A Chance Encounter

Walking down the street of Edinburgh I feel like I am being followed, looking over my shoulder a few times to see if there is anyone, but I can’t pick anyone out of the crowd.

I keep walking and try to shrug it off as paranoia. I head to a coffee shop to get out of the cold and attempt to warm up.

I sit down by the window and take my cup in my hand trying to get heat. I pull out my book and start reading when someone comes up and asks if they can join me since it is very busy. Without looking up, I say “Of course, have a seat.”

She sits down and says “Thank you.”

I sit there reading and drinking my tea for a few minutes when the woman sitting across from me says “So Colin, are you not even going to say hello to me?”

I sit there as what she has just said registers in my head, and I look up to see who it is, but she is so wrapped up in layers that I have no idea who it is.

“Who are you?” I ask

She shakes her head and laughs at the freaked out on my face. “You have no idea who I am, do you?”

I shake my head but recognise the voice, but I can’t place it; she takes off her gloves, and I instantly know the tattoo on her wrist “Leah?” I ask astonished.

She doesn’t say anything as she reaches up and removes her hat and scarf that are obscuring her face. “You got it, Sweetheart.” She smiles at me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask flabbergasted “How did you know I would be here?”

“I came over from South Africa for a week with my friend but she is away looking at universities today, and I was coming out of my hotel, and I spotted you walking down the street so I thought I’d surprise you.”

“I can’t believe this. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? When did you get here?” I ask her.

“I landed here last night, and I didn’t want to intrude on your life. I didn’t know if you would want to meet me or not. I know we have spoken a lot, but I didn’t think you would want to meet up or not.”

“Of course, I would have come through to meet you,” I say. “Leah we have been friends for a long time, why wouldn’t I want to come and meet you?” She smiles at me reaches out and takes my hand giving it a slight squeeze.

“Thank you.”

We sit there for the next half hour talking and getting to know each other again in person this time.

“I hope I’m not keeping you from anything today,” Leah says to me.

“No not at all I had a meeting earlier, but I’m free for the rest of the day. I’d be happy to show you around if you have no other plans?”

“I would love that thank you.”

We spend the rest of the day wandering around Edinburgh showing Leah the sites. I take her up to The Castle and tell her the history of The Castle and The Auld Rock that it sits upon, she is utterly fascinated by all the artefacts, old weapons, tapestries and relics from the battles from hundreds of years ago.

She is so engrossed in the history of Scotland that she hasn’t noticed what’s going on out of the window.

We sit in the tea room as I tell her more about the battles and all the other parts of Scottish history that I can remember.

As we sit there, she finally glances out of the window and lets out a squeal of delight “Oh My God!” She squeals as she jumps out of her seat and starts bouncing up and down in pure unadulterated joy. “It’s snowing, It’s snowing, It’s snowing I’ve never seen snow, Oh My God. I’ve wanted this forever. It’s snowing.”

“It started about an hour ago I didn’t want to tell you I wanted you to see for yourself, and I’m glad I did; your reaction was perfect,” I say to her.

She runs over to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Can we go out and play in the snow? I’ve never seen snow before.” She asks excitedly and with the biggest grin on her face.

“Sure, let’s go but it will be freezing.”

“I don’t care, I’m going to build a snowman,” She chirps as she runs for the exit.

When we leave the castle, and we step out into the snow, she moves very careful as if scared to step on it. Eventually, we make our way down to the Princes Gardens just below the castle and Leah is like a kid on Christmas morning the look or absolute Aww on her face is incredible. We spend about an hour and a half building a snowman in the gardens and a snowball fight; we eventually stop when Leah starts’ saying that she has lost all feeling in her fingers and toes but the smile on her face has not gotten any smaller, in fact, it seems to have gotten bigger.

