Night Out

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ I think to myself. ‘I haven’t been out for months, and honestly, I don’t want to go out tonight either.’

I look into the mirror and check the dress that I’m wearing a modest black dress showing off some slight cleavage but not a lot.

I stand there looking at myself, cursing Claire for making me go out tonight. My daughter is staying with my parents, this is the first night I’ll have had on my own for months, and all I really want to do is have a hot bath, curl up on the couch and watch a film. But no Claire is making me go out to some club as if we are still nineteen.

I give out a sigh although I have to admit I look good tonight.

I head down the stairs and think about calling her to cancel when there is a knocking at the door.

“Damn.” I mutter under my breath “Too late.” I open the door, and it’s Claire.

“Hi Alex, you ready to go?” Claire asks

“I thought that we were meeting at the club?”

“Yeah well I figured if I did that you would cancel on me, and I know that you can never say to no to me face to face,” Claire says with a grin. “You are coming out tonight, and you have no choice in the matter.”

“Right fine I’m coming I’m coming.” I sigh as I reach for my bag and jacket.

“You look great by the way Alex.”

“Thanks, so do you, Claire.”

“Oh, I know I look good you don’t have to tell me that. I know I look good.” Claire says with a wicked smile.

“So where are you dragging me tonight then,” I ask her

“Well, I thought we would start at the ‘Lost Light’ that new bar downtown and then go to The Warehouse for the rest of the night.”

I’m my head I let out a groan of frustration. I know exactly how this night is going to end with me in a taxi home alone while Claire is off hooking up with some drunken idiot. God this is going to be a long night.

I put on a strained grin, and say “Yay, this will be fun.”

It’s getting dark by the time that we reach the bar, and it’s absolutely crowded there is no chance of us getting a table.

We fight our way to the bar and try to order a couple of drinks “Claire this is ridiculous! This place is crowded. Why are we here? We are never going to get served here at this rate.” I complain to her.

She looks at me and winks “Leave that to me.” She leans forward over the bar over exposing her ample cleavage and eyes the bartender. He instantly comes over to her and takes her order as she flirts outrageously with him.

He returned with the drinks, and she grabs the front of his shirt and pulls I’m close to her and whispers something in his ear. I roll my eyes knowing exactly what she must be saying to him.

I take my drink and wander off to try and find a table.

The place is so crowded that every few steps someone bangs into me. I let out a groan of frustration. ‘Seriously, why the hell am I here?’ I think to myself. I look about and spot an empty table and make a break for it.

I reach the table just in time, there is a crowd of really slutty looking girls heading this way so I sit down and put my jacket over the set opposite so that they won’t think that they can come and take my table.

They give me one of the dirtiest looks I’ve ever seen, but what do you expect from eighteen-year-old sluts.

I settle down sipping at my drink when Claire appears at the opposite side of the table.

“Well, that was interesting.” She says with a smile.

I look at her and notice that her dress and her hair “oh you have to be kidding me, Claire, you fucked the bartender?”

She looks at me with a mock horror on her face “Alex, how could you say such a thing to me? Of course, I did.” She says without a hint of shame. “He had a break.”

“Well, I hope it was worth it.” I say the anger really creeping into my voice. “you brought me out to have a night out, and you run off and fuck the first guy you see leaving me to fend for myself. Thanks a lot, Claire.”

“Oh come on Alex. It’s not like I abandoned you for the full night I was only gone ten minutes.” She says frowning

“So it wasn’t even worth it then?” I say with a laugh creeping into my voice

“no not really, to be honest, he didn’t last long enough, and I got nothing out of it.”

“Well, that serves you right for dragging me out then running off with the first guy you see.”

She gives me a sheepish smile, and we spend the next couple of hours chatting as she tries to scope out her next conquest. I swear there are times I think that she is part rabbit

Eventually, she asks me “So you see anyone who you like the look of?”

I look at her confused “For what?” I ask

“What do you think Alex?” She shakes her head at me.

