The Hotel

I get off the plane in the Netherlands and head through the airport. It’s been a long few days, just three days ago I was standing in the church waiting to get married to the woman that I thought loved me, and she didn’t show up.

It was horrible to be standing there in front of my entire family, friends and the minister. I kept checking my watch, and she was late I figure she was stuck in traffic.

I was standing there for another ten minutes when my best man’s phone rings.

I glared at him as he apologises and quickly answers it. There are a few moments of silence then he looks at me and shakes his head “I’m sorry, she isn’t coming.”

That was when my world fell apart.

The honeymoon is paid for so I decided to go alone, I couldn’t take much more of the sympathy that was being hurled at me from all directions.

Getting away from everyone that knows me is what I need.

I make my way to the hotel my head still full of thoughts of horribleness wondering what happened, why she left me?

I walk into the hotel lobby and head up to the reception desk “Welcome to the Chateau St Gerlach. Do you have a reservation?” asks the girl behind the bureau.

“Yes under the name Harris,” I say to her dreading what’s going to come next.

“Ah yes, Mr Harris we have been expecting. You are in the honeymoon suite.” She says with a smile. “Will your wife be joining you shortly? We can send someone out to help with her bags.”

Here is the part I have been dreading, maybe coming here was a bad idea after all. I stand for a moment gathering my thoughts before I finally say “No, thank you but I’m here alone. I don’t have a wife.”

A look of confusion comes across the receptions’ face. She is about to ask when suddenly it dawns on her what I’m saying.

Thankfully she doesn’t push it. Readjusting the smile on her face she says “Of course sir, here is your room key. Your bags will be taken up to your room for you. Feel free to enjoy all of our facilities during your stay with us.”

“Thank you,” I say, glad that she bypassed the awkwardness.

I start to walk off towards the elevator. When she calls out “Mr Harris.” I turn to look at her “If you need anything during your stay, please don’t hesitate to ask.” I can hear the pity in her voice now, and I simply nod and give a sad smile to her.

Once I get into the room, I throw myself on the bed and just stare at the ceiling still trying to figure out what the hell went wrong.

I wake up three hours later with a start as someone is knocking on the door. I get up and open it to find a guy with a trolley with a bottle of champagne and strawberries.

“Good evening sir. These are compliments of the hotel. We hope that you and your wife are enjoying your stay.”

Instead of having to explain what happened I thank him and take in the trolley and shut the door on him.

I sit about for a few minutes and decide to get out of the room and head down to the gym to blow off some steam.

I spend about twenty minutes on the bike working up a sweat, but it’s doing nothing to ease the tension that I’m feeling. A few people are working out as well some of them look like they want to strike up a conversation, but I just keep my headphones in and ignore them.

I get off the bike and look about and spot what I’d been hoping would be here a punching bag.

I head over to the rack and pick up a set of gloves and put one of them on and strap it tight. I slide the second one on and look about to see if there is anyone close by that can strap me in.

Just as I’m about to give up and try to do it with my teeth, I feel a tap on my shoulder and hear a woman’s voice say “Hey, would you like some help with that.”

I turn to see a beautiful woman standing in front of me. She is tiny but gorgeous she must be only about five foot two bust she has long slender legs and a tight toned body with an ample chest.

She’s wearing a very tight workout get up that is bright pink.

The thing that I notice most is her eyes. She has the most beautifully intense, deep, dark brown eyes. It feels as if she is looking straight into my soul.

I shake my head getting my thoughts back in line and say “Yeah if you wouldn’t mind tightening this for me that would be great.” As I hold out my left hand, and she tightens it up for me.

“How’s that?” she asks. “Is it tight enough?”

When she speaks I notice her accent, she is American. “Yeah, it is thank you.”

“Well, I’m glad I could help,” She says with a smile.

“You did thank you.”

“I’m Katy, it’s nice to meet you,” She says holding out her hand.

“Hi Katy, I’m John. I would shake your hand but…” I say holding up my glove covered hands.

She blushes slightly and giggles at this saying. “Oh yeah, I’m sorry. Just ignore me I’m an idiot.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it” I say with a laugh. It feels real and genuine, I haven’t so much as cracked a smile in a week.

“Thank you,” She says shyly as she tucks a stray strand of her long dark hair behind her ear. “I’ll let you get on. I’ll hopefully see you around.” She walks off before I can reply and I watch her go, she has an incredible ass. Just as she is about to turn the corner, she looks back over her shoulder and gives me a smile.

I stand there dumbstruck about what just happened, and I think to myself ‘Was she flirting with me?’ I shake my head thinking ‘of course she wasn’t she was just being friendly.’

