The Nurse.

As part of my plan to reblog some of my older stories that some people may not have read, I have chosen this as the second one “The Nurse.”
I love this story its still a bit rough, but I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to my world.

I wake up groggy and in utter agony. I try to open my eyes but I can’t there is nothing but darkness. I start to panic and thrash around, but I find that I can’t move my legs I shout in fear “Help! What the hell has happened to me? I’m blind, and I can’t move! Help!”

Suddenly a hand is gently pressing on my forehead, and I hear your voice softly and tenderly says “Shhh. You’re ok, you have been in an accident you are in the hospital. You are going to be alright, please stop thrashing. I promise you are safe.”

I stop panicking and slowly try to lift my head “No, don’t do that you injured your neck and head as well as breaking one of your legs. We have fixed the damage, and you will make a full recovery.”

I am instantly calmed by your voice…

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