The Nurse

I wake up groggy and in utter agony. I try to open my eyes but I can’t there is nothing but darkness. I start to panic and thrash around, but I find that I can’t move my legs I shout in fear “Help! What the hell has happened to me? I’m blind, and I can’t move! Help!”

Suddenly a hand is gently pressing on my forehead, and I hear your voice softly and tenderly says “Shhh. You’re ok, you have been in an accident you are in the hospital. You are going to be alright, please stop thrashing. I promise you are safe.”

I stop panicking and slowly try to lift my head “No, don’t do that you injured your neck and head as well as breaking one of your legs. We have fixed the damage, and you will make a full recovery.”

I am instantly calmed by your voice, it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard I lie back and let out a sob I’m in so much pain I can’t help it I reach my hand up to my eyes, and I can feel the bandages wrapped around my head.

“What can you remember? Can you tell me your name?” You ask as if you are talking to a frightened animal.

“My n-n-n-name is John, and I have no idea where I am or how I got here. What accident?”

“You were in a car accident. Another vehicle hit you at an intersection. No one else was hurt.”

“Well that’s just fucking dandy, isn’t it!” I say unable to keep the venom out of my voice. I hear you flinch, and the anger instantly drains out of me. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. Please forgive me.”

“There is nothing to forgive. You have been through a traumatic ordeal a little anger is understandable!” Your voice is so soft and gentle, but I can still hear a little bit of fear in your voice. “I’m sorry, but I have to get on with my rounds I’ll be back to check on you soon. Ok?”

“Ok, I’m sorry if I frightened you.” I say “I don’t even know your name?”

“My name is Sarah and thank you.” You say as you make your way out of the door.

I lie there in silence and cry through the pain and the fact that I had scared you when all you did was show me kindness. That hurts more than anything else.

A few hours later I wake up again, and I can feel I’m not alone “Who’s there?”

“It’s Sarah, I was here earlier I’m just checking on your vitals.” You reply, and your voice is as beautiful as I remember from earlier.  You reach down and take hold of my wrist to check my pulse, and I can feel how soft and gentle your hands are. As you pull away, I grab your wrist, and you freeze and tense up.

“I just want to thank you for checking on me and being so kind, and I’m sorry I snapped earlier I’m just scared.” I let out a sob as I say this.

I feel the tension leave you, and I let go of your wrist. I hear you pull a chair across and you sit next to me and take my hand in yours “It’s ok I understand.” No more needs to be said and you sit there for a few minutes just holding my hand as I gather myself together.

“Thank you. I’m not normally like this. I’m here on my own, all of my family are back home in Scotland. I have no one here I’m just here travelling, and I’m terrified.”

“It’s ok.” Is all you say.

We sit there for a while just talking I tell you about how I ended up in Canada and my life in general. Finally, I ask “Don’t you have other patients to see to?”

“Actually no my shift finished two hours ago.”

“Why are you still here. You should be at home with your family,  husband or boyfriend. You shouldn’t be listening to me rabbiting on.”

“It’s ok I don’t mind. You needed someone to talk to and I’ve no one to go home to.” You reply “Besides you’re my favourite patient.”

“Only if you’re sure?”

“I’m sure” and I can hear the smile in your voice.

“So I’ve told you about me what about you. How is it possible that you are single?”

“I guess I just haven’t met the right guy.”

“How long have you been a nurse for. You sound very young and cute?”

“This is only my second day. It’s been tough but I love doing this, and if you could see me you wouldn’t think I’m cute I’m a mess.” I can tell that you are blushing at the compliment.

“Two days. Wow, I never would have guessed you are so good at this.” I reply,  “When can I get these bandages off?”

“Two more days then the swelling should have gone down, and we can remove them.”

“Will you be here when they come off?”

“Yeah if you want me to?”

“I do, I don’t like that doctor he’s a wanker!” This sets you off in a fit of giggles. It’s so cute, and it’s turning me on, you eventually calm down, and you notice that I’m hard under my blanket. You make and excuse and say you really should be going and get cleaned up. “Ok ill see you soon I hope.”