I let these thoughts go out of my head. I turn to the punching bag and remember why I was there. To let the pain and frustration out or being left at the altar and all of the pity that has ensued from there. I take a swing and feel the power coursing through me as the bag starts to react to my hit.

I go at it for about half an hour working up a sweat and getting all of my anger and frustration out that I’ve been holding back for weeks. I head back up to my room for a shower.

I sit in the suite for a few hours until I get hungry and decide to go down to the bar for food.

After I’ve had some food, I go to sit at the bar and drink my sorrows away. Maybe coming here wasn’t a good idea after all.

I sit there nursing my drink trying to figure out how I’m going to survive the next two weeks when there is a tap on my right shoulder.

I turn and look there is no one there, and I hear a voice on my left laughing saying “Buy a girl a drink?”

I look around and smile, it’s Katy; she is standing there in a long red and black dress that is hugging her figure very tightly. She is stunning.

“Sure, what are you having?”

“I’ll have what you’re having.” She smiles with a twinkle in her eye.

I signal to the bartender “Two Thirty-year-old Glenfiddich, neat.”

“You have expensive tastes.”

“Not really just trying to kill the brain cells that hold the memories.”

“That’s a strange toast.” She says

“Well, it’s been an unusual couple of weeks,” I say not wanting to talk about it.

She looks at me and can tell that there is something I’m not saying, but thankfully she doesn’t push it. She slides onto the stool next to me at the bar and takes a sip of her whisky and starts coughing.

I let out a chuckle, “It’s an acquired taste.”

“It’s good, just wasn’t expecting the kick,” She says regaining her composure.

I smile at her, we sit and chat for a while. Then the inevitable happens “So what brings you here on your own?” she asks me with a smile.

I take a deep breath and tell her my story that I had been hoping to avoid. She sits there in silence throughout the whole thing and when I finish she doesn’t say anything for a moment, and I dread the unending stream of pity that is about to come.

We sit there for a minute in silence for what seems like an eternity eventually I look up at her, and I can see the look on her, I recognise the look of pity, but there is something else in there as well. There is a twinkle in her eye that I can’t place.

After a few more moments of silence, she raises her hand to signal the bartender and says “Another round.”

I’ll admit I’m a little-taken aback that she doesn’t say anything else, we sit in silence while our drinks are poured. Katy picks hers up “A toast, to what’s meant to be.”

I join her in the toast and take a drink. I smile at her and give a nod to thank her for not walking on eggshells with me.

The rest of the night we spend talking, and she tells me about her life and her plans for the future. After this holiday, she is going to return to the US and go to university this is one last fling of freedom.

We end up closing the out the bar and stumble off outside for some fresh air.

“So how long are you here for Katy?” I ask her.

“Two weeks, what about yourself?”

“Same, I got here this morning. You know I had to get away from everyone.” I say with a sigh.

“Yeah I got here this morning as well. I think I saw you in reception when I got in.” She takes my hand in hers and squeezes it gently. “I know it’s been hard for you, what happened, but don’t give up on love. Sometimes it comes when you least expect it, so don’t give up.”

“Thank you, Katy. You have helped me.” I squeeze her hand back. She gives me a look that makes me what to kiss her but I can’t. “It’s getting late; we should probably be getting back,” I say

She looks slightly disappointed but agrees and we walk back to the hotel.

I walk her to her room and give her a hug “Thank you for tonight it was fun.”

“You are very welcome,” She says as she rises on her tiptoes and kisses me on the cheek. “Sleep well, hopefully, I’ll get to see you tomorrow?” she asks.

“I would like that, very much. Goodnight Katy.”

“Goodnight John,” She says with a little smile.

I get to my room and collapse on the bed; my head is swimming with thoughts of what happened tonight and about Katy. “I should have kissed her.” I lay there thinking for a while until I drift off to sleep.


I get woken up by a pounding on my door. “What the hell is going on?” I grumble as I try to get up but just roll off the bed and to the floor. “This better be bloody good, or I swear there will be hell to pay,” I growl, wrenching the door open.

Standing in the doorway is Katy. “I’m sorry did I wake you?” she is wearing a dressing gown and holding an Ice bucket. “I’m sorry, I was going for some ice, and I got locked out of my room. I forgot my key, and there was no one at the front desk. Can I come in and wait here until I can get hold of them?”

I feel horrible for having shouted at her. “Please John, a guy is wandering about, and he is creeping me out.”

The shock and the haze clear from my brain. “Sure Katy, come in,” I say, “I’m sorry for shouting I’m not good at waking up.”

She comes in, as I close the door behind me. “Thank you, John. I was getting worried out there. I’m just glad I remembered which room you were staying in.”

