Inside the mind of Patient Zero

‘At the beginning of the twenty-first century everyone seemed to be obsessed with zombies, there were dozens of films, TV shows, books and games dedicated to the genre of a zombie apocalypse. Everyone, myself included, had their own zombie survival plan

‘What we would do in the event of the outbreak of the virus that would turn mankind into unthinking, flesh-crazed fiends, shambling about looking for the next snack.

‘I always thought that I would be one of the lucky few who would make it out alive and save the day, blasting away at the hordes, head shot after head shot. It would be a good life, I’d get to travel, see the world and be with those I care about all that mixed in with the odd bit of mind-numbing terror as we flee for our lives.

‘so it was a huge surprise when I became patient zero. Some kind of botched blood transfusion, a viral infection and the bite from a rabid racoon turned me into the first of the walking dead.

‘No one realised what had happened at first they just thought I was getting sick until I died in the hospital.

‘They tried everything, but I just didn’t make it out of there alive.

‘So that is how the zombie virus came into being, and honestly, it’s not my fault that the virus spread and multiplied into an outbreak that eventually did cause the fall of society as we knew it.

‘I mean come on, what would you do if you woke up in the middle of your own autopsy? You’re going to freak out and start thrashing, kicking and biting, aren’t you?

‘So you can’t blame me for losing a measure of control.

‘The ones I bit or scratched, well, they turned into mindless killing machines within hours of being “turned”, but unlike me, they haven’t kept their rational mind they go about killing indiscriminately and eating everything in their path.

‘I still have the same mind I had when I was alive, and that is torture, knowing what I have done doesn’t sit well with me, but like I said IT’S NOT MY FAULT.

‘Anyone would have done the same thing. So that’s my confession I caused the zombie apocalypse, but I maintain it could have happened to anyone. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

‘Although I did have some fun when I found out I could control the others that have been turned. We are going to have some fun soon…..

via Daily Prompt: Measure

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