The Devils In The Details.

She sits in the waiting rooms waiting for her appointment. The waiting room is sparse and but the comfortable. She sits there wondering what she is doing there.

It’s been twenty minutes since she arrived and started panicking.

“No, I can’t do this,” she says, standing up and heading to the door. Just as she reaches for the handle a voice comes from the intercom on the desk by the door “Miss Koch, Mr Morningstar will see you now.”

She looks at the intercom as the door at the other side of the room swings open. She takes a deep breath “Ok Sarah, you can do this.” she says to herself and turns and heads into the office.

The office is huge but dimly lit and hot. She walks up to the desk at the far end, and there is no one there. Confused Sarah looks around trying figure out where this Mr Morningstar is.

She looks around the desk and seed that it is very well organised, and everything has its place.

She turns her back to the desk, taking in th rest of the office. There is a huge conference table in the centre of the room.

There are shelves covered in large leather-bound book that probably cost more than her car.

“Miss Koch, would you care to take a seat?” She jumps at the sound of his voice.

Spinning round she gets her first look at him. He is striking, even though he is sitting down she can tell that he is tall, well built, dark hair but the thing that draws her in the most is his eyes.

They are a piercing blue, and she feels as if they are burrowing into her soul.

She can’t help but think about her appearance. She is only five foot four shoulder length chestnut hair curvy figure; she would not say that she is in peak physical condition, but she likes her soft curves and ample breasts.

“Miss Koch.” he says again, shaking her out of her thoughts “Would you like to take a seat?”

She gets all flustered realising that she has been staring at him and hasn’t said a word since he appeared. “I’m sorry. Yes, I’ll sit; you startled me I didn’t hear you come in.” Sarah says as she sits down.

“That’s quite alright. I understand,” he says politely.

They way that he is looking at her is making her feel something strange. Almost like something is stirring within her. She can’t put her finger on it, but she likes the sensation.

“So Miss Koch…”

“Please call me Sarah” she interrupts

“As you wish.” He replies nodding at her “So Sarah, What can I do for you.”

“Mr Morningstar.” She says nervously “I was told that you can help people.”

“I have been known to help people in need.”

She looks around the room trying to figure out what to say next, but she can’t concentrate properly. His gaze is burning into her, but she doesn’t know why he is having such an effect on her to the extent that she can’t remember why she is here.

Morningstar clears his throat to get her attention again “Sarah I don’t have all day. Can we please get on with the purpose of the meeting?”

Sarah blushes deeply “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be here.” She says and starts to get up to leave.

He holds his hand up to stop her “Sarah, there is obviously some reason that you are here. Some need, which has driven you to come to me for help. Now I am willing to hear you out, and I can then see what we can do.”

There is something in the way that he says this that leaves her feeling a little more at ease.

She sits back down and just lets everything pour out of her. She tells him the reason she is there and the problems that have occurred in her life that has lead her to this point. He sits there silently throughout the whole outpouring.

At the end of the tale, Morningstar says “What would you like me to do?”

Sarah takes a deep breath “I want you to fix things for me in they way you have done for the others who told me about you.”

He sits there silently for a moment then shakes his head. “I’m sorry Miss Koch; you have wasted your time. I don’t deal in “wants” I deal in needs.”  He gets up and walks around the desk and gestures to her to leave.

Sarah stares up at him, eyes filling with tears. He starts to move away, and she reaches out sharply grabbing his hand “I need this!” She pleads “I’m desperate and NEED this.” She begs him.

“In that case, I can help you.” He says with a small satisfied smile.

He turns on her and holds out his hand, and she takes it. There is a sudden darkening in the room and candles that she hadn’t noticed before bursting into life.

Sarah looks around the room and at him in shock. He looks like a different person than he did a moment ago and she feels so drawn to him she can’t control it.

“There is the matter of payment for my services.” He says and his voice is reverberating around the entire room.

As she looks into his eyes, she can see that a fiery red colour has replaced the piercing blue. “W-w-who are you?” she stammers.

“You already know who I am, deep down, you have known since you walked in the door.”

She can feel her body responding to the tone in his voice, and she knows that there is no going back now. She would give anything he asks.

She tries to speak to say his name, but it won’t come out. He looks at her and says “Sarah you know who I am. Now say my name.”

“Y-y-you are the Devil.” She whispers

“I Am.” he nods.

He waves his hand, and she is transported from the seat in front of his desk onto the conference table which is covered in red silk cloth surrounded by candles, and she is completely naked.

He stands next to her, leans down and kisses her. She has never felt anything like it in her life.

“The cost of my help will be your soul. You will be mine for the rest of time.” He says in a low voice. “Do you agree to this?”

He trails his fingers up the length of his body, and she quivers under his touch “Yes, anything yes.” she says in a soft moan.

There is a crash of thunder outside the office as she says this. He lays her hand on her chest over her heart; there is a rumble of thunder and a flash of red light from under his hand. “You are mine now.”

