Lust In An Elevator

I’m sitting there in the meeting from hell. I mean come on could this day get any worse. I have no idea what the CEO is going on about and this point I couldn’t care less.

I look about the conference room trying to stay awake, that’s when I see her. She is sitting on the far side of the room, and I can’t help but stare at her.

She looks over, and I quickly look away and pretend to be listening to whatever the hell my boss is going on about.

I endure another forty-five minutes of this when we are finally released. I head back to my desk and return a few calls then head out for lunch.

I get into the elevator and hit the button to go down, standing there in my own wee world not actually paying attention to anything when the elevator stops, and the door opens. I check and realise it isn’t my floor. I grumble to myself that I can’t be bothered with this and just want to get my lunch. I’ve got a lot to do today, and I don’t want any delays getting back.

I look up as the doors open, and a few people clamber in. It’s the usual crowd that is too lazy to walk down one flight of stairs. I lean against the wall of the elevator and close my eyes. A few moments pass when the elevator suddenly grinds to a halt, and I jerk my eyes open, and I see her standing there, the woman from the meeting.

She gives me a look as she takes her finger off of the emergency stop button. I look at her to see what the hell is going on as she walks over to me swaying her hips in an almost hypnotic way.

I can’t keep my eyes off of her. She is absolutely stunning, long black hair perfect curves and long slender legs.

I am about to say something when she reaches her hand out grabs me by the tie and yanking me down towards her and kisses me hard. I’ve never felt such passion in my life.

Her lips are soft but frantic at the same time. I have no idea what to do this has never happened to me before.

After the moment of shock has passed I decide not to fight her and just let it happen. I lean into the kiss and wrap my arms around her pulling her close to me. I can feel the curves of her body underneath her business attire, and she is so soft yet toned as the same time.

She runs her hands down my body and lets out an appreciative moan as I do the same. I can feel her hand reaching down and start to fumble with my belt taking it off. She is frantic now and is desperate to get into my underwear. I know she can feel my hard cock pressing against her.

She gets her hand through, and I gasp as she wraps her hand around my cock and starts to stroke it.

I kiss her harder, reaching down and running my hand up under her shirt and start to feel my way up her stomach towards her breasts. My hands are trembling as I do this, she has one of the most amazing bodies I have ever seen.

She keeps stroking my cock as I feel her body I don’t know how much longer I can last. At this rate, I’m going to blow soon.

I can feel my body start to tighten, and I know that I am close. She can sense it as well and stops what she is doing pulling away from me.

She looks at me again with nothing but pure lust in her eyes. Without breaking eye contact, she reaches down and starts to unbutton her shirt revealing her body and her breasts that are barely contained within a bra so dark blue it was almost black. As I’m staring she unclips it at the front and her magnificent chest is freed from its confines. I take a step forward to go to her, but she puts her foot up against my chest and pins me to the wall.

Slowly she shakes her head at me and starts to pull her skirt up her long legs and over her waist revealing her wet pussy. She isn’t wearing any underwear, and she is shaved with just the sexiest little tuft of hair left.

She reaches out and puts her hand around my neck pulling me forward and kisses me again the starts to push me down onto my knees and lifts one leg and drapes it over my shoulder.

I can see how wet she is, and the aroma is intoxicating I lunge forward and bury my face in taking her clit into my mouth. I run my tongue across it, and she quivers in response to my touch. I reach around and grab her firm buttocks and pull her closer to me as she pushes my head in deeper.

I start a furious assault on her labia and start licking and sucking on her lips as my nose grinds into her clit. I can feel her body responding and hear her breath start to quicken.

I take two fingers and slide them straight into her and start to pump in and out. She is so tight I can’t believe it.

Start sucking on her clit as my fingers pump in and out of her furiously. I crook my middle finger up and start to massage her g-spot.

She lets a low persistent growl, I can tell she is trying not to scream as an orgasm burns through her in mind blowing pleasure. Her entire body tenses and she pushes me harder into her as her back arches, and her hair is swished around her head as she throws it about in passion.

I can feel her start to relax as the orgasm subsides. She reaches down running her hands through my hair and starts to grip it and pulls me up to face her again. I trail my tongue up her entire body as I do this she stops only to allow me to bury my face in her magnificent cleavage.

I take one of her rock hard nipples in my mouth and roll it gently between my teeth, she lets out a moan of pleasure at this, and I quickly move to give the other one the same attention.

I can tell she wants more as she pulls me up to face her.

The kiss she lands on me is more feral and driven by lust than before. She pushes me against the wall and lifts her leg up hooking it around my waist and with her heel kicks my but forward and my rock hard cock slides right into her hot tight hole.

I start to thrust into her as I reach down taking a tight grip of her firm perfectly formed arse, and she hops up on me wrapping her other leg around my waist and starts bucking wildly.

The feeling of her enveloping completely is like nirvana I have never felt anything like it. She grabs hold of my jacket and leans back at an angle as I thrust wildly into her, all thoughts of being quiet and subdued have gone out of the window.

We are like animals, taking nothing but pleasure from each other. I lean forward and start sucking on one of her nipples again a suck on it hard.

She lets out a scream as another orgasm rolls over her and she comes up to face me looks me in the eye and kisses me hard as she spasms wildly around my cock. She kisses me again and bites on my lip and starts to flex her muscles around me this is more that I can take, and I let out a roar as I ejaculate deep inside her wrapping my arms around her pulling her close to me. I love the feeling of being inside of her.

She stares me in the eye as we both come down from our orgasms and try to catch our breath.

She kisses me again a lot more softly and tenderly this time and then rises up and my still semi erect cock slides out of her as she lowers herself back down to the ground.

I stand there for a moment and just watch her, and she starts redressing and adjusting her skirt back down to its normal position. She smiles at me and hits the button to launch the elevator again. I realise what’s happening and quickly fumble to dress again.

I just manage to pull my fly up as the door opens to a large crowd of angry looking people waiting to get in.

I feel myself turn a dark shade of red as I look at the woman who I have just had the best sex of my life with, and she smiles at me, winks and disappears into the crowd.

I chase after her, but she is gone. Not a single word was spoken during the encounter, and I want to find her and talk to her or at least get her name. I head out the door onto the street, and there is no sign of her anywhere. She is gone.

I take a deep breath, and I can smell her perfume still lingering on my clothes…

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016



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  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s a typo on the second like, is supposed to say ”I have no idea” but instead there’s ”I have know idea”. Besides that i loved it ❤ keep it going.


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