Anyone who knows me knows that I am a world-class geek.

I love all kinds of Sci-Fi.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar, Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Marvel Films, Buffy, Angel, Firefly (basically anything by Joss Whedon) the list goes on and on.

So with this in mind, I have already started the process of Geekifacation of my daughter, even though she hasn’t been born yet. She is going to be the Queen of the Geeks because I’ve said before that I hate all the so-called “pop culture” women, like that Kim thing or Miley Cyrus.  There is no way my daughter is going to turn out like that.


When we found out we were having a girl, which is what I had thought all along, I was talking to a good friend of mine, you know freaking out wondering how the I am going to cope with raising a daughter and what to do with her, this is what my friend told me “Dude! You wanted a girl! You teach her the ways of the force, to be as fierce as tank girl, as smart as Hermione, as brave as Ripley, as cunning as Maleficent. You got this!”

And you know what she’s right. The world of Sci-Fi and fantasy are full of strong female role models and the ones mentioned here are just a small sampling.

A lot of people look down on the SciFi genre saying it’s stupid and degrading to women.  Are they mental? Have they ever watched any? Women in these shows and films are usually bad ass and the ones that save the day.

So with all that in mind, the Geekifacation of my daughter is well under way.

I’ve been playing, much to my wife’s dismay, Star Wars music to the baby through her belly and she really kicks when I do.

The decorations for the baby’s room have all been bought at comic con and are shown below.

At the advice of another friend, I am going to be getting a large world map poster that will be adorning her wall also on the ceiling will be glow in the dark stars, that I will attempt to put into the correct constellation.

The reason for this post stems from my latest purchase for her room. My family thinks it’s highly inappropriate for my baby girls room and that it will terrify her, but my thinking is that if it’s there from day one, it’s part of her life and won’t scare her.


Not only is this skull cool as hell but it has the added benefit that I get to bring my daughter up to love dinosaur. But I can fill her impressionable little head with stories of me being the last of the Dinosaur Slayers. And that’s just comedy gold.

Anyway that’s my ramblings on this just now I’d love to hear your opinions on what I’ve said and all the awesome stuff I’ve bought for my girl and about the whole role model thing as a well

Ok I’ll stop rambling now

Published by Colin

Hey there, thanks for dropping by. My name is Colin, sometimes I go by the name Scottish Legend. I am 34, married with a beautiful baby girl who is the light of my life. When I grow up I want to be a writer. I have written my first novel and want to try and get it published. One day I'll get there. In the meantime I am spending as much time with my daughter as I can. I've been a stay at home dad for the last year and I have loved every minute of it. I post stories, poetry and rants on here and sometimes heartfelt pieces that I just have to get out. Please feel free to contact me via the contact page and I hope you enjoy my work and life. I look forward to hearing from you If you feel like supporting me by buying a coffee would be appreciated

18 thoughts on “Geekifacation

  1. That’s a lot of swag! I really liked the black toothless picture. Also was that a kitty in the top of that photo?
    Sounds like your starting at the right place. Badass is the way to go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kira. Yeah it is a lot of stuff she has no chance of not being a geek. Bad ass geek is better than slut any day.
      Its not a cat it’s the bag that had the baby grows in it.
      Also love the new circle picture very creepy and you have just given me my 300th like on my blog so thank you 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awesome! I bet I’m responsible for at least 50 of them . Lol
        Thanks, it was the makeup I did for Halloween last year, thought it would be fitting for this time of year.
        A bag the baby grows in…?

        Liked by 1 person

            1. 😆 Super cute! When my daughter was a baby my brother got her one that said, “Want a ticket to the gunshow? Check these out!” , then had arrows pointing to her arms. Haha That was my favorite.

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  2. I am a HUGE fan of supernatural! God knows how many times I have re watched all seasons lol and season 12 has started! I like how you already choosing what you want your daughter to be like. This pop culture world destroys children

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  3. I absolutely love it and you described many of the things I love and think are way too cool. You are right and the women in those movies are always bad ass, often fighting for great causes, which could also be a reminder that we are all equal and the choice is ours. To remind ourselves that everybody can stand up for their beliefs.
    I once read in one of those silly little Facebook tests that what I really need to be happy is a petting zoo 😉. Well since that is not possible at the moment I decided to start a little Schleich figurine zoo. My first animal I bought was a Dinosaur and they are the coolest.
    I’m with you on the skull and I think it lies in the perception of how we interpret it. She will be too small to form an opinion saying “ohhhh how scary” and it will be natural for her.
    I think you got this and it’s up to you what values you will introduce her to. So I would say don’t listen too much to the opinions of others, consider them and value them for what they are, but in the end go with what feels right to you. After all it is you raising your daughter and Mom and Dad will always know best. 😉

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    1. Yeah in writing this it is defintely made me think more about how i want to raise her. I want her to be strong and to be able to take care of herself, and as you said to make sure that she will be the one to stand up for herself and others (thats my job until she can take care of herself.)
      Dinosaurs are the bomb I have always loved them, and yeah the skull is just way too awsome not to have it, My daughter will always know it as it will always be there, (need to Think of a name for the skull, names are always hard)
      One thing you have said there is rining true, the amount of people offering conflicitng advice is insane. im going with a policy of ignore and see what feel right like you said.
      Thanks again for what you said and for taking the time to comment on this and the rest of my posts it means a lot

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      1. We all become experts along the journey of our lives and while all advice is relevant, it is also based on our own experiences which are not a good match for everybody. So consider and choose for yourself I would say. You are already doing the right thing.
        Looking at the skull “Skully” comes to mind as a name. Short, playful, maybe easy to say for her and to learn, yet catchy 😉 and of course only for your consideration hahaha
        Have a great day my fiend.

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        1. Once again thanks for your kind words, it does mean a lot that you have such confidance in me.
          Skully is good but a bit on the nose will need to think of something
          (Guessing using the mother-in-laws name woudl be bad idea?)

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