Fate of the Demon (#Halloween2016)

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This is my entry Fate of the Demon, hope you all like it


The sisterhood is gathering for the All Hallows Eve celebration. It’s the one night a year that they all come together regardless of what’s happening in their lives.

Raven has been looking forward to it for years. She has finally turned eighteen and is allowed to attend.

“So who’s all going to be there?” she asks her older sister Keira.

“We’ll all be there tonight, the full sisterhood. You will get to meet them all, and if the stars align correctly, then you will be granted your powers.”

“How was it when you went through the initiation?”

“It was a night I’ll never forget, everything was perfect. Mum was so proud; the only time I’ve seen her happier was the day you were born.”

The mention of their mother brings Raven down a bit. It has only been six months since they lost her. “Do you think she will be there Keira?”

“Raven you know that she’s gone, but she would have loved to be here.”

“I know I just miss her. You know?”

“Yeah I know Sis.”


They get to the clearing in the woods at nine pm; they are the last to arrive, as is the tradition for the new initiate. They enter the circle as it’s closed by the Maidens of the Loch. Raven and Keira move to the centre of the circle, and Keira puts her hand on Raven’s shoulder, pushing her down to her knees.

Keira whispers in her ear “I’m here sis, this will all be fine.”

Raven nods in reply while the women encircling them begin to chant. She sits with her head bowed, not daring to move in fear of disrupting the ritual.

She can feel the power within the circle building. Her hair stands on end, and there is crackling in the air.

The chanting gets louder, the wind begins to howl, there is a roar of thunder and Raven is struck by lightning. She arches her back letting out a scream of pain.

The power coursing through her body is incredible! She can feel it burning her nerve endings. There is a voice coming from behind her that she can barely make out, but it’s telling her to get up.

She manages to drag herself shakily to her feet, and she stands tall, the wind whipping her hair around her. Raven looks around at Keira who is standing behind her. She seems like she is horrified by what she saw. Raven tries to take a step forward, but her feet are stuck to the ground.

She looks at Keira for some sign of what happening, but she shakes her head as if telling her not to move, so she stays put.

The fire in the middle of the circle explodes, the flames swarming through the air straight towards Raven, and completely envelops her. The heat scorches her skin and just as she is about to pass out from the heat and the pain, it all stops.

The flames dissipate, and Raven collapses to the ground.

Keira runs over to her sister, catching her as she falls. “Raven,” she asks gently, “Are you alright?”

Panting Raven says “What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen that before.” Keira turns to the woman who is approaching them “Tessa, what happened? Why is Ravens hair white now?”

Raven grabs her hair to look at it. It has turned pure white, almost silver.

Tessa looks down, examining her, and in a soft lilting voice she says “The Goddess has granted you power indeed.”

“What do you mean?” Raven asks with a hoarse voice.

“The initiation is complete, Raven,” said Tessa. “You are one of us now.” She holds her hand out over Raven “And from the power, I can sense from you, you may be the most powerful of us all. Only your mother had an Aura this strong.”

Tears filled her eyes at the mention of her mother, “Thank you, Tessa.”

They help her to her feet, turning to the members of the coven that surrounded them and Tessa shouts: “Welcome our new sister.” Cheers were coming from all around them.

The next hour was spent being congratulated by all of the sisters, Keira sat happily at the edge of the clearing watching her sister being welcomed properly and wishing that their mother was there.

She sips on her beer when she gets a tingling on the back of her neck, her senses getting the feeling that there is something behind her. Suddenly on high alert, she spins around to see what is there, only to see something lunge at her…


Raven walked away from the women surrounding her. She needed a breather from the constant congratulations, testing of her power and people touching her hair.

She looks about for Keira, but she isn’t anywhere to be seen. “Huh,” she says to herself, “That’s weird.” She shrugs it off thinking she must have gone off to the bathroom and turns back to the group.

At that moment there is a guttural roar coming from the far side of the clearing, a ball of fire explodes from the tree line and strikes Tessa in the back. Before she could even respond she was gone, incinerated.

There is panic as everyone scrambles trying to figure out what happened. Raven frantically searches for her sister, scanning the clearing. It feels like the bottom has dropped out of her stomach. Coming out of the tree line was Keira, but not really Keira.

Her long black hair is gone, replaced by bright blue flames. Her normally green eyes are now glowing red, and her arms are sheathed in flames.

“No.” Raven utters when she sees her.

Keira comes into the middle of the clearing, a horrible, rasping voice coming from her. “You shall all be destroyed! You dare to meddle with powers that you do not understand? You shall all Burn!”

She raises her arms, sending two columns of flame driving towards the assembled witches. In unison, they all raise their hand’s shout “Depulsio.” A dome of pure energy appears in front of them repelling the flames.

The Demon cocks its head and says “So you do have some power!” Then it sends two larger columns of fire that shatter the shield. The witches were sent flying in all directions.

The Demon howled with what could almost be called laughter. Several of the women were unconscious, and a few had been killed by the blast.

Raven stood looking on in horror. The sight before her was unimaginable; her sister, her only family, was laying waste to everything that they had built.

Something inside her snapped, and she knew she had to do something to stop her. Gathering up all of her will she stepped in front of the Demon that was once her sister screaming. “Stop.” She felt the power in her voice as she did. The ground shook slightly, and all of the birds from the trees surrounding the clearing took flight.

