Driving at night

We are out for a drive heading nowhere in particular just enjoying the trip. I look over at you, and you just look so beautiful sitting there. Your hair shining as we pass the under the street lights. I realise just how much I love you. I pull off the main road and drive through the park it’s late so no one is about. I stop the car in the wooded area.

I look over at you, and I have to have you. Reaching out I take your hand pull you close to me and kiss you passionately. You moan as I kiss you, you lean into the kiss. I can feel your breath and heartbeat quicken as I run my hand up your long sexy legs. I keep going running it up under your dress. You tremble under my light touch. As my hand passes your hips and I feel that you are not wearing any underwear.

I start kissing your neck, you throw your head back and moan as I keep kissing up towards your ear, and I take your earlobe in between my teeth and nibble on it.

You let out a groan as I do this, and my hands slide up your body under your dress and onto your breasts. Your nipples are hard under my fingers, I squeeze them gently. You start arching your back, begging me not to stop.

I let one of my hands trail away from your breasts, down your sexy stomach and in between your legs. I start to trace the outer lips of your pussy. You are so wet you are practically begging me to be inside of you.
I slowly tease you as my fingertips brush against your erect clit. You let out a moan of pure desire as I tease you. “Don’t stop honey…” you pant.

I keep teasing you for a few more moments when you suddenly push me back and climb on top of me. You start to unbutton my shirt and start kissing my chest and start biting my nipples gently leaving marks on my chest. I love it when you get like this.
I grab you by your hair pulling you up to face me. You run your hand down my body and try to get inside my jeans and into my boxers.

I take your hands roughly in mine and kiss you hard whispering “Not yet.”

I look deep into your sexy beautiful brown eyes, and I can see nothing but pure lust in them. You move your body slowly against mine, leaning forward I kiss you again and push you lowering you back to your seat. I pull away from you suddenly and get out of the car.

You let out a roar of frustration as I walk around the car and open your door. Bending down I scoop you up in my arms, lifting you out of the car. The light rain is plastering your red silk dress to you, and I can see every curve of your sexy body. I carry you around to the front of the car and set you down on the bonnet of the car.

You lie back as I kneel down in front of you, they are so long, I love to caressing them. I start kissing my way up your legs as you reach down and start running your hands through my hair. I push your dress up revealing your gorgeous wet pussy.

You let go of my hair and pull your dress up and over your head throwing it behind you onto the roof of the car.

Your whole body begins to trembles as the rain gently coats your body. I look up at you, and your entire body is glistening in the moonlight that is peeking out from behind the clouds almost as if to catch a glimpse of your perfect body.

The sight of you like this drives me wild, and I bury my face in between your legs and start licking the outside of pussy.

You grab hold of my head again and push me closer to you, you want me inside of you. You are so wet that all restraint goes out the window, and I wrap my lips around your clit and start to suck on it, hard.
You let out more moan of pure pleasure as I drive you wild with my tongue. You reach down again and grab me by the hair and pull me up your beautiful body to face you. On the way up to you, I run my tongue across your entire body.

You pull me close to you and kiss me hard while your hands travel down my body and start to unbutton my jeans. You then slide your hands into my boxers one taking hold of my hard cock, stroking it and the other goes around and starts squeezing my ass. I let out a groan of pleasure as you lift your legs up and use them to push down my jeans and boxers to the ground.
I wrap my arms around you lifting you up off of the car, holding you tightly as you press your whole body against mine. You jump up and wrap your long sensual legs around my waist, and my rock hard member slides straight into your tight wet pussy.

You let out a gasp as I enter you. You grab hold of me and claw your nail across my back. I keep you in place loving the feeling of being inside you, I don’t want to move for a moment for fear that I will explode right there.
You start to slowly rock your hips as I grip your hips, and you dig your nails into my back again.
I groan at the pain and lower you down onto the car I pin you to the car and start to slowly move my hips taking long slow strokes into you. You clench your muscles around my cock you feel so good, and I start moving again. I flex the muscles in my cock, and it twitches inside of you, I haven’t told you I’ve been practicing that, and you let out a groan of surprise and pleasure.

You growl at me and sink your teeth into my shoulder. You tighten your legs around my waist and pull me further into you. You snarl in my ear “harder, deeper, faster!” I start to fuck you hard. I pound into you faster and header. I grab your hands and pin you to the car you keeping you in place. I can feel that you are on the edge and so am I a few more strokes, and we will both be sent over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

“Stop, stop,” you say. I back off out of fear that I have hurt you. You hug me tightly then take my hand leading me off to the side and down onto the soft wet grass.

You push me, and I lay down, and you climb on top of me.

You lean forward and kiss me softly and tenderly than you slowly lower yourself onto me. I can feel you completely enveloping me, and I’m in heaven.

I look up at your perfect body sitting on top of me. Your head is thrown back, and you are arching your back. The rain has plastered your hair down your back, and you look like a goddess glowing in the headlights of the car.

You start to rise up and down on top of me riding my entire length I reach up and grab your breasts and squeeze your nipples hard. You let out a scream of passion.
You drive me wild, and I start thrusting up into you slamming hard into you.
We move in sync as I make hot passionate love to you pounding you so hard that you let out another scream of pure passion and lust you put your hands on my chest and dig your nails into my chest leaving red trails on my skin. I move faster and harder into you, you keep going and your back arches again as a mind blowing orgasm burns through your body. The muscles in your pussy clamp down on my cock, and you spasm uncontrollably around my member you are so tight I can’t take it anymore.
I let out a to roar of passion as I cum hard and deep into you
You collapse on top of me trying to catch your breath you start kissing me softly. I wrap my arms around you pulling you close as my cock is still inside you.

You shiver from the cold and the rain, but you fall asleep in my arms. I carry you to the car wrap you in a blanket and leave you sleeping in the passenger seat, and I drive us home.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016


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