“Oh…Oh god no I couldn’t do that.”

“you are always the same.” She grumbles at me “you need to have some fun in your life. You can’t just keep going on with just going to work those stupidly long hours and taking care of your daughter. Come on Alex live a little.”

“Claire it’s just not me. You know this. Can you please drop it and just have a few more drinks and then go dancing?”

“Sure, let’s get another round in the head to The Warehouse.”

The warehouse is in a rundown part of town where all the clubs seem to be these days. It takes about half an hour to get into the club, and I’m freezing by then

We get the drinks in and start dancing with each other Claire is getting a little too close now that we are dancing, and I know she is doing it to attract the attention of the guys in the club with the hopes of getting someone to go home with, but that’s just not me.

The music is good, and we are having a good time I even work up the courage enough to start flirting with a couple of the guys there, but that’s about as far as I dare to go.

I checked the time and realised it’s about 3 am, and I think about heading home. I look around for Claire, and I spot her walking out of the door with some guy “that bitch!” I swore to myself “She’s done it again. Left me for some random guy.”

I grab my coat and head outside fuming with anger “How could I have been so stupid. She does this every damn time why did I think this time would be any different. I’m sick of this crap.”

Outside it’s been raining, and I get soaked within minutes. There are no taxis about so I trudge on down the street the rain sapping my anger as I get soaked through to the skin.

I spot an all-night diner across the road and decide to head in there to warm up and wait for a taxi.

The restaurant is quiet at this time of night, and I squelch my way in and sit at a booth. The waitress comes over after a moment and looks at me, gives me a sad smile and asks what I would like.

“Coffee.” I manage to say through the cold shivering throughout my body.

“No problem, doll. I’ll get that right away.” She says as she walks off.

I rest my head against the back of the seat I’m on and close my eyes for a moment reflecting on how much Claire has let me down tonight. First of all, she let forced me to come out when all I wanted to do was stay in curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. I’ve been working seventy hours a week, and all I wanted was a night at home by myself reading a good book.

It’s not that I don’t love my daughter, because I do with all of my heart., but I could really use a night to myself every now and then.

I’m brought out of my thoughts by the waitress putting my coffee down in front of me. I open my eyes saying “Thank you.”

“No problem. You look like you have had a bad night, and I thought you could use some cheesecake so I brought you a slice of the raspberry. I hope you enjoy it.”

I look at her and smile “Marry me.” I say to her.

She just laughs at this “Sorry honey, but I’m already taken.” She says and walks off back to the counter.

I take a sip of my coffee and let the heat of it warm me. I look at the cheesecake and take a bite. It is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever tasted.

I shut out the world and simply take pleasure in this sweet delight.

When I’m finished, I sit there and take the coffee in my hands and just try to suck in the heat through the cup.

I am completely lost in my own thoughts when I hear the door opening, and I look up and see a man walking in. I don’t pay any attention to him.

I reach for my bag and take out my glasses so that I can take out my contact lenses that are now starting to irritate my eyes. Taking them out turns the dinner turns into a blurry haze, and I hear a voice. “Alex? Is that you?”

Turning around a bit startled. “Who’s there? Do I know you?” I ask as I fumble around the table for my glasses

“It’s me, Sean.” He says. “I met you a few weeks ago down at the dog park. You were there with your daughter.”

“Oh right, Sean sorry.” I say embarrassed as I put my glasses on. “how have you been?”

“Yeah I’ve been alright. What you about you? You look like you have had a rough night. Is everything alright?”

I give a wry shrug,” Yeah it’s not been the best of nights. I’m just getting ready to head home now that I have dried out slightly.”

He gives a slight smile “Would you mind if I join you for a coffee before you go?

I reach up and tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear and say “Sure, Be my guest.”

“Thanks, I’ll just go and get some coffee for us.” He says with a smile.

‘Oh god.’ I think to myself ‘what the hell was that? Why did I do that with my hair? It must have just been annoying me. Yeah, that’s it.’

