cum hard and deep into you.

You keep squeezing me milking me of every last drop of cum.

As your orgasm subsides, you collapse on my chest and kiss me again. “Thank you again for saving me.” You pant “I am so happy you were there. But I was planning this from the moment I saw you.”

“Really? Why?”

“The way you looked at me and how embarrassed you got when you knew I’d seen you I knew I had to have you. I just didn’t expect d the rest of the night.”

I take you in my arms and hug you close to me as you start to shiver due to the cold.

“I’m glad I could save you and that is the best thank you I have ever had. How long until your friends get back?”

“I lied, we each have our own rooms. You are mine all night long!” You flash me a wicked grin, and I wrap my arms around you start kissing your ready for round two.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016



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