It’s all over but the waiting now

I have done it, I have taken the plunge (again) after my last post, which any avid followers will have read (ha, I crack myself up at times, I’m not that popular :p).

I have spent the weekend pouring over the manuscript for my novel and this morning I have sent it off to the publishers in full.

So my fate is in their hands now, I have said from the beginning, I am not expecting the first people I sent it to, to pick it up but I will admit my hopes are slightly raised.


Gulp…. I know that I’m setting myself up for a fall here


Now we wait

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17 thoughts on “It’s all over but the waiting now

  1. cyranny says:

    Congrats Colin!!

    It must be nerve wrecking to anticipate their reply, but just remember you’re this much closer to your dream! It is scary, and might not work on first attempt, but if you don’t try, you’re sure not to succeed!

    I’m sending you my best thoughts for a quick and positive reply!

    Hey! Who knows, I might end up being able to brag… “Yeah, I worked with the guy (Spring challenge… ok, work might be a big word, but people I brag to don’t have to know that 😛 ) before his book became a best seller!!” 😉 Mouahahahahaah

    Best of luck!! xx

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    1. Colin - Scottish Legend says:

      Thank you Cyranny,
      it was a little nervewracking when i sent it but now not so much I’m not expecting them to want to publish it since its the first ones I’ve tried, I’m not crazy, but I am hopeful.
      So, i am just going to put it to the back of my mind and wait and see.

      hahahahaha yeah i thiink that qualifies 😀


        1. Colin - Scottish Legend says:

          Without a doubt, 😁, I will send you a signed copy 😁
          also a small update i have sent the full thing off now and thay are passing it to their “Senior Editorial staff who will report back to thier Chief Editor.”
          So thats promising

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            1. Colin - Scottish Legend says:

              Because I am a big manly man! :p

              Also because I’m keeping it lowkey so as not to get my hopes up to much.
              I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and i find out it was all a dream or i get knocked back. So I’m playing it cool


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            2. kirascribbled says:

              Ah, yes. But even so, what a humongous confidence builder it is. Even if it doesn’t pan out (BuT IT WILL) you know that its so good that someone was interested in it, in only the first round of submissions. That is phenomenal!

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            3. Colin - Scottish Legend says:

              It has givne me a massive boost in confidence, i was on the verge of giving up completely with the whole writing idea becasue i just wasnt feeling it anymore.
              but now it has galvanised me and got me thinking about the sequal that i started about a year or so ago (i think you read that too, i cant remember)
              I’m thinking of starting that from scratch again and seening what happens, when i have time. which will be in a few weeks (unemployment is coming) sarcastic woop
              I am completely shocked that the publishers have gotten this far with it already, someone said to me the other day that they know someone who works for a publishing company and only about 1% of manuscripts they get sent are asked to send more so that was a huge ego boost as well

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            4. kirascribbled says:

              Yes exactly! I did the read what ypu had for the the sequel and liked where it was going plotwise, so Im glad to hear your thinking of moving it forward. Sorry to hear about the unemployment, hopefully its a planned break, but yeah at least ypu will have some freeish time. 😀

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            5. Colin - Scottish Legend says:

              Yeah I remeber now you asked about a love triangle in the sequel, not sure on that. it is just getting time to do it now.
              It happens every year at this time i get paid off for about 7 weeks and hopefully get back after that,
              i hope you know (and are ok with it) but i will be hoping to draft you in again to read the next book when its done, and the one i started about demons and a girl trying to destory them, she has powers not decided yet what they are and a Griffin traning her to use them (hes sarcastic as hell) but thats all in my head right now

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