We go back into one of the coffee shops to get some hot tea to warm us up, and Leah can’t stop talking about the snow. I’ve never seen someone so happy in my life. We sit and make plans for the rest of the night after the tea is done and she has some feeling back in her extremities I take her to a restaurant that I know, and we have some food before heading up to St Mary’s Close. I didn’t tell her what it was all about, that it is one of the, supposedly, most haunted parts of the city. During the tour, she starts getting freaked out by all of the ghost stories so much so that she hugs me clutching on to my arm very tightly as she also tries to hide behind me.

When it hits about 11 pm, I say that we had better back so that I can catch the last train home because I have to go to work in the morning.

“Aww, this has been fun today,” Leah says “Thank you for showing me around. I appreciate it.” as she says this she goes up on her tiptoes and gives me a kiss on the cheek. “I would never have been able to find my way around without you. It was so much fun playing in the snow. Thank you, you are the sweetest guy.”

“I’m not I just know where I’m going and wanted to show you about,” I reply. “Ok, I better head off I have a train to catch.”

“Could I ask you one more favour before you go?”

“Sure, anything.”

“Can you walk me back to my hotel? I don’t know how to get back there from here and also I don’t feel safe walking alone at night in a city I don’t know.”

I hang my head; I should have thought about that, of course, she wouldn’t know how to get back to her hotel. It’s not like we have gone in a straight line that she could follow back. Of course, I can walk you back to your hotel.” I say to her “Where are you staying?”

“The Premier Inn.”

“Perfect, that’s just across from the train station; we are only ten minutes from there.”

We start heading towards the hotel, and Leah is shivering with the cold. I’m used to it, so I don’t feel it “You’re not used to the cold are you?” I ask her.

“No, the coldest it gets back home is 14℃. I’m not used to this cold. How can you stand it?”

I laugh at this. “It’s because in acclimatised to this weather. I’m used to it.” I say as I take off my jacket and drape it around her shoulders “Here you need this more than I do.”

She sags under the weight of my jacket “I look ridiculous now!” she protests “I feel like I’m wearing a circus tent.”

“Yeah but you are warm, though, aren’t you?” I ask.
“Yeah, I am,” she says.

“Good,” I put my arm around her to give her extra warmth, and we head back to the hotel. As we walk Leah hugs closer to me as she keeps shivering from the cold.

When we get to the hotel Leah takes my hand as I get ready to leave. “Could you please walk me up to my room? I’m still scared from that ghost walk we went on, and I’d feel a lot safer if you would come up with me.”

I let out a small chuckle “Sure, of course, I will.”

Once we are up in her room she offers me a drink, I check the time, and I still have an hour before my train leaves, and the station is only across the road, so I accept the drink and sit down on the bed next to her.

“Thank you for today,” She says as she takes my hand and squeezes it.

“Don’t thank me. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.” I squeeze back. We sit there for talking for a while the entire time she sits there with my hand in hers stroking it gently while we speak about everything, our hopes, our dreams, what want to get out of life.

I tell her about what’s happened in my life, and she tells me all about hers, shows me some of her artwork and it is incredible.

We talk for what seems like hours, I check my watch and see that I need to go soon.
I stand up and start to get ready to leave “It’s been a great day, Leah.” I say to her as I take her hands drawing her into a hug and kiss her tenderly on the forehead. She looks up at me as a long strand of hair falls over her eyes; I reach up, brush it aside and tuck it behind her right ear.

She looks into my eyes with a look I can’t place, and she bites her lip in a very cute and awkward way; then she leans forward slightly. I lean in to meet her, and our lips meet in a soft and tender kiss.

We break the kiss after a few seconds both of us are breathing a little heavier. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that,” I say to her.

“It’s ok,” She says “I’ve wanted that all day. Why do you think I asked you to come up here?” giving me a smile that is equal parts joy and wickedness.

I smile back at her and kiss her more forcefully; as I push her down onto the bed.

I take her wrists with one hand and pin them above her head on the bed as I start to run my other hand up her the side of her body, feeling her curves as my hand underneath her shirt and begin to cup her breast through her bra.

She kisses me back harder, more passionately struggling against my grip holding her hands in place.