He comes back over with two steaming cups of coffee as I come out of my thoughts. “So what brings you to a dinner at this time of night?” He asks me.

“Well it’s been a long night, I was out with a friend and she ditched me twice for some guy.”

“Well that sucks, I’m sorry Alex.” He says

“Nah, it’s ok. What about you? What are you doing here at this time of night?” I ask

“Well I was out for a drive, I needed to clear my head.”

“Is everything alright?”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m all right.” We sit there chatting for about half an hour about life in general, it feels like I’ve known him for years instead of just a few weeks. I ask him about his work and what he does, it’s not very interesting, but he is so passionate about it I can’t help but smile at him. I tell him about my job, and I tell him all about the project I’m working on, and he is so sweet about listening to my boring job.

I ask him about his dog, when we first met, I was out walking with my daughter, Sarah, and she absolutely fell in love with his Alsatian. Such a good natured dog it was like she was a big puppy.

Sarah has been bugging me ever since then to get her a dog, and I’m almost on the verge of giving into her.

Eventually, the conversation swings back round to the disaster that has been this evening, and he says, so tell me about this friend of yours, she sounds like a bitch.”

“She’s, not that bad, but yeah she’s a bitch,” I tell him the story of my night.

He is sympathetic and makes terrible jokes at which I laugh way too much ‘Dear God, what the hell am I doing?’ I think to myself ‘why am I flirting with him?’

“so that’s how I wound up here at this time of night.” I finish off my story. “so what about you, what brings you here?”

“Honestly, I was out for a drive because earlier today my girlfriend broke up with me.” He says not looking at me. “so I needed to get out of the house. I’ve been driving for the last three hours and came in here for some coffee.”

When he says this the bottom drops out of my stomach and starts filling up with butterflies, and I’m starting to feel something I haven’t felt in a very long time.

“I’m so sorry Sean, that’s awful.” I reach out and take his hand, and it’s as if there is an electric shock running through my entire body and I can feel a familiar warmth growing between my legs.

“It’s ok Alex, it’s been a long time coming, we haven’t been happy for a long time, and we hadn’t had sex for at least a year.”

The burning within me intensifies, and he turns red with embarrassment. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have told you that. That was inappropriate.”

“It’s ok, don’t worry. I know how you feel.” I cringe internally at that this but my mouth isn’t listening to me and keeps on going without consulting my brain. “trust me you are a very good looking guy any sane woman would be all over you.”

Before he can respond, I excuse myself to the bathroom, and I run off.

I stand over the sink in the bathroom and look in the mirror “Where the hell did that come from?” I ask myself. “Get yourself together Alexandra, the poor guy has just been dumped, and you are flirting with him.”

I splash some cold water on my face trying to calm down, thinking I need to get out of here and head home so I can take care of myself.

I head back out to the table and see that he is getting ready to go, and I don’t know what came over me, but I went over and sat next to him instead of across from him and without saying a word I reach down and take his cock in my hand through his trousers.

He takes in a breath and is about to say something, but I don’t let him. I just clamp my lips on his kiss him hard as I start stroking his cock. It takes a moment before he kisses me back and starts to run his hand up my leg and under my skirt towards my wet pussy.

I break the kiss and whisper in his ear “you haven’t had sex in over a year. Let’s go change that right now.” And I take his hand and lead him to the door.

We get to the car, and he grabs me, spinning around to face him pinning me against the car and kisses me deeply as he runs his hands all over my body. I can feel my skin tingling wherever he touches me. He starts kissing my neck and collarbone I let out a groan of pleasure, he really knows what he’s doing.

Through the moans, that I have no control over, I manage to say There are a hotel five minutes down the road from here, can you wait that long?”

He doesn’t say anything just opens the car door and lets me in.


We make it to the hotel within three minutes and calmly go and check into a room. It feels like it is taking forever for the receptionist to process Sean’s details. “Just hurry up bitch,” I mutter under my breath. I can barely think straight I’m so horny now, and I haven’t felt this way for a long time.

