I have said it before, and I will say it again I am absolutely bloody knackered.

For the last, I think, six weeks, it could be more it could be less I can’t remember anymore. I have been working six days a week ten hours each day and I am shattered, it is hard work working that many hours.

I get up at Six(ish) am in the morning get ready for work, and if she’s awake hug and kiss my daughter and wife, then leave.

I go to work, bust my ass all day then go home and see the screaming child and cranky wife, have some food then go to bed. .and somewhere in between that I try to fit in some writing, and as of right now I am knackered and broken, I don’t know what’s going on and what I’m doing anymore.

but last night I got a nice surprise from my beautiful daughter I came home to a little gift that made me smile, and I wanted to share it here


It’s my new favourite mug and I just love it.


Daily Prompt: Knackered

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