Journeys End – Chapter Two

[Note: Thank you for the response to the first Chapter of my novel. Here is the second chapter of the Three that I will be posting on here. I hope you like it. Chapters One,  Three  & Four can be found here]


Chapter Two


It was six weeks since the night when I came home and found the body of my sister crushed under the rubble of roof of my home.

That night they came.

The attack wasn’t a terrorist attack like I initially thought it was. It was much, much worse.

The aliens came from nowhere, and I’ve been on the run ever since. In one night it seemed like they had taken over the world in one swift move. From what I have managed to find out and put together in the days after the initial attack, the military was almost utterly destroyed in one fell swoop. Those that weren’t… They were no match for the invaders. Their ships were just too powerful. We didn’t stand a chance.

From what I could pick up from a radio signal a few days later, everyone was gone. The government was destroyed, and there was no help coming from anywhere. I was on my own.

I spent the next few weeks hiding out in different places: the high school I went to, the police station was good for a few nights before I had to move on and now I have been hiding out in the old timber yard that I worked in when I was eighteen.

I’ve set up camp in the old warehouse at the back of the yard. There is no direct line of sight to the warehouse from the road as it is surrounded by large pallets of stacked wood. It is a good hiding place, and I’ve managed to stay safe here for about a week without incident.

It helps that I know the layout of the site from when I worked here. I’ve not seen a single person since a few days after the explosion of the refinery.

Anyone that wasn’t killed in the initial attack was either murdered by the bastards on the ground or taken by the ships. I hadn’t seen what had happened, but I caught a glimpse of the aliens. It wasn’t clear enough to see what they looked like though. They kept to the shadows, and all I remember is the eyes, malevolent looking eyes.

The memory of those eyes has been haunting me ever since. Just the thought of them sends shivers down my spine.

I settle into my temporary new home for the night after doing my now regular routine of checking the perimeter and making sure the warehouse is locked up. I haven’t opened any of the doors except the one at the front, but I still have to check.

I slump down, exhausted, for the night trying to figure out what I’m going to do next. I set the old pump action shotgun, which I found in the police station, to the side but within arm’s reach and close my eyes to try and get some sleep.


I wake with a start reaching for my shotgun as I hear a crash outside. Groggily, I jump to my feet and stumble towards the door. “What the hell is that?” I mutter under my breath.

Looking out, I see a sleek, black ship landing in the timber yard. The ship itself is shaped like a bullet, apparently designed for speed and stealth. I can see the ship lowering to the ground, completely crushing one of the large pallets of wood stacked up outside.

The engine’s noise starts to dissipate as it shuts down. I creep out of the warehouse, sneaking around to hide behind one of the other pallets just out of the line of sight but close enough that I can still see the ship.

The ship settles down, and the roar of the engines dies down into a quiet whine. I start to back away, to make a break for it, when a hatch on the underside of the ship lets out a loud hydraulic hiss and starts lowering to the ground.

Frozen in place with fear I can’t help but stare at the ship’s opening undercarriage. My brain is screaming at me to run, but my legs won’t respond.

As I stand there frozen, I can see something starting to emerge from the ship. It’s one of them.

It stands at about eight feet tall, it has four thick legs that look as if the thing could run incredibly fast or jump really high. It’s built like a brick shit house, rippling muscles under its grey skin which, when the light hits it, has a black sheen to it as if the light is rippling over shiny black scales and there is a large scar running across its chest. I can see the damage to the scales there, and it looks recent. It has two long arms, both as thick as steel cables on a bridge. One had a massive claw-like hand and the other looks almost like a human hand, except larger and with sharp talons. Its face is almost bug like. It has four large red eyes that fill me with fear. The lower half of its head is encased in some kind of bone mask covering where its mouth should be, but it’s the things eyes that terrify me the most. They seem to be filled with hatred and loathing; I remember the glimpses of them that I seen the night Karen died and I feel myself going cold as if the pit of my stomach just hollowed out.

I freeze in place, and I think to myself ‘The Scar, on its chest. Something has injured it. That means it can be killed.’

I look around to see if others are creeping around. I see nothing.

Watching the beast standing just a few feet away from me I feel a rage building up inside me. This is the thing that murdered my sister, my parents, and destroyed my life. I feel my grip tighten around the shotgun. ‘This thing is going to die’ I think to myself.

I look around again making sure that there aren’t any others around, and I quietly pull myself up on top of one of the pallets of wood. I lie down so that I can see it but that it shouldn’t be able to see me. I bring my shotgun into line and aim directly at its head. Just as I’m about to pull the trigger, there is a crash of thunder and the heavens open up, letting the torrential rain fall down on top of us.

I’m used to the rain here, but the Beast starts looking around as if it’s never seen rain before. I didn’t expect that it would have such a human reaction. It’s almost as if it’s experiencing a feeling of wonder.

I know I’ll never get a better chance than this to take it out, but I’ve never killed anything bigger than a spider before. I’ve hurt people who deserved it, and I have been training in martial arts since I was a kid, but I’ve never outright killed something. I line up my shot, getting ready to squeeze the trigger, but I can’t do it.

I can’t kill it.

I lower my gun and start to slide backwards towards the edge to climb down to make a run for it. It hasn’t seen me yet. I can get away without being seen I think to myself. I get close to the edge of the pallet to jump down and run when my foot hits something, sending it crashing to the ground with a loud metallic thud.

I hear the beast start moving around, and I lie still not even daring to breathe. It’s silent for a few seconds, I start to move again, slowly, when I hear a loud roar “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I shout as it jumps up onto the pallet I’m on and rushes towards me.

All I can think of at that moment is that I’m going to die. This thing is going to kill me. I can see the hatred in its eyes. It is going to kill me and not even think twice about it. Instinct takes over

Our instincts have developed over millennia. They are there for our protection, to keep us safe from predators. If your instincts are screaming at you to run then you should listen to them; they are there for a reason. At this moment, with a massive alien monster bearing down on me my instincts weren’t telling me to run. They were telling me to fight, even if my brain was telling me I had no chance.

It stands over the top of me lifting its arm, as a long sharp spike shoots out just above the wrist on its right arm, ready to bring it down on my skull. I reach to the side and bring the shotgun around in front of me and start blasting at it. I keep shooting, blowing chunks out of the thing’s torso, sending purplish blood flying everywhere.

I scream the entire time until it collapses in a heap on top of me, dead.

I’m pinned to the wood under the weight of this thing as it’s blood pours down onto me. I start freaking out and thrashing around trying to get it off me when I feel the blood start to burn into my skin. I scream out in agony, the pain unbearable as the blood eats through my skin. I manage to get my head together enough to get my legs under it and push as hard as I can, heaving the thing off of me onto the ground below.

I lay there in searing agony as the blood burns through me. I start to black out, going numb, but I can feel the rain starting to wash it off me. Using what little coherent thoughts I have left, I reach up and rip what remains of my clothing off of me, and let the rain wash away what it can.

The world starts to go black when I hear a voice over the sound of the rain. “Sam… Oh God, please no, Sam. This is all my fault.”

I recognise the voice, although I haven’t heard it in a long time. “Cassie?” I barely manage to say as I fall into nothingness.

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      Only kidding chapter three will be up I’m a few days but after that you’ll have to hope I get published to read the rest


            1. I was very focused at the time. Was going through a lot and it helped me deal. Also wanted to finish it before I got married and I finished it the night before the wedding


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