Publishing – Asking for help

I’m looking to get some advice from all of you lovely people who follow my blog and have read my stories, in a previous post I said that I am going to be publishing my stories for people buy on Kindle. I have decided that I will be publishing under the name C.A. Grace (a friend came up with it, and I really like it)

So my question is I need to decide which of my stories to bundle together for the first volume that I will be selling, it’s a hard decision to make, I like all of my stories, some more than others so I’m looking for advice on which ones would go together well.

Also if anyone would have any idea how to create a cover and a title for the collection for them.

Anyone able to help with this one would be greatly appreciated



13 thoughts on “Publishing – Asking for help

  1. Isabella Belucci says:

    I have some suggestions. As to my experience: 58 books published on Amazon, all short, around 6-8,000-words per. All covers are by me. Professional covers would be superior but take away all profit unless you’re Stephen King or something.

    Bundles: i do 3 stories per bundle of the same series. For instance, T-Girl in the Office is 9 books long. I sell them as 3 bundles with 3 books each. At the very least the collection needs to have a similar theme: all billionaires, all werwolves, whatever.

    Covers: I use It’s free and very easy to use. If you use certain elements they provide there could be a nominal cost, but I never use those elements. You’ll see what I mean when/if you experiment.

    Photos: I use these sites that provide licenses for commercial use. All free. All you have to do to provide attribution in the book itself.

    check them out. Make sure you change any search criteria to allow for use for commercial purposes when necessary.

    Feel free to ask any other questions as you go. I’ve been publishing for over a year now. Won’t get rich. But I love having regular fans for my work and a little extra play money. Plus I get to watch porn and call it research haha.

    Good luck.

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  2. RhapsodyBoheme says:

    This may be simple advise but something I thought about when it comes time to publish for myself. I know we get attached to our work, but what is the feedback from others to certain posts? I will take the likes and comments into consideration. What appeals to the public the most as they are the ones that will make you money. I think in the beginning it might be beneficial to cater to that until you are more established. Once you are, people will be more adapt to purchase further pieces.
    Hope that can make sense and helps.

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    1. Scottishlegend says:

      Thanks, yeah it does make sense. I have looked at that and i have selected four stories for my first volume, the last one in it being the most popular story i have written.
      thanks again for the advice. i always look forward to your words of wisdom

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