Pushy sales (or how to lose a sale) 

​One of the things that annoys me the most about going shopping is pushy sales people.

If I go into a shop and the staff in there are overly pushy I will turn around and leave without buying. 

I’ll give you an example. Three years ago the wife and I went into a store as we were looking for a new bed. We went into the shop that I bought my last bed from. We went there because I had received really good service the first time I was in there so wanted to go back.

This time however the sales person was over eager and was determined to get the sale from me, even though we said when we went in that we were only in looking for ideas and rough prices. We made it clear when we went in that we were not looking to buy anything that day.

Because of this we ended up buying our bed from another shop.

This also happened when I was looking for a car. Basically my point is pushy sales people will instantly put me off buying anything from your store so don’t do it.

This is why I, probably like most people, do a lot of my shopping online. 

But even this is no longer safe. 

We have recently got a new house and are in the process of moving so I was on the website for Argos (for anyone outside the UK this is a store that works out of a catalogue, you pick what you want from the book, take the number of the product to the till and then wait for them to bring it to you) so I was looking for a new coffee table and a couple of side tables but now the websites have started getting pushy.

When I went on to the page it was bringing up little notes saying how many people were looking at this same product and how many have bought it in the last 48 hours.


Do they really think that because I see that 10 other people are looking at it right now and that 7 people bought it in the last 48 hours I’m going to think “oh my God this is a very popular product I must buy it now.”

No absolutely not. This just made me close the website and not buy anything but that’s not the worst part.

The worst part was that every time I clicked on something or refreshed the page another side tab popped out saying “I see that you are looking at……. Would you like to chat to one of our staff for some assistance?”


So yeah that’s my rant. If you are pushy you have lost a sale simple as that. 


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  1. Ditto on that!
    I hate hate hate being sold stuff especially cars. And worse is when I know more about the thing I’m buying then they do and they try blowing BS at me like they’re experts. I have my hubby for the being rude part because he can just shut them down guilt free and I would not be able to. It’s very nice. Lol
    You can use incognito mode on Google if you don’t want them bugging you or watching what your looking at. That’s what I do, especially for travel stuff.
    Also cool that your getting a new place!

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    1. Yeah i have no problem shooting them donw, but I’d never be rude about it unless they push it too far. i unually just turn and walk out.
      but the website thing really hacked me off. Who really cares how many people are lookin at something or how many they have sold in that time. the only way i can understand that kind of thing is if it is for a holiday you are booking and there are only so many spaces left other than that its pointless.
      and thanks but moving is a pain in the arse

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      1. Well hope the pain is kept to a minimum.☺


  2. I’m with you on that one but also experienced the other extreme. I’m normally pretty self sufficient but didn’t needed some help one time. There I stood patiently waiting next to a group of employees talking personal talk while ignoring me. I even went that far to say “Excuse me” which earned me a disgusted look as to why I interrupted the conversation. I think something like “forget it” was my soon after response as I turned around and left.
    I think both scenarios at the extreme are deal breakers for me, I am the customer after all and i do have a choice where I shop. So good for you 👍🏼

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    1. Exactly thats another thing that drives me mad. its when you actually do want some assistance and they ignore you.
      what i want in a shop is to be left alone until i come and ask someone for help if i am going to. none of the pushy sales crap. or the being completely ignored. you are right thats just as bad

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