Halloween Revenge

[Note: This is a short story that wasn’t written by me alone. I have a group of friends and the other night we were having a laugh, coming up with a story by each writting one line at a time, it turned into the bones of this story so I decided to polish it up a little and post it. I hope you like reading it as much as we enjoyed coming up with it.

To give credit where credit is due this story was composed by Myself, Raven, Keira, Britteny and Rain. Guys this was fun, and we need to do it again soon. I hope you all enjoy this little tale of the supernatural and revenge]


It’s a cold and wet Friday night I am walking down one of the back roads, heading back into town when the silence of the night is pierced by a howl.

I freeze in place, looking around for the source of the noise, turning I look out towards the woods. There is nothing there, all I can see is the shadows looming, I shake my head and scold myself for being so jumpy as I continue to walk.

I keep walking for ten minutes when I hear a gnashing of teeth coming from behind me. I start to walk little faster, shooting glances over my shoulder, there is still nothing to be seen, but I hear the sound of padded feet quietly running towards me, my heart starts pounding hard in my chest as I increase my speed.

I come to a junction at the end of the road, I look around to make sure the coast is clear, and I see a pair of red eyes in the darkness behind me. I start to move, and the eyes follow me no matter which way I move a sense of foreboding floods over me as more eyes appear in the inky black gloom.

I keep walking away from the darkness and the horrible sense I’m feeling gets heavier. I suddenly feel the hot breath of something on my neck. I freeze waiting. The breath on my neck gets warmer. I look to my left nothing is there, look to my right, and I see a long grey snout over my shoulder, my instincts tell me to run.

I’m about to go when there is a loud growling noise, and a Wolf, the size of a bear, bursts out of the edge of the woods and comes barrelling straight towards me.

I run.

Following the road, it leads me to a dimly lit street. I stop to catch my breath, hoping that whatever that was, hasn’t followed me. I look around as I catch my breath, I hear a group of children playing. “What are they doing out at this time? It’s almost midnight.” I say to myself.

I look around at the children; they all drop what they are holding in unison, turning to stare at me. As if they are one they start to close in on me, each of them transforming into a giant wolf-like beast.

I stand my ground looking at them as I reach behind my back and think to myself ‘I can’t believe they fell for that’ as I unsheathe my sword.

They start to swarm around me, never getting close enough to the gleaming silver blade, I hold them off like this for a few moments when one of them breaks ranks, charging at me with a roar of challenge.

Holding the sword aloft I hold my ground, not flinching as it bears down on me, I swing the blade, and in that one swift movement, the beast stops, looking confused before its head slips from its neck in an outpouring of blood.

The remaining wolves freeze as a feral bloodlust flashes in their eyes. They turn on their fallen brother and with a howl as they begin tearing lumps of flesh out of him, devouring him.

I leave them to their “meal”, If I don’t get out of here, they will turn on me next. I run into the house at the far end of the street. The stench of the blood is in the air, and I can still hear them ripping the flesh from its bones.

I break into the house, rush into the dining room and drag the heavy table and place it in front of the door. I start to if I’ve bitten off more that I can chew tonight. “What was I thinking going out the night before Halloween?” I ask myself.

I sit with my back to the wall facing the door, my sword in hand, just in case they decide they want seconds.

The night passes slowly, I sit there flinching at every sound, I know that if they all come at me in one got the I’m not going to survive it. All my training will mean nothing and ill never get to kill the one that took my sister from me, I will find him and kill him.


As the sun comes out, I sneak a look out of the front window, they are gone. I make my way through the house, checking out of each window looking for an ambush waiting for me, but it seems like the coast is clear.

In the back room of the house, I see a shotgun hanging on the back of the door. I take it down and check for some shells, I find a box of them. They aren’t going to kill any of them, I need silver for that, but it will slow them down at the very least.

Removing the table from the entrance, I open the door slowly and see what remains of the fallen creature. The stench makes me heave, blood and bones are scattered all over the road.

Today is now Halloween, and I have a feeling that tonight may be my last stand, but if I can get to them now, I can end it all now and still make it for a late breakfast.

I move out to the remains of the wolf I beheaded, and I quickly pick up their trail. Follow the path I find their lair.

I sneak up to the door, drawing my silver sword again and open the door, I see them sleeping on the floor. I move like a shadow through the room executing each of them as I come to them without a sound, plunging my sword into their hearts. They are dead before they know what happening.

