Geekifacation part 2

This is a really fast post because I just bought these and they are so cute had to post them. 

My little baby girl had no chance of not being a geek. I’ll be so proud 


24 thoughts on “Geekifacation part 2

  1. Super cute! Ghostbusters has really made a comeback. My son loves the movies. Although, when we rewatched it I was surprised that there was a lot more sexual scenes than I remember. Maybe as a kid it just goes over your head.

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    1. Hahahaha yeah. Ghostbusters is my all time favourite film. It’s a classic but I never for the key master and gatekeeper thing until about four years ago and I’ve seen that film at least 100 times

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            1. Save yourself the bother it is an utter abomination of a film, the script seemed to have been written on a post it, there are a few funny moments but it’s not a good film and part of it made me actively angry THE PROTON PACKS DO NOT DESTROY GHOSTS, THE WEAKEN THEM SO THAT THEY CAEN BE TRAPPED. STOP GETTING GHOSTBUSTERS WRONG.
              Sorry rant over. but yeah it could have been so much better id advice avoiding it at all costs

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  2. Oh my god I love shopping baby clothes 😩 lol I remember helping my mom and it was one of the best shopping ever and I like the stuff you have bought for your baby girl. They are so cute 😌 πŸ˜„

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