Ten Weeks to go

I am currently sitting here at work, but I can’t concentrate on anything I’m supposed to be doing. Today is a big milestone for me in life, it’s only ten weeks until my daughter will be born (that’s if she doesn’t decide to make an early appearance.) From the day we found out my wifeContinue reading “Ten Weeks to go”

Fate of the Demon (#Halloween2016)

I have taken part in the Halloween event hosted by thecrackedlensview.wordpress.com This is my entry Fate of the Demon, hope you all like it   The sisterhood is gathering for the All Hallows Eve celebration. It’s the one night a year that they all come together regardless of what’s happening in their lives. Raven hasContinue reading “Fate of the Demon (#Halloween2016)”

Publishing – Asking for help

I’m looking to get some advice from all of you lovely people who follow my blog and have read my stories, in a previous post I said that I am going to be publishing my stories for people buy on Kindle. I have decided that I will be publishing under the name C.A. Grace (aContinue reading “Publishing – Asking for help”

Daily Prompt: Underground

via Daily Prompt: Underground   [When ever I see the word underground my mind always goes to The Wombles and the song so I decided to write this mad capped short story about Wombles so enjoy…..if you don’t know what a Womble is they are in the picture and I’ve put the link fro theContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Underground”

Daily Prompt: Clumsy

via Daily Prompt: Clumsy When I saw today’s prompt, I knew I had the perfect story for and had to share.   This is a true story from my past and to me is the embodiment of my clumsiness (and general bad luck)   When I was 21 I was working in a call centreContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Clumsy”


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a world-class geek. I love all kinds of Sci-Fi.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar, Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Marvel Films, Buffy, Angel, Firefly (basically anything by Joss Whedon) the list goes on and on. So with this in mind, I have already started the process of Geekifacation ofContinue reading “Geekifacation”

The New Girl Behind the Bar

It’s a Wednesday night, I look around my empty flat and realise that I have to get out otherwise I’m going to go stir crazy, I quickly jump in the shower, get dressed and head down to the pub for a couple of drinks. When I walk in there is the usual bunch of regulars,Continue reading “The New Girl Behind the Bar”

The Tease – At The Movies

“Josh, hurry up.” Olivia shouts at me “The movie is about to start and you know I hate going in late.” I smile at her impatience, she is always like this when we go to the cinema. She is like a big kid at Christmas. “I’m coming don’t worry we won’t miss the start ofContinue reading “The Tease – At The Movies”

The Tease – Shower Time

It’s been a long week at work, all I want to do is spend the weekend with Olivia relaxing. I get home to find our house empty, I make my way up to the bedroom, strip off and jump in the shower. The water cascades down over me, washing away the stress of the dayContinue reading “The Tease – Shower Time”

The Tease – Date Night

“So where are you taking me tonight?” Olivia asks, I look at her, “I was thinking out for dinner then have a few drinks and see here the night takes us. What do you think?” “Sounds perfect.” Two hours later I’m standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Olivia to get ready. IContinue reading “The Tease – Date Night”