When the last one is dead, I slump against the wall and close my eyes, the adrenaline leaves me, I feel the fatigue rolling through my body. I am utterly exhausted I need to rest.

As I sit there, I hear a scratching noise coming from the far side of the room. Opening my eyes, I see something crawling across the floor heading towards me, it is vaguely humanoid shaped but completely unrecognisable as anything.

A low chilling growl comes from the form, I scramble to my feet, sword in hand, I rush towards the thing, and I am about to strike, but a hand grabs my wrist.

I spin landing a kick in whatever it is the stomach. I send it flying back out of the door, I turn, slashing down with the sword slicing the head off the thing crawling across the ground.

I turn, charging after who it was that grabbed me. I make it out to the street just as a truck peels out. I race after it, pulling the shotgun from my back, stop and take aim at the truck. I take a shot blowing out the back window but it doesn’t stop and then it’s gone.

I run for the gun and grab it and look around to see nothing is around so, I walk to the road to see the truck gone.

I let out a scream of frustration when an arm snakes around my neck, choking me, I struggle with it, I drop the gun to the ground, and I hear the sword being taken out of its sheath. The world starts going black as I fall to the ground the last thing I see is a pair of black shoes.


I wake up strapped to a hard metal table, I strain against my restraints, they have a little give, I pull harder one of them snaps as I hear the door opening. I freeze in place letting whoever is coming in think I’m still out cold. After a few minutes, I hear no further movement. I untie myself from the table and look around for a weapon I can use.

I find a lead pipe, I take it and head towards the door. As I approach it, the door suddenly snaps open wider and in steps a tall man, his rugged looks make me smile a little. “Leo, what am I doing here?” I ask,

“You were about to be killed by the leader of the local pack, I had to get you out of here, I couldn’t lose you to them, not like I lost your sister. I can’t go through that again.”

I walk over to him and slap him hard “I’ve told you before you don’t ever mention my sister.” I growl at him. “it’s your fault Nadia is dead you bastard, you turned your back on her. How dare you ever speak to me about her.”

Leo looks at me with a fury in his eyes that I have never seen before, he nods “Enough of this. We still have the leader to hunt and every second counts.”

“This isn’t over. We will talk about this later.”

He hands me my sword “Fine, but right now we have to get out of here and find them.”

I follow Leo out of the building, but I have a feeling that I can’t shake there is something he isn’t telling me. Questions are racing through my mind. ‘How did Leo get here so fast? Why was here at all? This is not his territory to cover. What in the hell is going on?’

We step outside, the glare from the sun almost blinds me. I look around and see that Leo has brought reinforcements. We get into the trucks and drive off towards the mountains.

It takes six hours of driving for us to get to the mountains, the sunsets as we get there and a horrible feeling spreading through me from the pit of my stomach, something here is terribly wrong.

Getting out of the truck we take a long trek up to a clearing, there is no sign of the leader of the pack I’ve been hunting for two years.

There comes a small chuckle from behind me, and Leo says “My dear child you are too trusting this is how I killed your sister as well.”

Turning to face him, there is a wicked smile on his face, I look him in the eye, and I can see a look of fear spreading across his face as I smile at him. “You think I didn’t know you were the one that killed her? I’ve suspected for a long time that you had something to do with her death and today you confirmed it.”

“How did I do that?” he smirked at me.

“When you came to get me earlier today, how did you get my sword?”

“Ah, you are smarter than I thought you were a little one.”

“That’s not all asshole, I knew you were up to something so when we stopped to fill the truck and I told you I had to pee, I made a few calls. Look behind you.”

Standing behind Leo and his forces, my own group. Leo starts to laugh and says “You think your little gang can stop me, little one?”.

I lean in and whisper “take another look, Motherfucker!”

The look on his face falls from rank arrogance to fear. My group of friends has quickly and effortlessly taken out his goons. All of them are lying on the ground either dead or unconscious. “You are mine, Leo. I’m going to take you head.”

I charge towards him taking a leap at him he starts to transform into the huge wolf I saw last night, but I bring my sword down and slice him right down the middle, landing where he was standing.

The body starts to burn at the touch of the silver in the blade I turn throwing my sword away, and walk back to the truck we came in.

I jump up on top of the truck look out over the horizon at the fool moon on Halloween night. And think to myself ‘it’s over Nadia, I did it I got the bastard. That will teach them to fuck with Little Red’ I look at the mountainscape and the wood, the wind picks up, catching my long red cloak letting it billow out behind me.


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