It’s a cold night, and we are out for a night out as you wanted to go and see the fireworks that were going on tonight.

It’s cloudy, and we are sitting in front of the roaring bonfire you are cuddling into me trying to get warmed up, and I have my arms wrapped around you.

You look up as I stare off into the fire and give me a kiss on the neck. This brings me back to reality I wrap my arms tighter around you pulling you closer to me, and I kiss you on the top of your head loving the smell of both your hair and the smoke mingling in my senses.

You start to rock back and forth in my arms then you pull away and stand up taking my hand pulling me to follow you.

I get up and follow you being taken by the hand I notice that you have the sway in your hips that gives me an idea of why we are leaving the warmth of the fire.

I follow you into the woods asking where we are going, and you say we are going to a clearing you know for a better view of the fireworks.

We walk for 5 minutes, and I only trip twice, when we start to approach the clearing as it comes into view you look back at me, and I arch an eyebrow at you “You’ve been busy. When did you manage to do all this?”

You just look at me and shrug “I have my ways.” Is all that you say. We walk to the middle of the clearing where there are a few blankets and a basket sitting waiting for us.

I pull you close to kiss you and say “You’re amazing.”

“I know” Is all you say.

I spread out one of the blankets for us to lie upon, you quickly cuddle into me as I wrap one of the other blankets around us and use the last one as a pillow for us.

We sit there for about twenty minutes you wrapped in my arms and just looking out at the night sky, just enjoying the view.

You slowly but deliberately start to run your hands up and down my leg. I love the sensation of this, and it’s starting to turn me on.

I return the favour and start to run my hands over your body, touching you slowly and tenderly in the way that I know drives you wild.

You are done teasing me, and you pull your body away from me, and you reach forward and plunge your hand into my jeans grabbing my cock and start to stroke it.

I look at you and smile “Why My Dear are you trying to seduce me?”

“Why yes, I believe I am.” You say with that sexy wicked grin.

I grab you and pull you on top of me kissing you hard, and I start to pull your shirt off over your head realising your magnificent breasts. Your nipples are rock hard from a combination of how turned on you are and from the cold.

You rip my shirt open and press your body hard against mine trying to get as much contact as possible. I try to sit up, but you push me back down and say no so I do as I’m told.

You prop yourself up and gently caress your body down mine until you get to my jeans, and you pull them down swiftly along with my boxers in one movement. When my cock springs out fully erect, you take it in your hand and start to stroke it.

I groan at your touch and pull you up over me kissing you hard. You stop me and take my cock in your mouth sucking and swirling your tongue all around my shaft. I love when you do this and grab you by the hair wrapping your hair around my fingers.  I stop what you’re doing, even though it almost kills me and motion for you to come up to me. You know what I’m wanting and you swiftly in one move remove your underwear from underneath your skirt and lower yourself onto my face. I start to eat you out slowly running my tongue around the outside of your pussy as you take my cock back in your mouth. I start to tease your lips and rub your clit with my fingers.

This drives you further into the throws of passion and desire, and you suck even harder. I start to fuck you with my tongue, and you start to scream as I do this as an orgasm burns through you.

You stop sucking on me stand up turn around to face me and taking my cock in your hand you steady yourself and lower yourself onto me you are so wet you slide right into me. I almost cum when you envelop me completely to the hilt but this is staved off as at the exact moment I enter you there is a crash, and the rain pours down on the top of us.

As the rain comes down hard, you start to move up and down on top of me swaying your hips from side to side as you do. I grab your hips and start to thrust up into you. You lean down and kiss me hard and start to scream into my mouth as the pouring rain hammers down on us and the orgasm flows through. You clamp down and start to squeeze my cock inside your pussy contracting every muscle you have while you scream in ecstasy.

I have no idea how but I manage to hold off cumming right there and continue to thrust into you as you build for a third orgasm within five minutes. You lean forward your now soaking wet hair hanging in front of your face, this makes you look even more beautiful and sexy than ever I reach up and kiss you as you climax. The wild scream you let out is enough to send me over the edge as well.

You collapse on top of me as the rain dies off and stops curling up on my chest as if you are trying to sap all of the heat out of me. I wrap my arms around you and hug you tight.”We missed the fireworks.” I say

You kiss me look me with a glint in your eye and wet hair plastered to your face “No we didn’t” you reply as you give a squeeze of your muscles around my cock that is still buried deep inside you.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Samantha says:

    Wow! This is amazing. The best description of this love making ever. You are an amazing writer Colin and you do this almost effortlessly. I love this. It’s actually erotic and romantic

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sam. I’m glad you like it I’ll be honest I’ve never been completely happy with this one it’s not my best writing and was one of the first that I wrote. I think I’ve gotten better since then

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Samantha says:

        I think it’s good, nothing is ever that bad Colin, because in a world of creativity- nothing is ever perfect and even if it’s good, you can always make it better 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah it was one of the first I wrote so thanks for saying that 😁

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Samantha says:

            It’s okay 😊

            Liked by 1 person

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