I loosen my grip on her hands, and she wraps her arms around my neck pulling me in close as the kiss get more heated and passionate. Leah lets out a moan of pleasure as we kiss and I pull her closer to me.

After a moment, we break the kiss, and I can see the fire burning in her eyes. It is a look of pure lust.

I take a step backwards away from the bed looking at her; she looks so incredibly beautiful that I want her there and now.

She slowly starts to unbutton her shirt revealing her dark crimson bra and a perfect body; she has curves that any woman would kill for, I move forward to her and put my hand behind her head, tilt her up and kiss her while wrapping her hair around my hand.

With my other hand, I trace the outline of her bra feeling the silk of it along with her perfect breasts.

Leah reaches out with her hands and starts to unbuckle my belt and whips it off me in one swift movement; then she unbuttons my jeans and lets them fall to the floor.

After a moment, she stops and indicated for me to take off my shirt, I pull it over my head and toss it aside. I stand in front of her in just my boxers. Leah gets up off the bed as she walks towards me she starts to unbutton her jeans, letting them fall to the floor revealing that she is wearing matching crimson red silk panties to her bra. She stands before me in just her underwear, and I can tell that she is also feeling self-conscious as she lifts her arms up to cover her body and turns away from me.

I move behind her and wrap my arms around her “Leah. You are so incredibly beautiful and perfect; please don’t be shy with me.” I say to her as I begin to kiss her neck and down to the top of her spine, her body starts to quiver. She raises one of her arms and reaches around placing her hand on the back of my neck as I continue to kiss her, and she lets out a moan of pleasure as I kiss her and run my hands over her body as I hug her.

“I know how you feel; I’m not exactly the best-looking guy in the world.” I whisper in her ear “Also, I’m also not the biggest but you being here with me right now makes me feel so wanted. I want you as well Leah, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.”

She doesn’t say anything but just gives me a seductive smile and reaches around and unhooks her bra letting it fall to the floor revealing her perfect breasts; her nipples are large and hard pointing straight at me. I just want to take them in my mouth. I reach out and pull her close to me pressing her body against my chest; it feels like she was meant to be there. She runs her hand down my body, and I react to her touch, moving them across and over the bulge in my boxers.

Grabbing hold of my throbbing hard cock, she gently starts to massages it through the material; I let out a groan as she does this; stopping for a moment as she reaches up and pulls my boxers down revealing my hard member.

I stand there shaking with nerves as she sees me fully naked for the first time and I hold my breath.

Leah takes a step back and looks at me making an appreciative murmur; she slowly lowers herself down onto her knees.

Slowly she takes my hard cock into her lips and starts to suck gently on the tip of it before taking my full length into her mouth. The feeling is so intense that my legs almost buckle. I manage to stay standing, and I start to run my hands through her hair as she swirls her tongue around my member; she begins to swallow around me “I’m going to cum” I manage to say, and she stops, not wanting this to be over too fast.

I pick her up off of the floor, scooping her up into my arms as I carry her back the bed kissing her the entire time; she wraps her arms around my neck as we kiss, I place her back down on the bed, and I start to kiss down her body. Starting on her neck, I slowly kiss down to her collarbone covering every inch of flesh in light, tender kisses. She lets out a moan of pleasure as I keep moving my way down her body covering every inch of skin with soft kisses while I’m doing this she reaches for my head and starts running her fingers through my hair as I travel down her body.

When I reach her silk panties I take the waistband in between my teeth and I tease them down her hips, she lifts her perfectly formed ass off the bed to allow me to slide them down.

As I gently glide them down her long legs, I sit up slightly, once they are off and take them from between my teeth and throw them across the room without taking my eyes off the beautiful woman lying in front of me.

She props up on her elbows and asks “What is it?”

I smile at her “Absolutely nothing.” I say as I lower myself down on top of her to kissing her with passion and intense heat.

I take hold of both of her hands in mine entwining our fingers together and holding them above her head.

