Well that’s game over

Well the inevitable has happened, the shut down at work is over, and I have been given my weeks notice. As of next Thursday, unless it gets extended, I will be unemployed again.

It’s a shame, but it is not entirely unexpected. I have prepared for it and have enough money saved to cover for the time I will be out, probably seven weeks, just a bit of a pain

but hey ho that’s how life goes.

At least I get to spend the time with my daughter so bright side.

7 thoughts on “Well that’s game over

    1. Thanks, its not been unexpected i knew it was coming and its only temporary ill be back soon probably after 7 weeks so its no big deal and i have the money to cover for that time and i get to spend time with the little one

      also i havent had any time off since she was born so it will be good to relax

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