Music! it helps us, It defines our lives, It can change who you are.

This last week has been a horrible week, so much has happened and none of it good.

It has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, and I don’t really know where to go from here.

I’m not going to go into details but enough to say that I’m at a turning point in my life and I have two choices do I go left or right?

Do I fight or give up?

It’s at times like this I retreat into myself to figure out what it is that I’m going to do and over the last couple of days I’ve been listening to a lot of music.

And I thought dawned on me. Why is it when you are facing depression, and your life is falling apart do we fall back on the music we listened to when growing up?

I guess it has something to do with it being comforting and putting you back to a time when the only worries you had was homework and sneaking back in the house when you’re out later than you were meant to be


It’s at times like this when you also understand greater meaning behind the words.


At different times in life, it’s different bands that have affected me like this. A few years ago I was dealing with depression and the thought of killing myself and the loss of a truly great friend. At that time it was Snow Patrol, I was listening too, and their songs are now so filled with pain, meaning and loss for me that I can’t listen to them now without welling up.


This time I have fallen back onto one of my favourite bands, Travis.

Over the last few days, a few of their songs have been swimming in my head, and I’ve listened to them a lot.


I was wondering if anyone else does this or is it just me?


So I wanted to share them with you. I don’t know how well Travis are known outside of the UK, but they are a band from Scotland and were a huge part of my life when I was growing up. In my opinion one of the best bands from the 90’s


Side (this is the one I’ve been thinking a lot about)

Turn I love this song, and the video is so simple

Flowers in the Window Just Listen to it

Why Does It Always Rain On Me? You can’t talk about Travis without this song.

Hope you like them

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  1. I loved the first song, probably because it had a banjo. This band is great though. It doesn’t even sound like it’s from the nineties, it’s pretty contemporary.
    I’m sorry your going through a hard time right now. 😟 For your sake, I sincerely hope it gets resolved quickly. You asked if you should fight or give up, but the question is whether you want to fight for whatever it is. Try to not let your emotions rule your brain. Because how you feel now might not be how your feel later. But im not the the best person when it comes to emotional advice, I’m stunted in that area a bit. Just know, you are a sweet, great guy.

    I get what you mean about certain songs helping. Im glad youve got something to calm you. I sing strange songs when I’m down or depressed. Usually ones from the sound track to O’ Brother Where Art Thou.

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    1. Thanks Kira, its a rough time but think will get there at some point will take some time.
      THey are a great band i find that the truly great ones never age, it doesnt matter when you listen to them they sound current. i would highly recomend listenting to more of their music youi will get hooked. I’ve just re-purchased a few of their albums that i lost ages ago.

      Ive always been more a film geek than music, but there are times when you just need some good tunes

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      1. Very true, I’ve added the first song on their list to my YouTube Playlist. They are good and I enjoyed watching the videos. Especially the one where they go to a dinner party and the lady tosses an octopus at someone. Hilarious!😃

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        1. Oh yeah that’s brilliant. I’d love to have a food fight like that

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes, but no where I’d have to clean the mess. Haha

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  2. Oh yes and I’ve nominated you for another award. It’s the versatile blogger award. Don’t feel obligated of course. I just nominating ya!

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    1. Aww thanks you are too kind 🙂 ill have a look at it when i get a chance, im moving house tomorrow so its a busy time

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know your busy and that’s cool. Hope it gives you a bit of extra traffic at least. ☺ Good luck on the move. Hope it all goes smoothly.


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    1. Hi there thanks for checking out my blog.
      Out of curiosity what kind of collaberation would you be looking for?


      1. Hi! If you’re comfortable giving out your email, we can chat there?


        1. I dont want to give it out publically but you can go through the contact page on my blog and that will send directly to my email, i can reply from there


          1. Great! And I totally understand!


            1. Cool, look forward to hearing form you


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