Where to go next?

I might be on the cusp of getting my first book published and it has got me thinking about a sequel.

When I finished the first novel I did start a follow up to it but I have changed it so much since then that it no longer fits with the original story. So I am going to scarp it and start again.

The thought of this has made me panic a little. If I do get the first one published then that will put some pressure on me to churn out a follow up.

So I sat down this morning and tried to start writing it and so far this is what I have “The” that is it.

I think I’m panicking a bit.

The problem is that I don’t know where this story can go.

Now I have written before about how I write and that I just sit at the keyboard and just let my fingers do the walking, but I realised today for the first time that even though I think that I have no clue where a story is going when I start it I realised that when I wrote my novel and the most popular of my short stories I did know where they were going to end.

For the novel from day one I knew that it would end with *spoiler*spoiler*spoiler*spoiler*spoiler*spoiler* so I knew that no matter what I did in the story that is where it was steering towards, even if it was subconsciously, I was steering the story that way.

Even if the bit with the clown with the balloons was really out of left field, “We all float down here!” no idea what that shit was*


So that is what I am trying to figure out right now is to what the end point for a second book could be. I have no idea where the characters will end up

And that’s my problem.


Any ideas?


*(in case no one realises that is a joke)

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

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