The Tease – Working Lunch

Mondays are always so boring at work, I go in do nothing for an hour then go to a meeting and sit for the rest of the day trying to look busy. The day when the same as normal until I got called into my boss’s office just before lunch.

I knock on his door, “Ah, Josh, come in have a seat.” He gestures to the seat facing the door.

“What can I do for you, Toby?” I ask

“Just wanted to do a quick roundup for last week to see why we didn’t hit the targets, that’s all.” He says.

We sit there for twenty minutes going over paperwork when I catch a glimpse of something blue flashing by the door. I look up and see Olivia standing there smiling at me. Her long red hair cascading down to her bare shoulders that show off her beautiful white skin.

My eyes drift slowly down her perfect body, she isn’t wearing a bra, and I can see that her nipples are hardening beneath the thin light blue material.

I look up at her face, she has that wicked glint in her eye that tells me exactly why she is here. I motion for her to hid before my boss sees her and she steps to the side of the door just as Toby looks around to see what I’m looking at.

I clear my throat, “I think it’s time for lunch Toby. Want to continue this in an hour?”

He looks at his watch, “sure no problem I’m getting hungry anyway.”

I get up, heading out of the door, Olivia is standing there, her fingertips tracing along the nape of her neck and down to her breasts. She smiles at me, with her sultry green eyes sparkling with desire “Hi.” She says I a low husky voice.

“what are you doing here?” I ask.

“Well I was lonely at home alone, and I thought you might want to…’Eat Out’ for lunch.” She says as she slides her hand inside my jeans and grasps my cock.

“Olivia, we can’t do this here.”

She doesn’t say anything; she just starts stroking my rapidly hardening cock. I grab her hand, taking it out and pull her down the corridor and into the conference room.

As soon as the door is shut behind us, she jumps on me, kissing me passionately I try to fight her off but she keeps on going, whipping my belt off and pulling unbuttoning my jeans.

“Are you crazy?” I ask

“For you.” She says.

“Fuck it.” I wrap my arms around her, picking her up and sitting her on the edge of the table. I grab the hem of her dress pulling it up over her head, tossing it onto the floor.

She sits there, now wearing nothing but a red thong. The sight of her drives me wild, I pull my shirt over my head, kick my shoes off and step out of my jeans. I push her back down onto the table and kiss my way up her legs towards her pussy that is covered by just a thin red strip of silk.

I can see her dampness seeping through and I have to have her, there isn’t time to waste.

I run my fingers around the edge of the thong pushing it aside and clamp my mouth over her lips. I run my tongue up the length of her slit, she lets out a moan and clamps her thighs around my head squeezing it tight. I move up slightly, taking her engorged clit in my mouth, darting the tip of my tongue rapidly across it and adding different levels of pressure to it as I slide three fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

That is enough to send her over the edge, she arches her back, letting out a guttural moan as she spasms wildly around my fingers as she digs her fingers into my hair, pulling me up onto the table on top of her. I kiss her deeply, filled with passion and longing to be inside of her.

She looks me in the eye, she doesn’t say anything, and I know that she is as desperate as I am. Reaching down I take hold of the thin material that is her thong and rip it off of her body tossing it over to her dress.

Without hesitation, I plunge my throbbing cock into her fully with one swift move, as I do there is a rattling at the door as someone tries to come in. I hesitate for a moment looking over my shoulder with my cock still buried deep into my girlfriend, “don’t stop,” she moans “Fuck me like there is not tomorrow.”

I think to hell with the person at the door, I start to thrust in and out of her with ferocious lust. She starts to scream, but I stifle her screams by kissing her. The door rattles more and someone starts banging on it shouting to get in.

The thought of getting caught is turning me on, even more, I’ve never felt anything this intense, and I can tell by looking at Olivia she is on the edge. There is a fire in her eyes that I’ve never seen before.

Her legs tighten around my waist, she crosses her heels behind me, driving me deeper into her her fingers are clawing at my back leaving long red gouges in my flesh.

She sinks her teeth into my shoulder, to stifle her screams, as she cums hard around my cock, the muscles spasming wildly around me. With one last thrust, I unload into her in the most intense joint orgasm we have ever had.

I collapse onto of her as the banging on the door intensifies as people scream to get in.

We quickly dismount from the table throwing our clothes back on. As I do my belt back up, I look out the window, and I see someone standing there with a huge grin on his face in the building across the street. “Shit, Olivia, that guy was watching us the whole time.”

She looks where I’m pointing blows the guy and kiss and giggles. “Hope he enjoyed the show.” She grabs my hand and drags me to the fire door at the far side of the of the room, and we make a break for it down the fire escape to the street.

We get outside I kiss her goodbye and head back up to my office.

When I get there, Toby is standing angrily as the door to the conference room is broken down. I walk up and ask “what’s going on?”

“Someone was just in here having sex when I find them they are fired.”

“how do you know someone was having sex in here?” I ask innocently.

He reaches down to the floor, picking up Olivia’s ripped thong and shows it to me. “How else do you explain this?”

“I can’t,” I manage to keep my voice level. I’m going to go back to work now have fun with this Toby.” And I walk off back to my desk.

Copyright Scottishlegend© 2016


23 thoughts on “The Tease – Working Lunch

    1. Thank you. Just another quick one, again done in an hour. I just really liked these two characters and wanted to have some more fun with them. And how could I not let them get away with it. As they say “Fortune favours the bold”

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah the are a good couple, i really want to see how far i can take them.
          It seems with these two if i dont over think it then i can get a half decent short story out quickly and judgung from your lovely comments its working
          so thank you

          Liked by 1 person

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and I felt the sense of adventure and excitement ❤️👍🏼 great work as always and very impressive if it only took an hour. But then things just flow when we do what we enjoy doing.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s cool and I’m sure the like behind those characters contributed as to why it flows so smoothly allowing you to create the story in record speed. A vivid, creative imagination also helps 😉

        Liked by 1 person

            1. 😉 how sweet and you just made my day. I should say this goes likewise ad for you as well but since you already don’t work on the weekend, how about only working on what we want to work on? So I guess good luck to us it is.

              Liked by 1 person

  2. I like Olivia. She is so spontaneous and adventurous. She is a bad girl. I like her and k like the story and more the red thong! Red is my favourite colour and its the sexiest colour. I enjoyed reading this even more… I am loving the blog

    Liked by 1 person

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