“Have a seat, Katy. Would you like a drink or anything?” I ask

“Just some water if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Sure.” I get a bottle out of the fridge and pass it over to her. “So what are you doing out of your room this late?”

“I was too hot, so I went to get some ice, and I forgot my key.” I’ve been wandering about for half an hour looking for someone, and there was this guy who I kept seeing, I think he was following me. I got scared and realised I was near your room so I figured I’d come here. I’m sorry that I woke you.”

“It’s alright,” I say, still a little groggy “I’m glad you are alright. Make yourself comfortable I’m just going to nip into the bathroom I’ll be back in a minute.”

I head through and brush my teeth, I look in the mirror and see I look terrible, so I run a comb through my hair. I splash some cold water on my face to fully wake up and head back out.

“I hope you are alright and can get back into your ro……” I stop dead when I look up and see Katy.

She is lying on top of the bed the dressing gown has been discarded, and she is wearing red and black lingerie. Her legs are crossed in front of her, and she sits up looking incredible and leans forward giving me an eye full of her cleavage. “I didn’t get locked out of my room,” She says as she starts crawling towards the foot of the bed and me. “I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you in the hotel lobby. That’s why I followed you to the gym.” She says with an evil grin “I was just looking for an excuse to approach you when you started looking about for help. I could tell that you had been through something the second I laid eyes on you there. You looked so hurt and angry; it made me want you more.”

With each word, she moves closer to me. “I knew I had to have you. I hoped to see you at the bar, so I put on my best dress and came looking for you, and I wasn’t disappointed, there you were.”

I’m lost for words I try to stammer out a reply to her, but I’m cut off by her kissing me hard.

Her lips are so soft, yet passionate, and they taste of strawberries. I sink into the kiss feeling her body pressing against me. She reaches into my jeans and takes hold of my throbbing member. I let out a groan of pleasure as she starts to caress me.

I wrap my arms around her and lift her off the bed, feeling the silk of her negligee against the skin of my arms. When I lift her up, she wraps her long shapely legs around my waist and the kisses me harder her tongue entwining with mine.

I spin around with Katy in my arms and fall back down onto the bed. She pushes me down and straddles my waist, placing her hands on chest she holds me in place saying “You have been through a lot; let me help to release the tension that has been building up inside of you.”

I’m so taken over with desire for her that I only nod in agreement. “Good,” She says as she starts to unbutton my shirt slowly. “I’m going to make you feel like a new man.”

I reach up and take hold of her hips sliding my hands underneath the negligee and feeling the curves of her body. I can feel her body react to my touch as Goosebumps erupt over her skin and she lets out a soft moan.

She leans down and starts kissing my chest while running her hands up my side and sliding the shirt of the rest of my upper torso. When the shirt is off, I wrap my arms around her and pull her down on top pressing her entire body against mine.

I run my hands around and start to cup her firm ass and realise that she isn’t wearing any underwear.

She gives a groan in my mouth as I squeeze her ass. She breaks the kiss and slides off me. I cry out in frustration, but she responds by unbuckling my belt and sliding my jeans and boxers off and throws them across the room.

“Katy, I want you now,” I growl.

With a wicked grin, she takes my throbbing cock in her hand and gives it a shake saying “Not yet big boy, this is going to take a while.” She then starts to rub the head of my cock. My head falls back loving the feeling of this, she leans down and starts licking the length of me. I reach down and run my hands through her hair.

This just spurs her on, and she kisses the end of my member, she parts her lips and starts to suck lightly on the tip.

She starts to work her way down the shaft swirling her tongue around it until she takes my full length into her mouth, it hits the back of her throat, and she gags a little. She holds me there for a moment then starts to swallow around me and humming sending vibrations right through me.

I’m not going to last much longer at this rate. Katy reaches down and starts to caress my balls at the same time as she sends me wild with her tongue. “Katy, I’m going to cum,” I say to her, and she looks me in the eye and sucks harder.

I grab hold of her hair tightly as I cum down her throat. She swallows every last drop of it and licks me clean. My head is spinning; I have never felt anything so intense in my life.

Katy starts to crawl up my body, to keep her body in full contact with mine the whole time. She kisses me again asking “How was that?”

“Katy I have never felt anything like that before in my life,” I say

“That’s only the beginning.” She grins.

I kiss her harder than before picking her up and sitting her on top of me. I reach to slide my hands up her body to take off her negligee, but she stops me.

“Not yet,” She says shaking her head and she stands up and puts her foot on my shoulder, pushing me down so that I am on my back.

She stands over me, and I can see how wet she is as she lowers herself down on top of my face. I reach up and take her clit in my mouth and start to run my tongue across it. She shudders as I do this.

