Preview of “Reunited” a follow up to “The Hotel”

[This is a preview is a follow up to one of my older stories “The Hotel” I’ve been working away at it for a while but havent gotten it quite right. I’m looking for feedback on what I’ve written here as follow up to know if its worth continuing it or not. Thanks C]


I spend the next two weeks at the Chateau St Gerlach with Katy, it is a fantastic time. We spend the entire time with each other, and it helped me move on. We talked for hours about getting to know everything about each other and by the end of the holiday it is devastating to leave her.
Our flights home were within an hour of each other so we have our final goodbye in the airport. Before Katy leaves she kisses me passionately and whispers in my ear “I think I could actually fall for you,” then she ran off to board the plane before I could respond.
I stood by her departure gate and watched her flight take off with a tear in my eye. As the flight disappeared, I said “I feel the same way. Goodbye, Katy.”
We agreed that we would just have the two weeks together and then move on with our lives, I really wish I hadn’t agreed to that.
The flight home was quick but rough hitting turbulence about half way through the journey.
All I can think about during the whole time is Katy, and how much I miss her already, I really wish we hadn’t agreed not to keep in contact but what’s done is done. We thought it would be easier this way, but right now I don’t believe.
Halfway through the flight, I realise I should be more worrying about what will happen when I get home as opposed to missing Katy so much, but honestly, I don’t care. In the last two weeks, I have had the best time of my life.
I don’t care so much about what happened before I left, I’m over it. I was left at the altar, fine that happened but now I think it’s the best thing could have happened to me.
When I eventually get home I just go straight to bed, I’m exhausted after the travelling and the emotional upheaval that I’ve been through in the last month. Katy managed to help me in forgetting all of that but now that I am home it’s all flooding back with missing her flooding over the top of it all.
I wake up a few hours later, and it’s still dark outside but I decide to get up, and I make a cup of tea then head back up to unpack.
It doesn’t take long, and I’ve emptied my case and put everything away. I pick up the case to put it on top of the wardrobe, and an envelope falls out of one of the pockets and drifts to the floor.
I reach down to see what it is and see my name written on the front. When I examine the envelope, I can smell Katy’s perfume coming off it. I hastily rip it open to see what’s inside.
There is a single handwritten letter on the inside of it.
Dear John,

Meeting you has been the best time of my life, you mean so much to me and I don’t want to let you go.

I know that we agreed that after these two weeks that would be it, we wouldn’t see each other again, but I can’t live with that. I feel like I could actually fall for you.

I know that you have a lot to deal with due to what has happened, but I want you in my life.

As I’m writing this letter, you are sleeping next to me, and I have never felt so safe and cared for in my life.

I have put my contact details at the bottom of this letter If you want to see me again then use them if not then I’ll understand

I want to say this to you in person, but I am afraid of you not being on the same page as I am.

If I don’t have the courage to say this to you in person, then this is why I’m writing this letter.

I hope to hear from you soon if not have a good life.

Always yours

Katy xxx

I have to read the letter several times for it to sink in. This is the lifeline I have been hoping for. At the bottom is a Skype address, I run to my computer and load in the address I want to call her right now, but I’m scared. My hand hovers over the call button for what seems like and eternity until finally I hit send.
The call starts to connect, and I hold my breath praying that this is the right thing to do when the screen connects, and I see her beautiful face smiling at me. “Hi,” she says to me, and I just smile back.

We carried on a long-distance relationship since then, we talk every day about anything and everything, and I fall in love with her hard. The time difference is a real challenge, but we manage to work it out.
But eventually, it became too much for both of us that we couldn’t be physically together again so one day Katy broke it off and said if we couldn’t actually be together then it’s not worth it.
Losing Katy is horrible. I think about her all the time I miss her every day. Two months go past and the entire time I’m making plans to get her back.
I try to think about what to do and finally I just decide to hell with it. Nothing is keeping me here. I can work from anywhere in the world so I book my tickets and head to the airport.
The flight takes eight hours and the whole time I think about how I’m going to approach her.
We have had no contact since she broke up with me so I need to play this carefully I don’t know if she will be happy to see me or not but I have to know one way or another.
When I arrive at the airport, I hire a car and head straight to her university I know that she will be coming out of class in three hours, and it will give me time to get there and find her.
The wait is nerve wracking all I can do is think about every possible scenario of what’s going to happen when I see her.


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  1. jillianmrks says:

    I, for one, want to know what happens next!


    1. Thank you, this is one ive been playing about with for a while and wasnt sure if anyone would be interested in a follow up thats why ive never finished it but ill have a crack at it see what i can work out 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. please do continue, I loved this one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. It’s been a long time coming but im hoping to finish it in the next week or so.

      Liked by 1 person

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