The Tease – Joining The Club

Getting up at four am should be illegal, but that’s what happens when you have to take a flight at seven am.

I reach over, nudging Olivia to wake her up. She lets out a groan and stretches. “What time is it?” she asks

“It’s Four AM we need to get going the taxi will be here in twenty minutes.”

She stretches and the covers fall off of tight naked torso, she fixes me with a wicked smile, “you are such a tease, you know fine well what that does to me. But we don’t have time for it just now.

Olivia looks at me with a pout “but I’m horny, and I want you now.” She says as her hand shifts under the covers, taking hold of my semi-erect cock and starts stroking it.

I let out a groan of pleasure as she stories me, “Olivia we don’t have time for this right now.” I say between moans, “we really need to get going.”

She just Ignores my feeble protests and takes my now hard cock in her mouth, sucking on it. I fall back onto the bed as she keeps going swirling her tongue around the shaft and the head of my cock I grab hold of her hair guiding her movements, I let out a moan as I am just about to cum and she stops.

Jumping up she lets my cock fall out of her mouth and says “ok let’s get going we have a flight to catch.”

I let out a roar of frustration “I hate you right now,” I say “you are such a tease.“

She looks at me with a mock innocence, as she runs her hands down her body squeezing her breasts, letting out a moan that makes my cock twitch and says “who me?”

She gives me a wicked smile and runs off to have a quick shower. With a frustrated groan in drag myself out of bed, still hard, and get dressed quickly grumbling the whole time.

The taxi arrives on time, we rush out to load our cases into the back and get in out of the rain. It takes about half an hour to get to the airport, we check in and sit in the lounge waiting for our flight to depart.

“I can’t believe you did that to me this morning,” I say to Olivia.

She flashes me a wicked smile “Why? It was fun.”

I smile back at her. “You evil, evil woman,” I say.

Looking around to make sure no one is watching, I let my fall down between her legs, through her skirt. I start tracing the outline of her pussy with my fingers, she lets out a gasp as my fingertips brush her clit, she stifles a moan as she opens her legs a little wider allowing me better access.

I slide my hand under her skirt, push aside her thong and start teasing the lips of her pussy, teasing the lips.

She lets out a quiet moan of pleasure, biting her lip to keep quiet. I slide a finger into her, slowly thrusting it in and out, massaging her pussy, her breath starts to quicken the faster I go. Just as she is teetering on the edge of a full-blown orgasm, her body trembling begging for a release, I stop, withdrawing my hand, I stand up and say “I’m going to get a coffee, you want one?”

She fixes me with a stare of shock and frustration, with a low husky voice she growls at me “You’re just going to leave me like this?” as she squirms in her seat.

I look her in the eye, lean down and give her a long, tender yet passionate kiss. I can feel her breath quickening as I kiss her and I whisper in her ear “Yep.” And walk off to get us some coffee.

When I get back, Olivia is still sat there with a look of frustration on her face and quietly seething “You bastard,” she mutters as I pass her the coffee.

“Love you too Olivia.” I say with a smile “that was just a little payback for this morning.”

She grumbles something under her breath and takes a sip of her coffee after a few minutes she smiles at me, and I know she forgave me.


After another hour of waiting, we finally board the plane and are soon in the air flying to Mexico for a long awaited holiday.

Halfway through the flight, I get up and head to the bathroom.

As I open the door to leave, Olivia is standing there waiting to get in, I move to go passed her to let her in but she puts her hand on my chest, shakes her head and bites her lip.

“Don’t you need to go in? I ask.

She quickly looks around, shakes her head and pushes me back into the bathroom “Not alone I don’t.” she says as she closes the door behind us.

Before I can say a word she whips my belt off, yanks my jeans and boxers right down, drops to her knees and starts sucking my cock, I let out a groan and manage to say “What are you doing?”

She doesn’t say anything but just keeps on sucking on my cock. I grab hold of her head, running my hands through her hair and start to thrust into her mouth, pushing my cock further back into her throat.

Just as I can feel myself getting close to the edge, she stops. Stands up and kisses me hard. My hand slides down and under her skirt to find that she isn’t wearing any underwear anymore.

I squeeze her ass as she lifts up her leg, putting it up in the sink and I slide my throbbing hard cock straight into her dripping wet pussy. Olivia lets out a scream as I start to thrust into her hard into her, I kiss her to try and stifle the scream, but she bites my lip, growling at me.

Her whole body starts to quiver as I pound into her against the door and I know she is close to orgasm, I squeeze her ass to get a better grip as she wraps her leg around my waist tighter pulling me further into her. I let out a growl of lust, and she lets out a scream as her pussy starts contract wildly around my cock.

I can feel myself getting ready to blow, and I throw in a few more thrusts and cum hard into her pussy.

We stand there kissing each other hard, hands roaming over her body as my cock slips out of her with a wet slap against my leg.

Olivia looks at me, smiles “Well, I always wanted to join the mile high club.”

I let out a chuckle, “Oh, so that’s all that was? ‘Joining the Club’”

“Of course not,” she says kissing me softly “I always want you, and after that torture you gave me at the airport there was no way I could wait until we got to the hotel.”

I kiss her back, “Well that was great, I couldn’t wait either.” I pull my jeans back up, “We better get back to our seats.”

She nods at me while biting her lip.

I turn to open the door to find an angry looking man standing there at the front of a queue of five people waiting to use the bathroom.

We both slip passed avoiding the angry looks and snarky comments, settle back down in our seats, Olivia quickly falls asleep on my shoulder as I watch a film for the rest of the flight.



14 Comments Add yours

  1. I wonder about the logistics of the mile high club every time I use an airplane bathroom. LOL! Great writing as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve wondered that myself, in my head they are in first class surly they have bigger bathrooms on planes?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably, I’ve never flown 1st class so I have no flippin clue. Lol
        Maybe someone will come along and give us info on rich people pottys. Haha

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hahahahaha. I’m hoping exactly the same. i have not go the first clue on that. Dont hve the cash for first class, maybe when im a rich and famous published author

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I’m frugal with money so I’d have to be pretty darn rich to justify a first class ticket. I can be cramped for a few hours to save a grand. Lol

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Yeah at this moment in time im the same, but if i had the cash i would do it. For me flying is painful. im 6ft6 my legs can barley fit in the gap between the chairs

              Liked by 1 person

            2. Oh yes I forgot, I think in your case it would be a bit more than a little crampedness. I not tiny but I’ve got stumpy legs, so it’s not to bad. I couldn’t imagine trying to fit all that leg into those tiny spaces. 😵

              Liked by 1 person

            3. Yeah it is a very painful experiance, buses, planes,trains. its all a complete nightmare why i tend to drive everywhere i can

              Liked by 1 person

  2. Samantha says:

    I have always enjoyed reading Olivia. She is my favourite, as this was one hell of a hot story and you set amazing visual.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks im glad you liked it, i know how you feel about Olivia. i have ideas for a couple of other ones need to get time to work on them.
      and to be honset im not really happy with this one its not the best but im clad you liked it

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Samantha says:

        It’s great, don’t put yourself down. I liked it a lot


        1. Im glad you liked it. not relly putting myslef down just i struggled with this one due to writers block so not 100% happy with it hopefully wont have any issues with the next one

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Samantha says:

            Oh okay, well you will do well with the next one 😊


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