I have no mercy I am going to get her off as soon as I can. I lick her lips and teasing her slightly then I plunge my tongue into her tight pussy fucking her with it.

She lets out a scream as she grabs my head and presses my face hard into her, I grind my face hard into her pussy as she squeezes my head hard between her thighs I suck hard on her clit again and slide two fingers in and start to pump in and out while massaging her g-spot. She pushes me harder as her muscles clamp down around my fingers, and she screams as the orgasm thunders through her body.

It takes a moment for Katy to come down from her orgasm when she does she collapses down and is straddling my chest.

I pull her close to me and kiss her tenderly, “That was incredible.” She says when we break the kiss.

“It was, you are amazing.” I agree

We lay like that for the next fifteen minutes with her in my arms, and we kiss the entire time as I run my hands over her body.

She starts to rub herself against me again, and I reach down and begin to trace the outside of her pussy, her breathing starts to get heavier in my mouth as we kiss.

I slide two fingers back into her, and she gasps at the suddenness of it. I start pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy quicker and quicker. I start to kiss down her neck and into her collarbone, she lets out a small growl and wraps her arms around my head and running her hands through my hair.

I keep my fingers going bringing her close to the edge. Just as she about to cum in a thundering over the edge into another orgasm, I stop, and she lets out a roar of frustration.

I reach around and grab hold of her perfect ass and lift her up. She pushes up with her legs, and I position her over my now hard again throbbing member. She reaches down and grabs hold of it and starts to trace the outline of her pussy with the head of my cock, teasing me.

She keeps doing this for a few seconds before I can’t take it anymore. I thrust up with my hips and slide straight into her.

We both let out a groan of pleasure as I bury deep into her, she is so tight I feel like I’m going to explode right there and then.

I grab on to her hips to hold her in place just enjoying the feeling of being inside of her.

Katy starts to flex her muscles around me as if she is trying to milk my cock.

I let go of her, and she begins to rock back and forth slowly as she reaches down and takes the bottom of her negligee and lifts it up over her head throwing it to the side and I get my first look at her in all her glory, and she is breathtaking. Her breasts are perfect, and I reach up and take her nipples in-between my fingers and start to squeeze them, she responds my riding me harder and faster. I thrust up into her in time with her movements I run my hands over her entire body as I’m doing this I can’t get enough of her perfect curves.

Katy throws herself down onto my chest pressing her naked body against mine and kisses me hard. I thrust up into her even faster and harder than before her breathing is getting heavier and I can’t take much more of this incredible feeling. I reach a hand down in-between us and start to finger her clit, and she rides me for dear life.

I feel my body tense up I know I’m about to cum, and she begins to tremble all over. I attack her clit harder as I give a few last hard thrusts into her she lets out a scream and arches her back as she starts to spasm around me the orgasm burns through her body. This sends me over the edge, and I cum hard into her.

Katy collapses on top of me, and I wrap my arms around her kissing her hard.

We are both completely spent and trying to catch our breath. “That was incredible,” I say to Katy. “That is the best sex I have ever had.”

She looks me in the eye and says “Same here.” we lay like that for a few minutes before both of us drift off to sleep.

I wake up at eleven am the next morning and look around and see that Katy has gone. There is a pit in my stomach.

I get up and go to the bathroom to see if she is there, I chap on the door but get no response I go in and brush my teeth when I come out I smile. She came back and with breakfast. “Hi, I was hoping I’d be back before you woke up.” I walk over to her place my hand behind her head and pull her close for a long passionate kiss.

“I’m glad you are back,” I say

“What do you have planned for today?” she asks in a quiet voice.

“Well,” I say with a smile, “I thought I’d spend it in here with you. Unless you have other plans?”

“Nothing I can’t cancel” she smiles at me as she pulls me down on top of her for more of the same as last night.


Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016


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  1. Emotional sympathy for him. Erotic, sexy, leaves you throbbing for more.


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really liked the idea of this poor fella being stranded then meeting a hottie on the honeymoon. I’m not perfect in any way as an erotica author, but you may want to run your work through an editor like Grammarly. (It’s free for the half-assed version but it works pretty good). Maybe get into more detail about the actual sex acts…AND don’t refer to anything by their medical name. Labia bothered me for some reason. HAHAHA! Otherwise, good little read. 🙂


    1. Hi thank you for the feedback, I’m glad you liked the story. I’ve made the alteration and removed the word Labia, i read it back and you are right it didnt fit.

      I haven’t heard of Grammarly before but i’ll look into it.
      Thank you.


  3. Angy says:

    Colín i like it a lot!!! Good story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Angy, im glad you liked it


  4. cimmeriansentiment says:

    Fantastic chemistry. The vulnerability and charged emotions were spot on.


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