The Gym Encounter

It’s a Friday night, and my plans have fallen through so I decide to go to the gym so I didn’t have to go home to an empty flat.

When I get there, I go straight to the changing rooms, but there is a sign on the door saying that they are closed due to a flood and to use the woman’s changing room as this has been cleared with all the members in tonight.

When I go in they are empty, so I quickly get changed and head out to the gym and go on to the treadmill for a warm up.

I’ve been jogging for five minutes when I spot you using the elliptical machine, and I notice how great your arse looks in your skin tight yoga pants.

You see me staring at you in the mirror and flash me a wicked looking grin.

‘Shit busted’ is all that runs through my head.

I look away hoping that you will think my red face is due to my running and not the embarrassment I’m feeling.

I continue to workout for the next twenty minutes and decide to give up and go for a sauna.

When I walk in you are sitting there in a towel and from the looks of it nothing else. I sit on the opposite side of the sauna from you out of your direct eye line.

The site of you in the towel makes me hard. You notice this and move over next to me. As you’re walking over to me the towel “accidently” falls to the ground and I was right you are completely naked underneath.

As you sit down next to me, you ask “Do you see something you like?”

All I can do is nod and stammer yes.

You reach into my shorts and grab hold of my rock hard cock and start to move your hand backwards and forwards. “Fuck! Is this a dream?” I pant.

You increase your speed and can tell I’m about to cum when you abruptly stop go and pick up your towel and head for the door.

I sit there for a couple of minutes trying to get my head together and finally head for the shower.

As I walk into the changing room, I can hear your shower already running, and I decide to fuck it I’m going for it.

I pull back the curtain, and you look over your shoulder, your long dark hair plasters to your back, give me a wicked grin and say “What took you so long? I was beginning think you were coming!”

I walk up to you grab you and turn you to face me. The sight of your perfect soapy body sends me mad with desire

I run my hands down your sides, and you quiver under my touch letting a soft moan escape your lips. You reach up and pull my head down to you and kiss me.

When you kiss me, I wrap my arms around you, and you jump up and wrap your legs around my waist.

I take control of the situation and roughly slam you against the cold tiles you yelp in shock from the rough movement and the coldness suddenly on your back that also makes your nipples rock hard against my chest.

With you pinned to the wall I slowly slide you up the way as I move down until your legs are over my shoulders; on my knees, I have a great view of your shaved pussy

I start to lick around the outside of it while the hot water from the shower is thundering on top of both of us.

You start moaning loudly begging me to let you cum but I won’t. I start teasing your lips and your clit with my tongue I can feel your body trembling with every touch, but I stop just before you go over the edge into a full-blown orgasm.

You scream out in frustration. So I start again slowly licking all around the outside of your pussy. Teasing your lips’. Sucking on them and slipping my tongue inside your pussy while my nose is rubbing against your clit. You are so close to cumming, and again I stop You scream again and grab my head digging your fingers into my hair and forcing my face back to your pussy. This time, there is no teasing I go in for the kill. I go straight for your clit and start sucking as hard as I can you come instantly screaming in ecstasy as you cum all over my face.

I lower you to the ground, but you can’t stand on your own. You wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me harder than I have ever been kissed before and with more passion and heat.

You jump up again wrapping your legs around me and my cock slides straight into your soaking pussy you start to buck your hips and are riding my cock as if your life depended on it.

I slam you against the wall and start to pound you rapidly moving in and out of your hot tight pussy, You start to squeeze my cock inside your pussy contracting every muscle you have to start milking my cock wanting my cum deep inside of you.

I feel you starting to tremble again, and you scream louder than you have before, and another orgasm flows through you. At the sound of this, I can’t control myself any longer, and I cum deep inside your pussy both of us breathing heavily but not daring to move. You kiss me again.

I finally remove my cock from you which is still semi hard and lower you to the ground you collapse to the ground sitting in the corner of the shower I sit down next to you panting the water from the shower still falling down on us.

You rest your head on my shoulder and say “Fuck that was intense.”

“I know. I wasn’t expecting this tonight.”

“Me either.”

You look me in the eye and say “I’m Kate by the way.”

I look back and smile saying “Sam. Pleased to meet you.”

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016



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  1. cimmeriansentiment says:

    Damn I love that ending! I’ve done similar endings with strangers meeting up. super hot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks I’m gald you like it

      Liked by 1 person

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