Twisting and Turning

Life is one giant maze,

We start at the beginning and head to the centre,

Living life through the haze,

Twisting passed the obstacles that are set in our path,

It’s a Labyrinth and when you think you have the hang of it,

It changes the way you think and sometimes it will make you laugh,

The laughs are what keep you going

They are what keep you sane,

On the path to the end, life will throw challenges in your way.

When you hit the challenges, it’s how you deal with it that makes you,

The twist you and shape you into the person you need to be,

It’s that thing called life that we all have to go through,

You make the choices that will define you,

What will you do when the options are laid bare,

Will you turn and run?

Or will you stand and prepare?

Life is short

Yet it’s the longest thing you will do.

Are you ready to train the next generation as they take up the starting post?

Are you ready to teach them the course?

I strive to teach the best

Making sure they don’t make the mistakes that I have,

And when it is my time to rest,

The will remember what I gave,

When I reach the centre of the maze

And settle into my grave

Beneath the tree of life at its centre

I will rest easy knowing I was their mentor

via Daily Prompt: Maze

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