Writers Block

This isn’t a normal post that I would normally put up here.

I have been working on a new story but in suffering from massive Writers Block just now. i just cant seen to get it going properly and for it to make sense i have no idea where im going with it.

I’m hoping that some of the other writers who follow my blog, you are all lovely people and i live your blogs, could offer me some advice on how to get passed this.

It is frustrating because im also working on a book and its affecting that as well.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.




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  1. I don’t know how others handle this, but I sit down with a pen and paper and start writing whatever scene interests me (ideally in the story I’m working on, but not necessary). Write, cross out, doodle… Before I know my juices are going again.


    1. Thanks. I’ll try that. You wrote a hell of a lot was wondering how you come up with your ideas.

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      1. Ideas are everywhere. Everything from some incident in my past to some conversation i overhear.


  2. Cookie says:

    You used to get over them before, get in cookie and I might be able to help you with it.


    1. Unfortunately they banned my account on there so I can’t go back on there what was your name on there?


  3. Cookie says:

    I helped you with the conference and the elevator, portuguese girl, try to set up another one,


    1. Ah right it’s you. Sorry I tried to contact you but I couldn’t. Sorry about that. I did set up a new one but I can’t do anything without connecting it to facebook and my account is already linked to the banned account I can’t do a damn thing on it. If you want can add me on kik. I’ll give you my name on there if you want to keep in touch.


      1. Cookie says:

        Sure 🙂


    2. Hey, i don’t know if you would be interested in talking again i have added a contact sheet to my blog if you want to drop me a line of there and we could catch up. option is open


  4. Cookie says:

    I can’ get in Kik, I’m sorry 😦


    1. That’s OK. I can do whatsapp but that would need to be quick. Don’t want to leave my number public for to long if you’re up for it


    2. Or you could give me yours it won’t show publicly unless I approve it but it’s up to you.


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