“Soooo, The Transgressor dares to challenge me,” The Demon hissed. “You who defile the power of Lord Azeroth, you who dare take the power of my Lord for your own.”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t take anything.” Raven shouts back. “Get out of my sister.”

“Your sister is gone; I consumed her soul. This husk is all that is left.” It says, voice full of malice as it lifts its arms over its head. The flames surrounding its hands spread up the arms and over the entire body that used to belong to Keira, the flames become white hot, turning her clothes to ash.

It throws its arms forward with a cry and the flames erupt from its body, into a ten-foot high wave of white flames.

The wave rushed towards Raven. On instinct, she raised her hands to cover herself when streams of blue energy burst forth from her hands. Colliding with the wave the energy starts to spread over the surface of it. The blue energy starts to contract around it, shrinking it, until it condenses the flames into a concentrated ball of energy as bright as the sun, before blinking out of existence altogether.

Raven looked at her hands in shock, not able to comprehend what had just happened.

The Demon roared, charging forward so fast that Raven didn’t see it coming. She was sent cascading across the ground, her head spinning and her right cheek throbbing and bloody.

She shakes her head as she struggles back to her feet. “Get. Out Of MY SISTER!” She screamed throwing her arms in an underhanded gesture and sending green lightning at the Demon, striking it square in the chest.

It let out a scream of agony as it flew backwards across the clearing and bounced off a tree at the far side.

Still unsure about how she was doing all this Raven took a step forward and repeated the movement, lightning crackled again pinning the Demon to the tree. More roars of agony echo around as the demon thrashes trying to get loose.

Not taking the pressure off for a moment Raven keeps on marching forward, throwing blast after blast of lightning at it.

The remaining members of the coven start to gather around both Raven and the Demon Keira. They chant a binding ritual to hold the demon in place, the sound of it seems to cause more pain to the Demon than the lightning blasts. It screams in pain and Raven can see it trying to escape from her sister’s body.

Its face contorts, its mouth opening unnaturally wide, and a cloud of red smoke comes pouring out of Keira’s body. The flames surrounding her disappeared, and she slumped to the ground.

The Demon smoke rushed at Raven, but she held up a hand, and the smoke crashed into the shield that she had projected in between them. The shield seemed to have a mind of its own, and it moved to enclose the smoke.

“NO, how are you doing this?” it screamed. “You cannot be this powerful! I am Duke of the Underworld, you cannot defeat me!”

Raven looks at it, fighting to escape, she concentrates on holding it in place and is starting to feel the strain of using so much power. She isn’t used to this and a wave of fatigue washes over to her sending her to her knees.

The Demon makes one last push to escape, sensing her weakness but is unable to break the energy shield holding it in place.

Raven grits her teeth, snarling “You will never hurt anyone again.” and crushes the demon within the sphere. There is a nerve-shattering scream, and the sphere explodes in shards of light, destroying the Demon.

The shockwave sends Raven backwards, and she blacks out.


Raven opens her eyes slowly, she is surrounded by white light, and shadowy figures looking down at her. “…Raven, you have faced your first battle and won.” A soft voice says “I am so proud of you, my daughter.”

An icy chill runs down her spine. “M-mum?” she splutters out, “Is that you?”

Her mother comes into focus before her. “Yes my dear, it is really me. And I am so proud of you. You are the one we have been waiting for, you are the one who can banish the darkness and bring back the light. I will always be with you.” She places her hand over Ravens heart “and I will always love you.”

“Mum, please don’t leave me. I’ve lost you, and I’ve lost Keira, I can’t do this on my own. Stay with me.” she says through tears.

“I will always be with you.” She smiles at her “I will always be by your side. And you aren’t alone. I need you to wake up there is still time to save your sister, but you need to wake up now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Wake up. Wake up. Wake…”


Raven sits bolt straight up as one of the other members of the coven was shaking her awake. Without thinking she jumped to her feet, hurrying over to the body of her sister.

She cradled her in her arms, not sure what her mother meant but she concentrated on Keira, thinking of her and willing her to wake up.

She feels a burning sensation in her hands, looking down they start to glow, the warmth spreading up her arms and through her body. In that instant she took her right hand, placing it over Keira’s heart, closed her eyes and began to cry.

“Please, please, please, please, don’t leave me.” she sobbed “Keira I need you, I love you. Please come back to me.”

The warmth left her body and went into Keira’s. Raven sat there rocking her sister in her arms. Nothing happens for a few moments and Raven starts crying harder.

“Raven?” Keira’s voice croaks hoarsely “What happened?”

Raven doesn’t answer but just hugs her sister tightly, her tears of pain and despair, replaced by tears of joy.


The dawn breaks revealing the destruction caused by the demon and Ravens battle. It was devastating, but the two sisters didn’t care. They sat there as Raven told the story of what had happened. “I’m so sorry, Raven,” Keira said.

“It wasn’t your fault, I’m just happy your back.”

They sit in silence for a few minutes then Raven says “Come on lets head home.” As she gets up and pulls Keira to her feet.

“Sure I can’t wait to get a shower,” Keira laughs.

The walk arm in arm back to the car and just as they are about to get in Keira says “Oh, wait. One more thing.”

“What is it?” Raven asks concerned.

“How’s my hair?”

Raven looks at her for a second, shakes her head and bursts out laughing.

They climb into the car and drive home.

Copyright Scottishlegend© 2016

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