Hello from the other side ….(somethings coming part five) Daily Prompt: Hesitate

[Parts one two three and four are here ]


Part Five


He was approached by a woman in the bar who offered him a drink, she was gorgeous, long, reddish brown curly hair, green eyes and toned body.

He sat there chatting with her for what seemed like hours, he was never very good at talking to women, but this time it all seemed so effortless, the conversation was flowing, and he thought that he was in with a chance.

The bartender shouted last call, and they finished up their drinks and left together, walking down the lane towards the taxi rank with her, when she grabbed him, pinning him to the wall and kissing his neck.

The next thing he knew he was he was standing in a room in an unknown building, dazed and confused he looked around, and he caught a look at himself in a mirror, what he saw in the mirror caused him to hesitate. He looked at the reflection and saw what could only be described as a demon looking back at him.

He was seven feet tall, skin as black as night, silver horns protruding from the temples of his head. He was clad in blood red armour and was holding a lethal looking knife in his hand.

Before he could register full the sight before him, a movement caught his eye from the far side of the room.

Standing looking out of the window was his target. Something clicked in his head, and all hesitation disappeared. He strode up behind the man at the window. Grabbed his shoulder and drove the knife through his back and into his heart.

A voice, not his own, said “You have had your time. Your soul is now forfeit.” The blade started to glow white hot in my hand, and the man let out a blood-curdling scream of pain and terror.

The man crumbled to dust in a whoosh of flame, and his soul rushed up into his arm leaving a burning feeling pulsating in his muscles.

He takes a few steps backwards and melts onto the shadows.


Stepping out the other side he stands in front of the woman from the bar she is now wreathed in flames.

“Is it done?” she asks, her voice reverberating around the room.

“Yes.” Replied the demonic voice

“Good.” She steps forward and places a flaming hand on his chest. He screams “Your duty is over for tonight.” She exclaims as the soul he collected is sucked out of him and into her hand.

He falls to his knee when she removes her hand, “Yes my mistress. I await your summons.” He said bowing his head before he melted back into the shadows.

Back in his human form he passes out on his bed in the dorm room, music blaring and someone banging on the door.


I wake with a start falling off the cot I had fallen asleep on. As I crash to the floor the door opens, and my mother walks in.

“What happened?” she demanded

I shake my head. “nothing, it was just a bad dream. It was about my roommate Chris, but it’s stupid.”

She stands there for a few seconds looking pale “tell me exactly what happened in the dream.” She asks softly

Unsure of why I shrug and tell her what I saw.

“Tommy, was this the man that you saw get killed?” she asks as she hands me a photograph.

I look at the picture and then to her with confusion clear on my face “Eh yeah.”

“Tommy that was the former head of our order, he vanished six months ago. That wasn’t a dream you had. It was a memory.”


More to come…..

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate

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          1. Well there is almost two weeks to go.😁 Lots of time for people to send in stuff. Im usually a last minute kinda gal myself, but I dont want to mess up and forget. (I do that often.) The last week we’ll have to put out a friendly reminder.

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