I let you in (poem)

I let you in when I couldn’t let myself in,

You saw something in me that wanted to get out,

My life was trash and headed for the bin,

You did something that I wasn’t expecting,

You grabbed the wound covering my heart

Ripped it open and exposed my soul.

You exposed my heart.

Looking in my eyes you caught the flicker of life,

You helped me get through all of the strife.

Mending my heart was the hardest task

I fought you every step of they way, I was an ass,

You never gave up and I eventually gave in,

Making me realise love is not a sin.

Nothing can compare to how you made me feel

It is as if before you I wasn’t even real.

The wounds of the past are now all gone.

You made me complete.

Now that you are gone it makes life harder,

But I will never forget

The love that we shared,

You healed my heart

You healed my soul

part of it will always belong to you

Now that you’re gone.

via Daily Prompt: Exposed

Picture credit Bob-Rz – DeviantArt

9 thoughts on “I let you in (poem)

  1. A lot of emotion… It is terrible to let go of someone who brought us so much. So difficult to part from someone you love… Because anger can help to heal. But you can’t hold a grudge against someone like that. You can only drown in deep sorrow.


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    1. When I was writing this today I was looking for a picture to go with it and I found one that said “you know you truly love someone when you can’t be angry at them for breaking your heart”
      I think that applies well to this one

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