Karma is Electric – Ch1 (Violent story w/rough language)


I wanted to share this with everyone. I follow this blog and feel like more people should read this story, it is really good and an ongoing story.
Check it out but beware of cliffhangers

Kira Scribbled - Words-Art-Other Stuff

I, Pennelope Redlin, killed a man.

It wasn’t on purpose but I wish that it had been. That I could have made it last. A slow, lingering, painful death.

The actions leading to his death were his own. I had no part in them. Bo Parsons decided to put on his new bling. He swaggered in ridiculous wanna-be gang member fashion down to Harry’s Dive bar all by his lonesome and got shit faced.

All I did was go about my business like every other Tuesday night. Heading home from my underpaid waitressing job at Sunnyday Pizza. It was freezing cold so I hunkered down in my coat, eyes glued to the concrete. In retrospect, I knew that it was stupid. Every rape avoidance pamphlet ever written says, “keep aware of your surroundings”. But you get into your routine, and it was damn cold. So I went along, head burrowed…

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  1. Awesome and now following 😉

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    1. Won’t be disappointed

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      1. I know, I already checked 😉. Thank you for the recommendation, always great to find and explore more talent.

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        1. No problem hope you enjoy

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