Merry Christmas 

Now that the insane day is over just wanted to say to everyone I hope you all had a good day.  With New Year fast approaching here is hoping that 2017 is a good year for everyone.  2016 has been a mixed bag. Most people think it has been a terrible year, especially with all […]

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Well that was fast….

My wife was admitted to hospital last night after her water broke at 01.53am. We got to the hospital and were told that she was good to go. We were rolled through to the maternity ward. Things were progressing my faster that anticipated she was here. Word in four hours of the water breaking my […]

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Daily Prompt: Maddening

Ok its rant time. Today’s daily prompt could not be more appropriate. I have spent the afternoon with my sister building Flat Pack Furniture, chest of drawers, and parts are missing. (screws and nails) the instructions are gibberish. So Maddening is the word of the day. WHY THE HELL DO YOU SELL FLAT PACK FURNITURE […]

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You own my heart (poem) 

​I suffer through the cold, I’m changing my ways, all for you,  I love you more than you could know, I’ll think about you for the rest of my days, You make me want to be at my best, I’ll be there for you everyday of my life, My future is you, you are my […]

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Two Weeks…. If not sooner

We are officially in the danger zone, there are only two weeks left until my wife gives birth to our first child. Anyone who has been following my blog will know that myriad of different emotions I’ve gone through, throughout this whole process. Fear, panic, dread, elation, joy, and god know what else. The closer […]

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Daily Prompt: Bespoke (Poem)

You’ll know the range, you’ll know the strain, what is to come is not for the main, I made concession, I made the change, I made myself bespoke and rather strange, Tying myself in knots, just to see you smile, pushing too far, going on for miles, The strangeness intensified as I made the range […]

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Love and Loss (Poem) 

​You came into my life at a turbulent time, It was difficult for me to love , but you made me smile,  I fixed you and you fixed me, we saved each other from a world of strife, You made my life better, the first woman I’ve loved,  But It got too hard, I had […]

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Singles Cruise

Kayla stood in front of the mirror and looked herself over. She couldn’t believe that it was herself looking back at her. Even she had to admit that she looked good in the sexy Red Riding-Hood costume, complete with knee high lace up boots, short red skirt; with a frilly white slip that made it […]

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I Finished, woo hoo

I have officially finished the rewrite of my Novel Journeys End. It has been a hard slog getting it finished, dealing with writer’s block is a bitch. But I overcame it, with a little help, and I am now ready to start sending it out to try and get it published, I have no idea […]

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Ive been doing a lot of thinking these last few days. And to follow up from my last post I have been thinking this Dear Past, You have given me challenges, you have thrown so much at me, and I’ve beaten back everything you’ve thrown at me and I’m still standing. Dear Future, Do your […]

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