She had been a bad girl.

You wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm going off. You reach over to turn it off, but you can’t you find that your hands have been firmly secured to the headboard. You can’t see either as there is a silk scarf tied around your eyes. You try to sit up, but you can’t move you start to panic and start thrashing only to find that your legs have been tied down as well.
I crawl up next to you and whisper in your ear “Shhh, calm down darlin I’m here, and it’s time for your punishment. You have been a bad, bad girl haven’t you?”
You start trembling with excitement. You’ve been waiting for this ever since you told me about this fantasy of yours. “Yes! Yes, I have. I’ve been a bad, bad, bad girl.”
“Well then you will have to be punished won’t you?”
Before you can answer, I kiss you hard on the mouth, and you let out a groan of pleasure.
I reach over to the side of the bed where I have left a bowl there and grab some of its contents “Are you ready for your punishment?” I ask
“Yes, I am.”

With that, I waste no more time, and I take the block of ice and start running it over your body starting with your neck, down your collar bone, and around your breasts. Focusing on your left nipple, you let out a gasp of shock as the ice touches your pale skin leaving trails down your body. I get another piece and start going down the other side to your right. You let out another screech as it trails down your body.
Once your nipples are hard, I remove the ice and take one of them into my mouth sucking and nibbling taking your piercing in between my teeth and tugging slightly on them. You arch your back letting out a moan as I tease you. “Keep going. Don’t stop.” You beg, loving ever moment of this.
I keep going and start kissing down your body while I return the ice to your body running it all over making your skin cold and wet to the touch.

I take what remains of the ice and slide up your body and slip it into my mouth and kiss you hard taking your breath away as my tongue and the ice slide into your lips. You strain against your restraints and wanting to grab hold of me and pull me closer to you but you can’t you are tied down too tightly. You let out a groan of frustration as you want to get your hands on me but I can’t allow that yet. I have plans for you, and I know you are going to enjoy it.
I reach up and unhook your restraints from the headboard, and I wrap your arms around my neck and lift you up into the air. You start kissing down my neck in the way you know drives me insane and I almost forgot the plan and take you there and then.
It takes all my willpower to keep going. I stand you up on the end of the bed and lift your arms from around my neck and attach them to the special hook I have installed about us.

I make sure you are tightly held in place, and I let you go. You hang there completely naked, and you start to tremble with excitement. I reach up and take a red silk ribbon and tie it around your neck leaving just enough slack so that you can take still breath with a trail running down your back.
I step off the bed and collect my tools for this punishment. Once I have them arranged, I come up behind you and grab hold of the ribbon running down your back and pull choking you slightly and forcing your head backwards. When your head tilts back, I lean around and kiss you with hot passion. You moan as I pull away and still holding the chocker in my left hand I pull back and then with my right I smack your perfectly round arse leaving a red mark. You let out a growl or pure lust when I do this and lean forward against the strain of the ribbon around your neck. I smack you, again and again, each time you growl and scream wanting more. I let go of the fabric and lift my belt off of the bed and start to whip you with this as well.

“Fuck.” You scream. “I’ve been a terrible girl punish me.”

You beg me to keep going so I do. I more around the front of you and start to squeeze your nipples with one hand as I spank you hard with the other also kissing your neck at the same time.

I reach down and untie your feet letting them loose, and I start kissing up your legs each taking my time with each one working my way up them to your glistening wet pussy. I can see how wet you are, and you are begging me to fuck you hard right now. As much as I want to her is more to be done to you. I take hold of your strong, sexy legs and put each of them over my shoulders so that your pussy in an inch away from my face. I can see how wet you are not close up you are dripping, and you can’t wait for what is coming next.

I start to lick around the outside of your pussy teasing you as you squeeze my head with your thighs trying to drive me further into your pussy. I can’t take it much more I need to have you soon I start sucking on your clit, and you scream again as the pressure of my tongue on it send an orgasm burning through your body; I keep sucking and nibbling on your clit not letting up for a moment as you cum hard against my face.

I keep sucking and applying pressure to your clit as the orgasm still rolls through you, and I insert 2 fingers in your pussy, you are so tight and start to caress your g-spot, and you react instantly to my touch. You start rocking your hips in time with my movements I can feel another orgasm brewing up inside you as I move my fingers faster in and out of you while still sucking on your clit. You scream out begging me to stop, and I know that you can’t take much more so I pull away from you stand up and kiss you hard on the mouth.

You jump up and wrap your legs around my waist, and my rock hard cock slides straight into your tight hot wet pussy. You clamp down your muscles on my hard cock as I enter you. I have you so wound up that you can’t control yourself you start to buck your hips wildly against me riding my cock as hard as you can as if your life depended on it. I wrap my arms around you pressing your entire body against mine I start to kiss your neck, and you take my earlobe between your teeth and start pulling hard as you fuck me harder that you ever have before.
I know I’m not going to last much longer as your intensity get more and more you squeeze your muscles around my cock as if you are trying to pull it off and keep inside of you forever

I’m on the verge of going, but I want us both to cum at the same time so I take one of my hands and start fingering your clit again as you ride me. You let out a roar or passion and arch your back as you cum hard around my cock sending me over the edge, and I scream your name as I sink my teeth into your neck biting you hard.
You slump against me completely spent I reach up and unhook you from the ceiling lay you down on the bed and take your blindfold off.
You smile at me and say “I was a bad girl. I deserved that.”
I just lean down and kiss you, and you fall asleep in my arms sweat glistening over your perfect body.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016


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