Finally, after what seem like an eternity, Sean leaves the desk and comes over to me with the room key in hand.

“We got the last room, it’s a suite.” He says with a smile as we head over to the elevator and head up to the room.

As soon as the doors close, he pulls me close to him and kisses me hard pinning me against the wall. He starts running his hands up my body and und under my dress. I part my legs to allow him access to my pussy. He starts to run his fingers my clit through my soaked underwear, I start to quiver under his touch, my legs are shaking as he continues his assault on me.

It drives me wild with carnal desire and I have to have him.

I am just about to climax over the edge when the elevator dings and the doors begin to open. I let out a growl of frustration as I was so close.

Sean pulls away from me, taking my hand he pulls me towards the room. He opens the door, and I push him through kicking it shut behind me.

He stands in front of the bed facing me, and I pull the wet dress over my head and throw it across the room. I hear it hit the wall with a wet thud.

Standing before him in nothing but my underwear I start to walk towards him swaying my hips and thanking God I shaved my legs before I came out.

I reach for his shirt and rip it open, sending buttons flying around the room, exposing his chest. I lightly start kissing it as I push him down onto the bed.

“Alex I can believe this is happening,” Sean says.

“Shhh don’t talk. Just let this happen.” I say to him in a husky voice. I don’t know where this need for control has come from, but its intoxicating and I love every minute of it.

Pushing him back down on the bed, as he tries to sit up. I know he could easily overpower me, but right now I don’t care, right now I’m the one that’s in control

I straddle him and can feel his erection pressing into me as I grind against it through his trousers. I can feel him straining to push through and into me as he groans in pleasure as I reach up behind my back and unhook my bra, leaning forward and letting it slip from my shoulders and revealing my breast to him for the first time.

His eyes widen at the sight of my ample chest as he reaches up to take them in his hands. I let him do this as he takes my nipples in-between is fingers and gives them a light squeeze sending a shock of pleasure through my body, my back arches, and I let out a groan of pure lust. He takes one of his hands, trailing is fingers down my stomach towards my sodding panties.

He slides them aside and start to finger my swollen clit setting my nerve endings on fire in unbridled ecstasy.

I put my hands on his chest and dig my nails into his chest as he expertly manipulates my clit sending me over the edge into an all-consuming orgasm.

The force of it is so intense that my mind goes utterly blank, nothing matters right now other than this feeling. After a moment, it starts to subside, and I realise that I have been screaming the entire time.

Collapsing onto Sean’s chest trying to catch my breath. “That was intense.” I say to him “I have never felt anything like that.”

He smiles at me “I’m just getting started.” As he says this he grabs my hips and starts rocking back and forth under me, grinding his swollen member against my hot wet pussy.

I stand up off him and pull my underwear off, throwing it away, and then reach down and pull his trousers and underwear off in one swift motion.

My eyes go wide as I see his hard cock spring out and stand at full attention, the swollen head already dripping with precum.

I take it in my hand and start to work the shaft in a slow and steady rhythm as I take the head I’m my mouth and start to swirl my tongue around its head. I slowly start to work my way down the shaft taking more and more of his cock into my throat.

I keep up running my tongue all over the shaft and head and then take more into my throat and swallow around him.

Sean lets out a groan of pure carnal pleasure and grips onto my hair and is guiding my head up and down. I keep swallowing around him and start to hum I’m my throat sending vibrations of pleasure through his cock. I can feel his grip tightening on my hair, and I know he is about to cum.

I start sucking harder and swallowing around him with greater intensity. He lets out a roar as he erupts in my mouth sending long hot streams of cum down my throat. I gag a little but swallow every last drop of it.

I lick his cock clean then slide my body up his rubbing across his chest and up until I’m facing him and start kissing with unbridled heat and passion.

He starts running his hands all over my body again as we kiss. I’m not done with him yet.

