I Finished, woo hoo

I have officially finished the rewrite of my Novel Journeys End.

It has been a hard slog getting it finished, dealing with writer’s block is a bitch. But I overcame it, with a little help, and I am now ready to start sending it out to try and get it published,

I have no idea how to do this, but I’m going to be looking into it.

If by any chance, there are any publishers or literary agents who read my blog and like my writing, please feel free to get in touch (yes I have no shame)

Anyway, that’s all, for now, I just wanted to say to all my followers and friends that I have finished the book. Now to sleep.

Goodnight all

14 thoughts on “I Finished, woo hoo

    1. Scottishlegend says:

      Thank you so much Kira it means a lot. It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally almost completely happy with it 😊. Now the next part is getting feedback making sure it’s right.

      I did a check yesterday and I have 34 versions of it on my memory stick alone. So it’s been a hard slog.

      I’m not ashamed to admit reading the last chapter again brought a tear to my eye.
      Again thank you so much.
      Now on to the sequal. Or maybe something differnt

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        1. Scottishlegend says:

          It’s been a long one I’ll tell you that. I actually already have a couple of other novels started but put them to the side.
          I am going back over an erotic story I’ve been trying to write for months. Hopefully get it done tomorrow and up. Also have an idea for one with Santa. It’s called Ho Ho Hoe.
          Should be fun

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            1. kirascribbled says:

              Well you’ll have a short time of straight sleeping baby holding time. It’s the best too. It’s all the best really, we’ll except for the two years of no sleep. Haha

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