I start kissing back down her body until I am in between her legs andI see her glistening pussy showing just how turned on she is.

I lower my mouth to her and slowly and teasingly beginning to trace the outline of her lips with my tongue, she starts moaning with pleasure at my touch.

I don’t waste any time, and I go straight for her clit running my tongue over it.

Leah lets out a gasp at the contact as if her nerve endings are on fire.

I don’t stop, and I start sucking on her clit taking it into my mouth and lightly nibbling on it sending convulsions up through her body.

I run my hands up her body as I do this to her breasts, I can feel her quivering under my touch.

I start to caress her breasts as I continue my assault on her clit; taking her nipples between my thumb and forefingers, I begin to squeeze them roughly.

I can feel her body react, and I can tell that she is on the verge of a massive orgasm. Her back starts aching as she squeezes my head with her thighs almost crushing my head.

I bring my hands away from her breasts as I plunge my tongue deep into her pussy and start to finger her clit with my thumb fucking her with my tongue as I press hard into her clit. She lets out a scream of pure ecstasy as the first orgasm burns through her body, her back arches up off the bed as her scream echoes around the room.

When she comes down from her orgasm and starts to recover her breath she grabs me by the hair, pulling me up to face her.

She kisses me harder than before tasting her juices on my lips. The kiss gets more passionate as she starts kissing my neck and biting my earlobe.

She growls in my ear “I need you in me, now.”

She doesn’t need to ask me twice, and I manoeuvre my cock so that it brushes against her hot, wet entrance. I tease her slightly by running the head of my cock up and down the length of her lips. She lets out a growl of frustration at my teasing her; she shifts her hips and I slide right into her tight pussy.

I let out a moan of pure pleasure, I have never felt anything like it, and she is so tight. I don’t dare move for fear that I will explode there and then.

I lean over her and see the look of ecstasy on her face “you feel so good inside me.” she says to me. I dare not speak so I don’t ruin the moment so I just lean down and kiss her and I start to move my hips slowly back and forth feeling every muscle in her pussy flexing around my cock to accommodate it. It feels like we are made for each other. I keep up the movements gradually building up speed as I thrust in and out of her. She moans with every movement, and there is a fire in her eyes of pure lust.

Her breath starts getting ragged as I move faster “Harder.” She says through gritted teeth. I thrust harder into her with all of my strength.

She wraps her legs around my waist locking her ankles behind my ass and angling herself up slightly allowing me to penetrate her even deeper.

I can feel the pressure building up within me, and I know I’m not going to last much longer, but I want us to orgasm at the same time. I reach down with my left hand and start fingering her clit as I pump in and out of her; she bucks wildly against me grinding into me as my hand plays with her clit.

“I’m going to cum,” I say to her

“Me too, Just do it, go” she pants. I thrust harder than I did before as I finger her clit harder as well

Leah lets out a loud scream as the muscles of her pussy spasm wildly around my cock.

I can’t take it anymore, and I cum harder than I ever have before deep within her, filling her pussy completely.

I collapse on top of her, and we start kissing softly and tenderly again, I feel so weak now she has sapped all of my energy.

“That was the best sex I have ever had,” Leah says as if she was reading my mind.

I wrap my arms around her pulling her body into full contact with mine, her perfect round ass pressed against my cock.

I start kissing her neck “Yeah it was for me too; you are amazing Leah.” I whisper in her ear. She begins to shiver from the cold so I pull the covers around the both of us, and she slowly starts to drift off to sleep in my arms.

Just as she is about to fall fully asleep she jerks awake “Oh God, sweetheart, what about your train?”

“Shhh… its ok darlin,” I say to her as I stroke her hair. “It left an hour ago. Do you mind if I stay here with you tonight?”

“I was hoping you would say that,” she says as she drifts back to sleep but not before she reaches around behind her, taking my cock in her hand and giving it a small squeeze.

We both fall asleep within moments stay in each other’s arms until I get woken up in the morning by her kissing me awake with the look of lust back in her eyes……

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016

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