Coming Home

I come home from a long day studying for my exam that is coming up in the next couple of weeks. I walk into the house, and I can hear you singing from the kitchen I slowly creep through the house, and I see you standing by the sink with your headphones in and you are dancing away that way you do when you are sure no one is watching you.

I stand at the door and watch you absolutely mesmerised by your beautiful body swaying to the music you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. All you are wearing is a white vest top, and a small pair of shorts that you know drives me insane.

I walk up behind you and wrap my arms around your waist pulling you close to me. You let out a small squeal as you didn’t hear me come in. I take the earphone out of your ear and whisper to you “Cassie it’s just me. God, I’ve missed you today.” you let out a laugh of relief and turn around in my arms and hug me. I lean forward and give you a gentle kiss on your soft plump lips. When the kiss breaks you let out a long sigh and say “I’ve missed you as well. You have been gone for so long I got lonely.” you look up at me with your big beautiful, soulful eyes and bat your long lashes at me “don’t leave me so long next time ok?”

“Ok, my love I won’t leave you for that long again.” I reach up with my hand and run a finger across your forehead taking the long strands of hair that has fallen over your eyes and tuck it behind your ear and then I place the palm of my hand against your cheek and start running it with my thumb.

You look so beautiful that I know I must have you. So I lean forward and start kissing your neck, and you start to melt into me. I know I’ve gotten you, and I lean down and scoop you up in my arms as you wrap your arms around my neck, and I carry you through to the bedroom.

As I walk you through I, keep kissing your neck and down to your collarbone, I kick the door the bedroom open, and I carry you over to the bed and gently lay you down resting you there as I go and shut the door. When I turn around you are sitting up propped up on your elbows, and you are crooking your finger to get me to come and join you on the bed.

I come over to the foot of the bed and climb up on top, and you lean back as I run my hands up your body caressing your curves, and I move my hands up your sides, and I kiss each part of your body as I move up your gorgeous body. I come up and reach your face, and I can see the passion in your eyes you are looking to straight at me and lick your lips, I lean down and start to kiss you on the forehead and down your face to your right earlobe. I take it into my mouth and start to nibble on it. I hear you groan in pleasure as I do this, and I run my hands down your body and at the same time and up under your shirt and take your left nipple, which is rock hard, in between my fingers and start to squeeze it as I continue to suck and nibble on your earlobe.

I keep doing this for a few minutes, and you reach up and start running your hands through my hair, I can feel you getting more and more turned and I start kissing down your neck again and to your collarbone covering every inch of it with kisses and running the tip of my tongue across you.

You grab hold of my hair tightly and pull me off you look me in the eye and say “I want you now.” I lean back and reach down and pull your vest top over your head releasing your magnificent breasts. My cock is rock hard now, and I want nothing more than to take you right there and now but I’m not done with you yet. I push you gently down on the bed and start kissing down your body and coming to your breast I run my tongue over each of your hard nipples, and I hear you take a sharp intake of breath and goose pimples rising up over your breasts.

I continue kissing down your stomach and down to your shorts, and I slowly start to unbutton them and pull them down your long slender legs. You lift your fantastic round bottom off of the bed and allow me to remove them entirely from you and throw them across the room.

I move down your legs kissing you all the way down your left leg while running my fingers up and down the right. I so the same up your right and I soon reach your wet hot tight pussy. I can see how wet you are, and you start groaning as I kiss your inner thigh getting closer and closer but not quite touching it yet. I can feel you start to squirm you are so desperate to cum, but I won’t let you just yet. I start to lick the outside of your pussy, and I can feel the heat radiating from you I know you are ready, but I want to make sure you are completely satisfied tonight so I take my time.

I start to slowly lick the lips of your pussy, and you arch your back at the first contact groaning, and you squeeze my head between your thighs as if you are trying to crush it.

I keep going circling my tongue right around you until I come to your clit. I can see it standing out and waiting for me to take it in my mouth. I can’t take it much longer, and I clamp my mouth over your clit and start to suck on it as I run my tongue over it and you let out a scream as the slow build of your first orgasm burns through your body. You arch your back lifting your gorgeous bottom off the bed and high into the air.

I don’t let up as the orgasm burns through you I keep on sucking on your clit, and you let out a scream of pleasure, and you fall back down on the bed. You are breathing hard trying to catch your breath, but I won’t let you rest yet.

I keep sucking on your clit as I insert two fingers straight into your hot tight pussy. You are so tight, and as I insert my fingers into you, you start to clamp your muscles around my fingers, and I start to move them in and out of you building up a momentum I can feel your body start to quiver again as the second orgasm start to build in you.

I crook my fingers up and start to massage your g-spot this drives you over the edge, and you cum hard again squeezing my head in your vice like grip, and you howl in pleasure. Your whole body feels like it’s on fire as you give over to the sensations running through your nerve endings.

When the orgasm subsides, I finally relent and let go and come up your body and kiss you on the mouth. You take control at this point, and you wrap your legs around my waist, and my cock slides straight into your hot tight pussy.

You are so tight that I almost cum right there and then. I look you in the eye, and I can see you need to release soon.

I slowly start to rock my hips backwards and forwards you clamp down your muscles on my cock with every movement. You start to bring your hips up to meet me as I drive down into you. Your breathing gets heavy, and I can feel that you are about to go again, and I increase the pace with which I’m driving into you.

You keep going getting harder and faster as I slide in and out of you, you are so wet and tight that I’m not going to last much longer, but I hold off because I want you to cum at the same time that I do.

I start going faster and harder as your legs get tighter around my waist as if you are trying to pull me fully inside. You start to scream again, and your muscles spasm wildly around my cock as another orgasm rages through your body.

You dig your nails into my back as you scream and I can’t hold on anymore, and I scream “Cassie!!!!!” as I cum hard, and your muscles clamp down on me milking my cock of everything that it has.

We hold that position for a few seconds as we both come down from our combined orgasm. I eventually fall down on top of you and kiss you hard with passion, and you kiss me back running your hands through my hair.

We lay there for a while afterwards with you wrapped up in my arms as I play with your hair. Eventually, you turn your head kiss me again and say “It was incredible, but please don’t leave me for that long again.”

“Okay, Cassie, I promise I won’t.” you turn around and fall asleep in my arms.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016


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