The Night. –  Poem 


Night is my time,

Where others sleep, some others weep

But for me it’s all mine, I love this time,

For those how work at it the days are theirs to keep,

I’ll take the night,

When the world is quiet and free from plight,

Some will disagree thinking I am mad

They are just afraid of the frights that can come in the night.

There are sights that will burden your soul

But when the dawn comes they will all be gone

Leaving you to waken in the morning feeling whole.
I am the guardian of the night,

No evil shall escape my slight

While the darkness pulls the shadows,

The light fights back but at night there’s no escape,

The stars and moon rebel against the darkness keeping up the fight,

The demons and monsters think they rule with might

Those of us fighting them, we have the power of right.

The night is my time

The rest can have the light

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