He leapt up onto the table in one graceful movement and stood over her naked body, .Staring at her ample breasts. She looks up at him, and he snaps his fingers, the candles burn hotter and brighter than before, and his clothes turn to smoke and disappear.

Standing over her she can see his fully naked body and she feels the desire burning raging through her. She sits up and takes his erect cock in her mouth, teasing the head slowly at first taking it lightly between her lips and sucking gently. He reaches down and starts running his hands through her, slowly pushing himself further into her mouth.

She starts swirling her tongue around the head on every back stroke as she works her way further down his shaft.

After a moment, she takes his full length. The head hits the back of her throat causing her to gag; she starts swallowing around him and running her tongue all around the shaft.

He grips onto her hair pushing himself further into her mouth. She reaches up and grabs hold of his firm but and digs her nails in as she takes him entirely.

He lets out a roar of ecstasy as he erupts in her mouth. She gladly swallows every last drop and sucks and licks him clean.

“You have a real talent, Sarah.” He says to her “Now it’s your turn.” He pushes her back down onto her back and climbs in between her legs.

Sarah lets out a groan of pleasure as he starts running his tongue up her legs towards her glistening quim.

He kisses all they way up her leg and starts teasing her around her lips she grabs his head and presses his face into her mound.

She feels the need, the desire within her she needs a relese. Morningstar starts to suck on her clit and flicks his tongue across it as he puts two fingers into her tight wet hole. She clenches her muscles around his fingers as he starts to massage her g-spot.

Sarah’s breath starts to quicken as the orgasm begins to build within her. She grinds her crotch hard against his face, taking as much pleasure from it as she can as he sucks hard on her clit.

She lets out a scream as the orgasm rolls through her electrifying her every nerve ending.

She lays there for a moment trying to catch her breath, and he leans down and kisses her hard and filled with passion.

When the kiss breaks, she whispers to him “Take me now. I need you inside me.”

He raises her up to her knees and bends her over in front of him. He starts to caress her firm buttocks running his hand over them; Sarah lets out a moan as he starts to smack her hard leaving her cheeks glowing red.

The pain feels so good to her, and she wants him now, and he knows it.

Taking a step forward he impales her with one swift move and fills her tight, hot pussy completely. She lets out a scream of pleasure as he starts moving his hips, sliding his member in and out of her. The feeling is more than she can bare, never in her life has she felt pleasure like this.

The Prince of Darkness is the best lover she has ever had. He thrusts into her faster and harder; she starts her muscles contracting around his cock, trying to milk it. He lets out a groan of pleasure knowing that if she keeps going like this, he will explode within her.

He gives her another thrust, and she screams as an orgasm builds just as it’s about to tip over the edge he withdraws from her completely.

With a growl of frustration she turns on him with murder in her eyes. She was so close, she knows that he has done this just to torture her.

When she turn and see him standing there fully erect, body is glistening with sweat she knows that she is his in every way.

She stands up and faces him kisses him hard; he wraps her up in her arms, and she jumps up and slides back onto his throbbing member wrapping her legs tightly around him. She starts to rise up and down on him feeling every throb of his penis as he thrusts into her hard.

He breaks the kiss, looks her in the eyes, his glowing red and filled with lust and passion. He says to her in a rough voice “Are you ready for more.”

“Yes. Anything you want is yours,” she says her mind foggy nothing it is rolling through her mind other than his body.

“Watch,” he says. His entire body starts to shake, and he lets out a roar, the vibrations running through him moves into her and send her over the edge into a mindblowing orgasm.

It is so intense that her vision goes all she can see is a white light.

When her vision comes back, she can see a giant pair of black wings protruding from his back and are flapping.

She lets out a screech as she looks down and they are floating in the middle of the air.

“Keep calm.” he says tenderly “You won’t fall.”

She holds onto him letting the fear wash out of her and starts to move up and down on him again. He thrusts into her in with more force than before as his wings flap in time with his thrusts. He can feel that this woman that he has in his arms is going to be the first one in a long time that can keep up with his desires.

She feels nothing but desire and her nerve endings are burning she clamps down on his cock with all her power as another blinding orgasm burns through her, she claws at his back digging her nails in and almost drawing blood. She also sinks her teeth into his shoulder as he lets out a roar and erupts inside her, spilling his seed again.

They both clutch at each other as his wings start to slow down and lower them both back to the table.

They land down, and she curls up in his arms feeling more contented that she ever has in her life.

“Mr Morningstar that was incredible.”

“I think you can call me Lucifer now.”

She knows that he has just taken her soul, and she is going to be his for eternity, but right now she doesn’t care. “I am yours now aren’t I?”

“You sealed the deal. I hold your soul forever, and I will take care of your problems in the morning but for tonight we need to hammer out more terms for the deal,” he says with a smile.

“I’m here all night for you Lucifer.” she grins back at him knowing that she will never forget this night.

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016


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