Selling work, Pen Names

I have made the decision that I am going to gather together my stories into different collections and put them on sale on Amazon for the Kindle,

I will be putting up links on here for anyone who may want to buy them I think it could be interesting to see if anyone wants to own my stuff.

I will be putting most of my existing material in this format, but I will also be writing some exclusive stores that will only be available to buy, although I may send some to people as part of a review process to help me out.

The reason for this post is I need to come up with a pen name to use; I don’t want to put them out there under my real name, and I don’t think “Scottish Legend” would be appropriate. There is also that when i go to publish my novel that will be done under my real name and because they are so different i want a separation between them.

Also, would it be better to just use initials or even possibly publish under a woman’s name?

I am hoping that some of my lovely and wonderful followers and friends on here could give me some suggestions and maybe let me know if you would be interested in purchasing some of my work




17 thoughts on “Selling work, Pen Names

  1. Hey I am thinking of doing the same thing but coming up with a pen name is so hard lol. Although if you ever need someone to write up a review for your work I will always be here to do that for you.

    I don’t necessarily think it has to be initials or a woman’s name. I am thinking of making mine to be just Saam. Simple as that so think of something simple and don’t push yourself too much lol. You will come up with a good pen name 😉😄

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    1. Aww thank you that means a lot, i will take you up on that offer when i publish some of them.
      i like the idea of using my own intials then something slightly suggestive as a surname so it would be C.A. (something) i think that may be good.
      Just Putting Saam woudl work i like it, its simple and to the point.
      If you do publish let me know and id happliy give you a review as awell

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  2. I wouldn’t go with a women’s name and perhaps initials could work but I’m still reluctant on that. Maybe a one word catchy title, maybe a nickname, something short and easy to remember would be awesome. Especially for children as it would be easier for them to remember.
    I would definitely buy your work 😉 and I think the idea is very cool. I have so much to learn and maybe this is something to look into for me as sparked an idea now lol

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    1. Thanks for your comments again, some how I don’t think children will be buying the stories that I post on here they are way to young for things like that.
      I like the Idea of initials thought nice and vague for erotic-fiction

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  3. Yes lol forgive me, it’s been a long week and I must have still had your friends children book I read about prior on the brain. I should just get rest and know you will come up with something fantastic.

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  4. I would go with the initials. I’m sorry to admit that I generally skip over male erotica writers when looking for new books on kindle. They have a different way of going about the scenes. Yours though are realy awesome and don’t have the same problems I find with some male erotica writers. Initials are a great way to level the field against horrible steriotypeing people such as myself.

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    1. Thats exactly what i was thinking, i know that most erotica is generally read by women and i figured as much that they would tend to over look anything written my a man thinking its just going to be… i cant think of the right word…less able to connect with maybe? or have less emotinal envovlement? or more vulgar maybe? am i hittig close to the mark there at all?
      So thats why i was thinking either intials or using a womans name.
      If initials its easy C.A then come up with a surname. thats the part im having trouble coming up with, dont want anything stupid but also not boring, want it to be enticing if that makes sense?
      Also thanks for sayin that my stories are awesome, made me smile on this dark, wet dreary morning


      1. I like it. It’s easy to remember and sounds pretty. If you haven’t already, I would Google it to be sure it doesn’t belong to something/someone else. Otherwise there could be mix ups for people looking for your writing. 👍

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