Three Day quote challenge – Day One

I have been asked to partake in a 3 Day quote challenge by and I wanted to thank her for thinking of me in this challenge. Thank you very much, and please be sure to circle back to my nominator’s blog to find more quotes.

The rules are simple and short:
Thank your nominator and link back to their blog
Write three quotes total, one for each day
Nominate three fellow bloggers each day, nine total

I’ve been thinking about this since I got the notification that I had been nominated and I’ve pondered over what quotes I want to use on here.
I thought about going with a stupid funny quote designed to make people smile, but on reflection, I have decided to go with quotes that speak to me and who I am now. Over the last few years I’ve been through a lot, and there are one or two quotes that I have come across in that time that really helped me out.
This is the first one,
“The people with the biggest hearts, always suffer the most” – unknown


This one speaks to be because I know many people like this, I’ve been told I count as one of them, who have the biggest hearts out there.
What this says to me is that people like this, and I include myself in this purely because I’ve been told I am one so many times even if I don’t see it myself, will always open their heart to anyone in their life. These people are the true friends and are the one ones to keep in your life. They will always be there for you and always love you no matter what.
And right there is the problem, that love leaves us open to get hurt, people will take advantage of the big hearts, and that can hurt. But we are also a stupid people because, and I speak for myself here, no matter how much you hurt us, no matter how much you damage our hearts, we are still here for you no matter what.
If you need us, we will always be there for you.

I may be reading more into this than most but for me this the truth that permeates my life. I know it’s stupid but hey no one ever said I was smart.

My three nominees are…
Have fun with it, I can’t wait to hear what speaks to your heart.


10 thoughts on “Three Day quote challenge – Day One

  1. Wow, just wow. Your writing truly stirs so many emotions in me and I feel as I get to know you even more. Your quote is powerful and stems from a heart that has seen some pain and adversity. I couldn’t agree with your words any more and I think you nailed it.
    It is not stupid at all and if the day would come where you close your heart to others, despite of them taking advantage of you, it would also be the day you lose who you are as a person. So don’t ever think you are naive or vulnerable for letting others take advantage of you. You know what’s going on and it takes somebody special to rise through the storm. Everything else is not on you but on the abusers themselves who are lost on their path.
    I am so happy to have nominates you and your inside restores everything that is good in this world. Simply amazing and so well done. Wow…

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    1. I’ve been trying to think of how to respond to this since you posted this comment, and I couldn’t find the right words.
      What you have said hit me hard. It actually brought a tear to my eye. It means so much what you have said and that what I write has had an effect on you. You have not idea how much that mean.
      I don’t see myself they way you describe me, and I didn’t think anyone ever would. So thank you so much for what you have said it truly does mean a lot. Thank you i wish i could think of something stronger to say to impart just how much it means to me that you feel that way.

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      1. It is your response that brings a tear to my eye as my heart connects with yours. I’m beyond humbled by your words and to know that I could make a difference. I meant everything I said and while I’m not one to sugar coat things just to say them, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I feel as if I know a part of your story and I feel as if I relate through similar experiences. Experiences that almost leave us too shy to accept a compliment and while we don’t share the same vision of ourselves we might also feel as if we are not deserving of praise. We have been disappointed and adversity has left its scars on us, yet we try to fight the good fight each day while trying not to lose ourselves in the process.
        Writing becomes an outlet, a cry for help to be heard and you truly have a gift. I find myself looking for new posts from you, just to read your words and I always walk away feeling better by the impact, by the silent understanding we seem to share without ever having met.
        You are wonderful and I will repeat it to you until you know nothing else and believe in the words. Give it time, deep scars take a long time to get past, but do know that it matters what you on here and that you have touched my life. I’m sure there are others but people just don’t always take the time out of their busy day and are selfish.
        You on the other hand keep doing what you are doing. It is not a matter of how many followers there are, but a matter of quality and you know that. You are making a difference for people whether they speak up or not and that is the only motivation you will ever need.
        And don’t worry of thanking me or saying something more, I know exactly what you mean and you sharing your thoughts with me is the best gift I could ever get. Thank you from the bottom of my heart….looking forward to your next quote 😉

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        1. This seems completely inadequate after everything you have said and how kind you have been.
          I never in my life thought that my words could have this kind of impact on anyone so all i can say is Thank you

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  2. Wow, I didn’t know what to say after boheme’s eloquent comments.
    But, great job! You always write well when it comes from the heart. Your emotions are so well described. I wish that I could put forth that kind of writing.

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    1. Thank you, it means a lot that you think that. When i “write from the heart” I don’t even think I just write sometimes it just feels like I’m rambling on, but I’m glad it comes across as making sense.
      I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you can put forth that kind of writing. You have an eminence talent and an even bigger heart. Don’t ever forget that

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