He wraps his arms around me flipping me over onto my back and starts to kiss his way down my body, running his tongue over every inch of me, teasing me, it’s driving me insane with desire.

He gets down in between my legs and starts kissing my inner thigh. The slight stubble on his face is rough on my skin, but it feels so good while he is doing this he starts to tease the lips of my pussy with his fingers lightly grazing over my swollen clit sending electric shocks throughout my entire body. He sees just how responsive I am to his touch and inserts two fingers into me with no resistance and starts to pump them in and out of my dripping mound.

My breath begins to quicken as he expertly manipulates his fingers inside of me sending me into throws of ecstasy. He finds my g-spot and starts to massage it as he clamps his mouth over my clit and starts sucking on it and running his tongue over it in frantic but consistent strokes.

I grab onto the sheets of the bed, digging my fingers into it, as the orgasm builds up inside of me and the muscles of my pussy start to spasm wildly around his fingers. I let out another scream as the orgasm rolls through my entire body.

He doesn’t stop and just keeps on his assault in between my legs, and I can rapidly feel another orgasm building.

My body goes rigid as I arch my back up off of the bed as my entire body trembles once more in a third orgasm.

I can’t feel anything but pure pleasure shooting through all of my nerve endings. As I t subsides I collapse on the bed, and Sean grabs me by the legs and flips me over to my stomach.

I have no energy to stop him for the moment as he reaches around my hips and lifts me up into position and comes up behind me, and I can feel the head of his rock solid member tracing the outer lips of my pussy. He leans forward, whispering in my ear “Are you ready?”

Without responding, I push back onto him forcing him to enter me. We both let out a gasp as he enters me. He feels so tight within me; he is filling my very core.

He starts to push his hips back and forth, and I take his full length into me from behind. He starts to thrust into me hard and every movement sends new waves of pleasure through my body.

“Oh god” is all I can say as he pushes in and out of me. It’s as if his cock were made for me only. I start to flex the muscles of my pussy around his cock with each movement and as he pushes forward I push back. The only sound in the room is our moans of passion and the slapping of our bodies as we go at it.

He leans forward and wraps his arms around my torso he starts cupping one of my breasts and rolling my nipple between his fingers roughly while his left hand he reaches down and starts fingering my clit again.

The sensation of this is enough to drive me over the edge, and I cum hard, orgasming and spasming around his cock.

He lets out a roar of pure satisfaction and increases the tempo of his movements. Ik didn’t think it was possible for him to get any better but he just keeps on going. My clit feels like it is about to explode with the pressure he is putting on it, and my orgasm doesn’t subside in fact it just gets more intense and starts rolling over into another wave of pleasure.

Through the mind-numbing euphoria, I feel I can feel and hear his breathing quickening and his body starts to tremble. He puts more pressure on my clit and pulls on my nipple squeezing it hard, and a final orgasm burns through my body, and he screams out my name as I feel him erupt into me sending stream after stream of his hot seed up into me.

We hold that position for a moment as both of our orgasms roll through us and the I collapse forward, letting his slick wet and deflating cock fall out from inside me.

I lay down on the bed covered in sweat and panting for breath as he collapses next to me on the bed.

I slid my body over to his and turn to face him. Kissing him a softly and gently on the mouth as we both struggle for breath.

Sean wraps his arms around me pulling me close and pulling the covers over us.

My mind is completely at peace, and I can’t think of a single thing to say to him. There are no words to describe the pleasure he has just given me, I had no idea just how much I needed this release. I kiss him tenderly and smile at him. He kisses me back, and I drift off into a contented slumber.


I wake up the next morning having not moved an inch, and Sean is just laying there playing my hair “Good morning sleepy head.” He says to me.

“Good morning yourself,” I reply. There is a moment of awkward silence and say “So what are you doing next Friday night?”

He smiles at me and kisses me hard. No more words are needed….

Copyright Scottishlegend ©2016

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