Fighting For The Light (Poem)

We fight all our lives to keep on going,

Trying to rise up against the emptiness inside,

There are times we don’t know if it is worth doing,

But the demons are rising battling against the tide,

Sometimes it feels we are fighting the tide.

They are sneaky little ratbags,

Hitting us when we are down,

Pulling out their gags, in order to make us drown,

They hit us with anger,

They hit us with hate,

They are patient little fuckers,

They know how to wait.

If we listen to them too much,

If we let the anger in,

that is when we lose the battle,

And bitterness begins,

Once we go there it is hard to get back,

Nothing can help fight against the void.

You have to keep going through the darkness,

Follow the light, fighting the way, Hard.

They will stand in front of you telling you you’re barred.

You have to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

The light that will cause you to stand up and fight.

it is an ongoing struggle

But at the end you know it is right.

I wallowed in pity,

I wallowed in self-loathing,

I thought the fight was over,

And the end was getting closer.

Then you came along, my brand new shining light,

My beautiful daughter gave me the strength to get back in the fight.

The demons still come for me but that is alright,

Now I am armed, ready to do what’s right,

For you, my darling Jessica are the light in my world,

For you, I can beat the darkness, and protect my little girl.

They howl and scream,

I pay them no heed,

You are all that matters,

My one good deed.

I wake up every morning to start the battle anew,

Nothing will stop me and keep me from you,

Your smile is all I need to keep me going,

I love you more each day,

And fight without you ever knowing.

*Picture from Pintrest*

via Daily Prompt: Bitter

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