Dreams are Weird!

Last night was a strange night I had the weirdest dream.

I have had some weird dreams in my life before now, some of which were truly bizarre, like the time I had a dream that I was one of the Ninja Turtles, that was actually kind of awesome.

I have also had somewhere I am myself, and I was fighting demons and things like that, none of them were as peculiar as the one I had last night

I dreamt I was on my way to work and had ended up down the docks. I walked up to a food truck and ordered a coffee, I don’t drink coffee, so that is weird in itself

When I looked up to get my order it was David Hasselhoff that was serving it, God only knows why. He served me the coffee in a small tea cup with a saucer, it was a brown patterned cup as well like the ones my Gran had back in the 80’s and to be fair she still has them.


I handed over £10 to pay for it, got no change, I asked if I could get it put into a to-go cup instead, he looked at me as if I was talking an alien language.

After a moment he said “oh, you are in a hurry, I have just the thing. Come with me.”

The Hoff then dragged me out the back of the food truck and over to the far side of the docks, surrounded by shipping containers he put me in a Batsuit. The one from Batman Beyond.


Once I was in the suit, and it was powered up he handed me a black Wii controller, because of course it was black, to control the flight of the suit.

I started flying about a yard, colliding with the shipping containers. I eventually got control of the suit and managed to land safely.

I got out of the suit and said “Thanks but no thanks, I need to get going.”

And then I woke up.

It all seemed perfectly normal as if this was a thing that happened on a regular basis. I had the feeling of just saying “Can I just get my coffee and not have to go through this every time?”

Honestly, it was a very strange dream.

If anyone does dream interpretation, could you tell me what the hell that was all about?


Cheers Colin

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8 thoughts on “Dreams are Weird!

  1. I don’t interpret dreams, but I’ve been a member of the weird dreams club for a long time. I think one of my most memorable ones has to be when I was in a grocerie store, pushing a caddy in which sat a cat demon that could do karaté (?) and it requested a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in order to keep peace in the store.



  2. I think ot has something to do with seizing power or making yourself feel more powerful
    Here’s a doozy for a dream interpreter. I Had a dream the other morning that my uncle and cousins came over for burritos but then my husband was being so racist (he’s not irl) that they had to leave. Then a man in a linen suit poo’d in my toilet and shoved his jacket down the hole so it overflowed everywhere and there was poo everywhere an I haf to clean it up. Then a demon cat broke in my house, broke all the lights and was trying to kill my hubby and dog so I had to strangle it with my bare hands and thought it was done but no, a hundred more evil cats started circling the house. Then I woke up. Very disturbing, I had to stay up for a couple hours and play sims to calm down. Haha

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