What an idiot. Daily Prompt: Ruminate 

The night had started out so promisingly, the conference had gone off without a hitch, Jen had signed on thirty new clients and to top it all off she had met a guy at the bar.

He was everything she was looking for, tall, handsome, funny and kind. She thought she was in luck and her dry streak was about to be over.

She whispered in his ear “come to room eight” and wandered off, her hips swaying seductively, feeling his eyes on her as she left.

She rushed up to her room had a fast shower, got dressed up in her Sexiest lingerie and sat on the bed waiting for him to arrive.
He never showed. 
Feeling rejected she fell asleep, in the morning she went down to breakfast and saw him sitting there.

She walked right up to him and slapped him across face.

“What the fuck is your problem?” she shouted at him.

“What are you talking about?” he stammered, holding his now red cheek. “I did what you said”

“The hell you did.” She shouted not caring who heard her “If you had I wouldn’t feel like a complete fool for putting myself out there last night.”

“But… But… You told me to Ruminate and that’s exactly what I did” 

She stares at him aghast and burst out laughing. She walks off wondering how anyone could be that stupid.
The end.

[for some reason I’m blocked on writing erotic-fiction just now so I went with comedy instead. Hope you like it] 

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate

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