Spring Writing Event. Update

Just a quick update.   i have received a few submissions for the event and i will start posting them from monday onwards. i ahve been crazy busy with work so havent had a lot of time to do it yet. so from monday i will post the stories that i have recevied. and hopefully […]

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Acceptance and Rejection

Am I setting myself up for a fall? That’s is when has been running through my head for a while now. As many of you will know I have been working on my novel for two years now, and I am almost at the point where I am going to start sending it off to […]

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Beta Readers wanted.

I am looking for three or four Beta Readers to help me with my novel. Ideal I would be looking for someone with experience in writing and editing to read over my manuscript and check for any errors and plot holes. If you are interested contact me and let me know if this is something […]

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Another milestone

So I got a nice surprise when I woke up this morning.  The little one screamed for food and woke us up so the wife trundled off to feed her I picked up my phone and and seen this notification sitting there  All I can say is thank you so much for all your support […]

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Life has changed. 

I’ve been doing a fair bit of thinking recently, my daughter is 12 weeks old today and it’s unreal how much my life has changed.  On a Saturday night (20:40) before she was born I would at this time probably just be finished dinner and thinking about, either, having a drink, putting a film on […]

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Geekifacation is succeeding 

If you have read my previous posts about wanting to turn my baby girl into a geek then I have an update for you.  Recently she’s has been screaming a lot and nothing seems to settle her.  Last night we tried music and it seemed to work she settled down and sat in my arms […]

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Creeping Darkness

Today hasn’t been a good day. I feel like I just want to scream. I got up and went to work, but all day I have had absolutely no motivation or energy. My brain has been going to the bad places, and I’ve been feeling really down. Haven’t wanted to eat or drink, only did […]

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Opinions needed please ☺️

Ok so I’ve been on a bit of a Harry Potter binge recently. I have just finished listening to the audio books, read by the great Stephen Fry, and now I’m watching the films.  They are fantastic books and I will be reading then to my daughter when she’s older  Now here is my question. […]

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This week I have hit a few milestones.  The first one after 9 years I have moved house. The flat I was in was a good home it’s where I lived when I got my cats, met my wife, had our daughter.  It’s been my home for a long time, but it’s time to move […]

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