Well that was fast….

My wife was admitted to hospital last night after her water broke at 01.53am. We got to the hospital and were told that she was good to go.

We were rolled through to the maternity ward. Things were progressing my faster that anticipated she was here.

Word in four hours of the water breaking my daughter Jessica was born at 05.57 am this morning.

I love her more than I can describe. I simply do, she is now my life.

Here is the one picture of her that I’ll be posting

Ok make that two pictures she’s so cute.

I love this little girl, more than anything else in my life.

My world is her now.

24 thoughts on “Well that was fast….

  1. Many, many congratulations to you both! What an absolute little darling your daughter looks. I’m so pleased for you – there is no other Christmas present you will ever get that will surpass the one you have there. Look after them both, and have a wonderful Christmas!

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  2. Wow! Lucky Momma and Daddy, she is completely adorable and she already giving aditude with her the tongue sticking out. Haha too cute! Congratulations on the short delivery and the growth of your family.😊

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  3. Oh wow, she is absolutely beautiful and perfect. Congratulations to the both of you and this lucky little princess for being born to great parents.
    Sorry for my delay, continue to be sick and catch up soon.

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        1. Thanks, I’m spending every minute I can with her before I go back to work. That’s going to be hard.

          And you are welcome. I’m sure it won’t take long to get you back on your feet and fighting fit

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  4. Oh my goodness 😩 she is sooo cute, my heart is squirming lol, I love babies. You are such a blessed man, congratulations!!!!

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          1. You can and you will because you love her and she is your best blessing. I wish I had a dad that could say they love me as much as you love your daughter but I didn’t I don’t even know what he looks like. So are a blessed man to have such a beautiful little girl 😄

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