Seasons Borders…..Spring Writing Event

[This is the third and possibly last entry for the Spring Writing Event written by the funny and talented Cyranny I hope you like it. I may be getting one more story to put up and I will try to write one myself, but work has been so insane I haven’t had time, if not ill do a ten-word story]

She was standing at the border of Winter past. Still wrapped in her long Winter pelt, walking along the thin line in between seasons… A freezing wind bit her bare hands, but the sun was surprisingly warm on her face while she waited for his arrival.

They had agreed to meet at the limit of the upcoming Spring, but she had her doubts. Their last encounter was purely based on luck, and she might not have as much chance this year… What if he didn’t show up? What if she was a day early or a little too late? What if he had forgotten their secret rendezvous? A chill ran down her spine at that thought. Was it the fear of not meeting his gaze again, or the frost slipping under her skirt, she couldn’t say for sure, but she shivered nonetheless.

Her steps took her along the frontier, treading slowly, leaving her trace in the melting snow, in case he would be behind her. Was she naive to think this was a good idea? She came from the land of snow and ice, and he lived in the world of revival, how could they even understand each other?

But the previous year, he had swept her off her feet, with his Summer promises… Thoughts of wanderings in the woods, barefooted, with the soft breeze caressing her exposed skin. She had closed her eyes as his warm voice had murmured how he planned to guide her through Spring never letting go of her hand.

She wasn’t ready back then, but the dream of visiting the tempting season had grown in her mind all year long, and now she longed to follow him wherever he would lead her. She didn’t know much about him, not much more than his mysterious tales of blooming fields and running rivers… And the taste of his hot lips.

The previous year, he had braved the elements and bent over the gap between Winter and Spring to press his mouth onto hers… His hungry kisses had warmed her very soul, and ever after that stolen buss, she had yearned for his touch again.

They had parted, but not before exchanging a token of their mutual will to meet again when it would be time for Spring to shine again. She had given him the glacial blue shade of her gaze, and he had left her the bright green of his irises.

He couldn’t stand her up now, could he?

The sun was coming down on the horizon, and she didn’t want to walk home alone in the coldness… The wind seemed to hiss ironically to her ears, and she held her tears as she considered the trail leading her back to her house.


She jumped at the sound of his voice and turned around in a flash. There he stood, tall and strong, just as she remembered him. She felt numb when she met his cold stare, covering her with an unexpected surprised expression.

-I feared you wouldn’t come…

How could he even doubt she would come? He had sold her the dream of a new life where frost would be no more than a fading memory, and he truly believed she could turn his offer down?

She leaned towards the border but hesitated when came time to step over it. No one had ever dared crossing the limits of seasons gone and seasons to come… There had to be a reason. She feared some supernatural force would steal away her life if she trespassed a land she wasn’t destined to.

Sensing her doubt, he walked to the border, and plunging his frosty gaze into hers, he slipped his arms around her waist, not stepping into Winter. His face was close enough for his breath to create mist as he exhaled against her cheek.

-Do you really want this?

Fright tetanized her, but she preferred death over a lifetime condemned to watch him a step away from her. His grip around her hips felt warm and comforting, and she nodded slightly in the sunset.

He smiled, and tightened his embrace, pulling her closer and off the ground. They both closed their eyes as he lifted her gently from Winter to Spring… But nothing struck them as he let her down to step on the bright green grass… She nervously giggled, realizing what lay in front of them… A new life, together, at last. And even maybe, just maybe, the possibility to brave Summer someday.

-You won’t need this anymore…

He untied her coat and pulled it off her shoulder, revealing her snow white skin, contrasting with his brownish tan.

-You’ll never be cold again now.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close to feel his warm body against hers at last. He brushed his large hands on her back murmuring sweet nothings to her ear, talking about everything she was about to discover.

Loosening their embrace, he kissed her tenderly before stepping back and grabbing her by the hand.

-Welcome to my world, milady… Welcome to Spring!


2 thoughts on “Seasons Borders…..Spring Writing Event

  1. Hey Colin, I have finished reading your book and I sent an email. I can read more if you still want me to read it


  2. Reblogged this on Cyranny's cove and commented:

    I participated to Colin’s Spring Writing Event, along with Kira (muuuah, Kira!! 😉 ), Paul and Colin himself! Come and have a look at our Spring themed stories 🙂

    Thanks to Colin for holding the event, it was a lot of fun… Looking forward to the next one! Happy Spring to everybody 🙂


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