“Don’t worry you will see me soon.” I can hear the smirk in your voice, and it starts giving me ideas.

I spend the next two days in anticipation of getting these damn bandages off finally the time comes, and the doctor removes them. I blink several times, and the first thing I see is you. Just as beautiful as I imagined. The doctor does his thing and starts shining a light in my eyes, and I just want to tell him to piss off he’s blocking my view.

When he goes away, you come up to me, and I just look at you dumbfounded. I realise I’m staring at you, and you look at me and just say “what is it?”

“You, you are beautiful,” I say.

You blush a dark shade of red and say nothing. I love this look on you. You look so adorable, and I really want you, but I know that can’t happen. You walk up to me and kiss me on the forehead and say “I love your eyes. I have to go work, but I’ll be back to see you later.”

My skin is tingling where you kissed me, and I can’t wait to see you again.

A few hours later you come back into my room as I’m sleeping and I wake when I hear the door shut and lock behind you. I look up and see you, and you are closing the blinds.

You walk over to me without saying a word the sway in your hips is actually turning me on. You look so sexy in your scrubs, and I’m itching to see what’s underneath them. You walk straight up to me and kiss me hard and passionately I waste no time and I wrap my arms around you around you and pull you down onto me. “I’ve wanted this from the day we met. Your accent made me wet the second I heard it. I want you so bad.” You whisper breathlessly in my ear.

I waste time, and I run my hands up under your top and feel your amazing body you pull away from me stand up and pull back the covers on me and you see my hard cock sticking up at you, and you lean down and take it in your mouth and start sucking on my cock. “Holy fuck that’s amazing. You keep sucking taking me deep into the back of your throat, and you start to swallow around me. This drives me over the edge, and I cum hard into your mouth and down your throat. You keep sucking and lick my cock clean you look up at me and smile.  “I’ve wanted to do that for days.” You say

“Fuck. That was unbelievable.” Is all I can say. You stand up and kiss me again and go to leave. “Where do you think you’re going?” I demand in a harsh tone I haven’t yet caught my breath. “It’s your turn now.” You give me a wicked grin and in one swift movement remove your scrubs and are standing before me completely naked. You climb up on the bed and stand over me, and I can see how wet you are. I sit up and clamp my mouth over your pussy and start sucking on your clit you let out a groan as my tongue flicks over your clit and I insert two fingers into your pussy and start to move them back and forth slowly. You are so wet, and your orgasm starts building quickly as I fuck you with my fingers while sucking hard on your clit while running my tongue over it and you cum hard.

You try so hard not to make any noise, but it’s not possible, and you let out a muffled scream. When your orgasm subsides, I stop attacking your clit and you crouch down and kiss me again. Hard. I look you in the eyes, and you know what’s coming. I grab your hips and pull you straight down onto my still hard cock.

You let out a loud groan as I sink deep into you taking my full length into your hot tight wet pussy. You feel so good I know that I’m not going to last long even though I’ve already come. You start moving your hips back and forth grinding your clit into me as you bounce up and down on my cock I reach up and start a playing with your breasts taking one of the in my mouth and sucking on your nipples.

This drives you over the edge, and you cum hard. Your muscles clamping down hard around my cock you lean forward and sink your teeth into my shoulder to stifle your screams and this send me over, and I cum deep inside as you continue to spasm around me milking my cock for every last bit of cum.

When our orgasms subside you kiss me long and hard, I am still deep inside you, and you lie on my chest pressing your entire body against mine. “That was incredible,” I say.

We lie there in the quiet content silence for five minutes, and you kiss me again. “You are going to be released tomorrow.” You say “Where are you going to go?”

“Back to my hotel, I suppose” I reply.

You look at me with a glint in your eye “No. You’re coming home with me until you’re back on your feet. That’s if I let you back on your feet.”

I smile at you and kiss you again hoping that this is a long recovery with my favourite nurse.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016


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  1. Reblogged this on Scottish Legend's Blog and commented:

    As part of my plan to reblog some of my older stories that some people may not have read, I have chosen this as the second one “The Nurse.”
    I love this story its still a bit rough, but I hope you enjoy it.


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