Weird place

I was looking at my stats this morning, and it’s been a slow day so far the only views I have had are from Austraila, so on the map, it is showing a close up of the country, and I was reminded of something I first saw a few years ago


Austraila is a weird place, everything there is trying to kill you, spiders, snakes, Australians, etc…

kangaroos are just going to beat the shit out of you as well, but then I remembered this

MAP of Australia

The whole country its self is made up of a Dogs head and a Cats head

It is a weird place

Als, I won’t make the old joke about all Australians being convicts because that’s not funny.

I know a lot ofAustralianss and they all come here to the UK and have been nice people

Well you know what they say, they always return to the scene of the crime.

(I hope I haven’t offended anyone with this stupid fun post)


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